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Oh my God, this part still destroys me.  That faint little growl.  Those little shoes and that rainbow shirt.  Carol's first cry of "Sophia" and the way Daryl drops his gun to grab her as she runs toward her baby girl.  Carl and Lori's reactions.  Just everybody's quiet, horrified astonishment.  And then Rick.  Rick.  Damn.  Just damn.

I’m ugly crying.

Why does Melissa McBride not have an Emmy yet?  It’s seriously criminal that she’s not been recognized.  I don’t care that TWD is a genre show.  She’s been completely slaying me with her talent for years now. 

We’re so lucky to have her, y'all.  Her and Carol. 


It’s 2017 and I still have to read fics where elk is the best friend of Louis or Harry… really

  • HYYH 1 : Jimin in bath tub
  • HYYH 2 : Jimin in bath tub pt 2.
  • Wings : Jimin in bath Tub pt. 3 but caught in a lie
  • You Never Walk Alone : Jimin out of bath tub, now at the sea
  • Love Yourself : Jimin back in Bathroom. Then out wet in the rain
  • Next Comeback : *plot twist* Jimin is a mermaid