sarah's out


here’s the pics from the first header on the new theme. trying to get the resolution right so that it didn’t stretch/squash too much was really annoying c: (the theme automatically stretches/squashes the image no matter how close/accurate it is to the actual size which is why this pic looks blurry af in the header but yeah)


sarahurieFarewell, Mr. President. Among much gratitude, I’d also like to thank you for this truly special night 3 years ago at @kennedycenter. We will never forget and forever cherish being in your presence that evening and always. ❤️🇺🇸 #farewellobama #thanksforthememories

people in bandoms who need to stop:

-people who harass jenna

-people who harass sarah

-people who harass elisa

-people who harass meagan

-people who harass debby

-people who harass bandom wives/children in general

-people who harass a band member about leaving a band

-people who harass a band member about a running joke in the bandom that’s clearly uncomfortable for them (*cough* fucking milk fic people *cough*)

-people who constantly harass/insult brendon (seriously where is the joke)

-people who push bandom members about ships

-people who push patrick about his weight

-people who keep commenting “DADDY😍❤️” on band members’ instas (leave that for ao3)

-people who say joe and andy aren’t important

-people who force ships onto others

-people who ignore ty and josh’s heritage and/or mental illnesses, calling ty a “neurotypical” or “ableist”

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