sarah's kitchen

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Also to the "nitwit" anon... anyone that's a fan KNOWS that they call where they eat on tour "Sarah's Kitchen" and they have since before the TIU documentary. But SURE, LH stands for Lunch Hall... definitely...

I mean lol believe whatever you like but to me that L+H stands for Harry and Louis and that’s it. It’ll go down with me when I die. The words “H+L stands for Larry” will be engraved on my grave

Have a Hart Day Austria?

Okay, so since my home country is kinda like a dead waste if it comes to any sort of event having to do with anything relevant, I wanted to know if there are people from Austria (maybe even Vienna or Lower Austria ) on here that would take part in a HAHD. I could organize the thing, but only, if someone would come since this kind of thing isn’t a one-woman-show. So if you’re interested, please contact me on Tumblr. 
(Sorry I’m overtagging this, I just really want potential volunteers to see)