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Ok, so, if you had to pick animals that represented each dai companion, which ones do you think would be best? I saw that mod Sarah had a zoology interest and was a bit intrigued.


Cassandra: Perhaps a cat (any member of the family Felidae, though specifically for Cassandra, Felis catus, AKA the domestic house cat). Cats come in many personalities, just like humans and many other living creatures (not limited to vertebrates, consider cephalopoda). People, however, often associate them with being graceful and powerful hunters, but with also being somewhat standoffish– which is not a trait that is granted to all cats, as any cat owner would know. Most cats are loving and intelligent, too, which makes me think cats (mostly domestic cats, but if any of you are thinking of a black panther, which is just a melanistic member of any of the Panthera species) then go for it.

Iron Bull: A tough one. The bull (defined as any uncastrated males of the species Bos taurus), is the obvious choice– but with now much Bull likes dragons (while unfortunately not a real creature, because they can’t have a spare set of limbs to make wings-reptiles are part of the supergroup tetrapoda, have only four limbs; to have wings, the front limbs must be wings or or they don’t have any at all. In that regard, Skyrim dragons are the more anatomically correct dragons if they were to exist but WHATEVER this is a fantasy universe) a drake is also a very possible choice for Bull.

Blackwall: A bear would be the obvious choice, perhaps Ursus americanus, the American black bear, which is the most wide-spread of bear species and often the ones that wander into human settlements looking for food.

Sera: While many of you think of the a honey bee, any bee that is a species under the genus Apis, I don’t believe this suits Sera. Perhaps a raven, or another member of the genus Corvus. The reason for this is that members of the genus Corvus (which contains such species as ravens, crows, rooks, and jackdaws) are highly intelligent– and known to be ballsy as fuck. They can be taught human speech, and are known to even play tricks on each other for shits and giggles. They are the pranksters of the bird world, and I feel this would fit Sera excellently. 

Cole: A mimic octopus, Thaumoctopus mimicus. Bear with me on this; while all members of the order Octopoda, which are cephalopods, a subgroup of molluscs, are highly intelligent and capable of fantastic camouflage through the use of iridophores and chromatophores (to put it simply, they’re specialized dermal cells that contain pigment to rapidly change color), a mimic octopus is perhaps the best of all at camouflage. A mimic octopus is capable of changing its skin texture and shape to copy other species to blend in– sometimes called ninjas of the sea. Watch this TED Talk for further information: 

ANYWAYS, GETTING OVER HOW RAD I THINK CEPHALOPODS ARE, Cole was a spirit who took the form of the mage Cole, in the White Spire. We have no idea what he looked like before then– as Dorian describes most spirits, they look “bizarre (and) monstrous” in their true forms. If a spirit is capable of such mimicry and such intelligence, I can think of no better animal to represent Cole than a mimic octopus.

Varric: A parrot. Parrots are highly intelligent and known for their speech capabilities, along with being v. pretty. There are MANY different members of the order Psittaciformes, which encompass all parrots. It is a very large clade composed of 393 species to date, but I I think Varric could best be represented by an African Gray Parrot, specifically the Congo African grey parrot, an Old World parrot of the species Psittacus erithacus. These birds are SUPER COOL because they’re among the best at mimicking human speech; one in particular in Japan was returned to his family after repeating the address of his home. They’re also known for hearing things in their surroundings and then repeatedly saying it, much to the ire of the humans they live with.

Dorian: This one is easy; a peacock, which comes in three species, though all are members of the family  Phasianidae, which is shared by pheasants, partridges, junglefowl, chickens, Old World quail, and peafowl. These are popular gamebirds, often poor at flying but PRETTY AS FUCK. For Dorian, I think I’ll go with the Indian peafowl, Pavo cristatus– notice the familiar ‘Pav’ in the name, anyone?

Solas: An ostrich A gray wolf, Canis lupus. No further explanation needed.

Vivienne: An orca, Orcinus orca. Orcas are among the most intelligent animals on Earth, known for being beautiful as well as the apex predators of the sea (being cosmopolitan species, like humans, they are found in a variety of environments, across multiple habitats. 

Josephine: A dove, any member of the family Columbidae, which encompasses 310 species. (Fun fact! Members of Columbidae are the only birds that don’t have to lift their necks up to swallow water. All birds except for them have to pull it into the mouths and pull their necks up to swallow). Doves are seen as an international symbol for peace and love, suitable for an ambassador. For her, I think I’ll go with the diamond dove, Geopelia cuneata.

Leliana: Like Sera, I think she would also fit as a raven, but for the sake of being a nerd and introducing another sort of animal, the next runner-up is the ferret, Mustela putorius furo. Ferrets were domesticated for their ability to ferret– that is, to hunt and catch prey, specifically rodents, which often reside in narrow holes and tunnels that humans can’t reach. Being an excellent spy, well, I feel this should explain itself.

Cullen: An African lion, Panthera leo. If anyone has seen his helmet, it should be sufficient explanation, but they are also famed by their beautiful, voluminous manes– just like Cullen!

The moral of this story is: don’t ask me about animals unless you are prepared for the info-dump, because I love the kingdom Animalia so much (I got OVER 100% in a college-level Zoology course, I could regale you for HOURS on Animalia, ranging from Porifera (sea sponges), the basal clade and taxa of Animalia, all the way to Mammalia. I meant to do chores an hour ago but got carried away. Thank you, and enjoy my fangirling.

–Mod Sarah

totheark AU (long read) continued under cut

AU where instead of Brian, Tim, and Seth (by popular speculation) being the three members of totheark, it is Sarah, Tim, and Amy.
Amy has hardly any memory of her life before Alex attacked her anymore. She started forgetting things after the incident, and now the farthest back she can remember is back when she and Alex started dating in high school.
Amy was the founder of totheark, and her original purpose for it was only to find him, to ask him WHY, but once she saw how violent he had become through the videos on Jay’s channel, it just turned into stopping him.

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Based on your last post, 73 & 99 please??? I love your writing!

A/N: This one could not make up its mind on whether or not it wanted to be smutty. There’s smut mentioned but not described, is where it ended up.

73 & 99: We’re in an abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere. Sure, you’re totally right, nothing bad could ever happen here…. We shouldn’t be doing this. 

“Why did I let you drag me here?” If Emma’s a little grumbly, it’s probably because, in Killian’s desire for thrills, he’s dragged her along to a haunted lodge to spend the night. Well, supposedly haunted. Emma doesn’t really believe in any of that shit, and no, she did not just jump when a curtain blowing in the light breeze brushed against her arm.

“Where’s your sense of adventure, Swan?”

“Killian, you dragged us to this abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere. They make movies about these kinds of stories, and they don’t exactly have happy endings.”

He gives her a look at that, raising an eyebrow as if to tell her she’s being ridiculous before moving on through to the next room.

Killian is in his glory. He’s practically sprinting through each room, inspecting every nook and cranny that he can in hopes of, she doesn’t know, finding a ghost lurking in a corner looking for a chat? She honestly has no idea anymore. She just wants him to stand still or slow down a little so she can catch up, and if that means that she wants him within arm’s reach, then that’s her business.

“Nothing can happen to us here. It’s just an old building with dusty shelves.”

“Sure. You’re right, nothing bad could ever happen here,” she deadpans, sighing and following as they traipse upstairs.

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Rowan and Aelin #27

i may or may not have cried a little when writing this

“I’m pregnant”

It was when she had to excuse herself from a meeting in the early morning to throw up that Aelin finally realized what was going on. The tightness to her gowns and dresses hadn’t been surprising her—she could blame it on her newfound appetite and lack of time to truly work it off. But the appetite itself had no excuses other than stress and cravings, and she couldn’t lie to herself past that.

“Your majesty,” the healer said to her as she walked through the doors of the old acquaintance. She scrutinized her old savior, forgetting the formalities and said, “Aelin, you look unwell.”

Aelin hovered by the doorway hesitantly, dreading with every fiber in her being the response she would be given once she crossed that threshold and asked Yrene Torres the question that had been running her mad through the day.

“My queen…”

Aelin dropped her eyes to the floor as she asked tentatively, “Is there a possibility that my contraceptive tonics could stop working, Yrene?”

She blanched, though even Aelin could see the hint of joy showing on the healer’s tan face. “There is never a guarantee that they will work consistently.”

Aelin sighed, giving herself over to the inspection Yrene was gathering instruments for.

I am in such deep, rutting shit.


Rowan arrived in their chambers long after Aelin that night, but despite the late hour, she knew she would not sleep until she told him that she was…that she was with child. Gods, how was this even possible?

She watched as he walked through their chambers by memory, peeling off layers of weapons and clothing as he went about with his immortal grace. Aelin took a deep breath and shifted on the large bed to let him know she was awake.

His head snapped in her direction. “Why aren’t you asleep?”

Her cheeks warmed. “Busy thoughts. How was the hunt?”

“Tiring.” Rowan came around the side of the bed, not bothering to put another shirt on as he sat by her side and kissed her. Immediately, warmth and reassurance spread through her, and Aelin drew away from despite the uneasiness in her gut, and tried to say, “I need to talk to you—”

But the feeling of nausea and total, consuming sickness had her stumbling to the bathroom without another word.

Even as she finished heaving she could feel the tendrils of a cool breeze aiding her to breathe. “Aelin? Are you poisoned? Are you sick?”

Aelin shut her eyes, wishing the tension would dissipate everything around her until it was back to normal. Rowan lifted her chin, forcing those green eyes to her as he asked silently, Where are you hurt, Fireheart?

She adjusted herself on the cold floors, not truly expecting to see Rowan on his knees before her as well. Then again, he had always been one to fuss. Aelin opened her mouth indecisively, then closed it once more. She could not find the words within her to say it out loud. After everything he had once lost with Lyria…how would Rowan feel about a baby? And beyond even that was the matter of her title as queen, and his as a prince.

Rowan searched her face pleadingly, looking for any clue at all to the mess within her heart. Perhaps he already knew, what with his Fae instincts and ability to smell these kinds of pregnancies, and was just waiting for her to realize it too. But… he had also been extremely busy lately.

“Can you smell my scent right now?” she asked, trying to hide the slight shake of her hands as she crawled closer to him.

Rowan drew his eyebrows together. “I can scent fear and worry on you, Aelin.”

“Could you…” she paused, making an opening for the base of her throat. “Could you try scenting me beyond that?”

He gave her a silent nod and drew her small body to his. Instantly, the smell of pine and snow enveloped her in an embrace of utter security. She felt so wholly in place with the world in his arms, and to even imagine a future otherwise was simply unacceptable. So when Rowan’s body went rigid, and he slowly pulled away from her, Aelin whispered, “I’m pregnant.”

His features, normally stoic and unyielding, softened in disbelief. Aelin had anticipated every kind of reaction from him thus far, but the one she hadn’t contemplated was Rowan crying. He held onto her forearm so strongly she was sure she would bruise, but she didn’t care. His body shook with emotion, and it was all Aelin could do to take his head and press it to her chest, as if he himself was a child.

Finally, Rowan let go of her, instead looking between Aelin’s Ashryver eyes and her stomach. There was a question in his eyes, and Aelin nodded, exposing her bare torso. Gently, carefully, so as to not cause her any pain, Rowan placed his strong hands flecked with scars over the place that would someday bring about a mighty warrior like him.

“You’re not upset?” She asked in a small voice.

Those green eyes were alive with light, with joy, with something so pure and young that it took her breath away. He held her gaze, and said softly, “I never thought… I didn’t think I deserved this future again. This gift. After Lyria… I thought the gods would never find favor with me like this again.”

Aelin ran her hand down his tattooed arm to the tips of his fingers, curling them in hers reassuringly. “But they did.”

Rowan let a small smile touch the corners of his lips as Aelin leaned her forehead down to his. “But they did,” he whispered, and Aelin could have sworn the bond between them flared in her chest in its own harmonious joy.

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Teen Steve (pre-serum) and Bucky trying to get it on, but quickly realizing they have no idea how to gay sex. Also, maybe Sarah walks in.

“I mean, d’you put it between your legs, or…?”

“Ew, don’t put it near my butt.” Bucky shoves Steve’s shoulder, nearly sending him flying off the bed. They’re both shirtless, awkward and sweaty under the sheets with their pants still on. 

They’re also both hard enough to cut glass, but then a stiff breeze does that these days. 

“So how does it work, then?” Steve whines, shoving Bucky right back. “It’s not like there’s a pussy here.”

“Don’t act like you even know what a pussy is.” Bucky snorts, ears tingeing pink because he doesn’t want to admit he doesn’t really know either. “Try putting your mouth on it.”

“You put your mouth on it!”

“Why do I have to go first?!”

“What are you boys whispering about?!” Sarah calls from the next room, because it’s late and technically they were supposed to be asleep hours ago. It’s just… making out was a lot more attractive than sleeping at a reasonable hour. 

Nothing.” Steve and Bucky chorus as one, freezing silently until there’s the creak of her turning over to go back to sleep. Maybe they should wait until the morning to figure this shit out. 

“Just rub me off.”

“Why don’t you rub me off?”

They end up bickering until they fall asleep, pants still on.