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The relationship headcannons were so cute!!! Could I do V too? My husband needs love :3

Special V post yay !
I tried to write a lot, it might be a little different from the other character’s hcs I wrote, but I feel like you can’t talk ‘relationship with V’ without mentioning what happened with Rika and the scars it left and all that, but I hope you’ll like it n_n
Said headcanons are here - and thank you n_n

V :

  • obvious headcanon but eh, he’d take a lot of pictures of you but you’d have to really convince him to get a picture of you and him together
  • and he’d be happy to teach you how to take good pictures and share his favorite ones with you, he’d also really enjoy it if you accompanied him when he went outside to take pictures; he’d ask you to let him know if you see something or somewhere pretty - he’d insist that he wants to know how you see the world and capture it with a photo so he can see the same world as you
  • pretty chill guy so don’t expect him to be outgoing or to do crazy things, he likes his comfort zone and he likes taking things slowly and calmy, might act like an old guy sometimes and he makes fun of himself for that every once in a while
  • and he’d also take things slowly at the beginning of the relationship, trust is very important to him and it has to go both ways before he can start thinking about being in a relationship
  • in public, he’s not that into pda, but he’ll always hold hands and stay close to you when you’re walking; and he has a tendency to lean forward and talk quietly when there are other people around, it always feels like you’re in your own little universe with V and that what you tell each other is a secret to the rest of the world
  • V is def-i-ni-te-ly the kind of guy who stares at you with so much love in his eyes when you’re not looking, and if you catch him staring at you, he’ll just give you a bashful laugh and a blushing face (but it doesn’t stop him from staring at you again 2 minutes later)
  • he tends to have pretty deep thoughts, he just thinks it’s important to reflect on the past and the present, life in general, and he finds himself doubting the choices he’s made, or regretting the past, and very often this will lead to him blaming himself; so you’d need to coax him into speaking his mind when he thinks too much. Because saying his thoughts out loud might make him realize that he’s not responsible for everything, or that there are other perspective than the one he’s looking through right now and being able to hear your thoughts, your different views and opinions would help him and make sure he doesn’t let his selflessness guide him down a reckless path - make him understand  that it’s not worth sacrificing yourself and your own life to make others happy
  • he can be a little forgetful and detached sometimes - it’s because he often gets lost in thoughts and lost in time - so don’t get too mad at him if he forgets an appointment you had planned or if he forgets to buy the milk or something; he doesn’t do it on purpose and he always makes it up to you; he never forgets important things like your birthday, but small things are harder to keep in mind for him (why do you think he has a cactus, at least he doesn’t have to worry about forgetting to water it)
  • he’s someone who gets nostalgic pretty easily and he likes talking about the past, but make sure he always remembers he lives in the present, because he tends to idealize the past and he’ll think it was perfect ‘back then’, even when it wasn’t
  • his hair is thin and soft and fluffy af, he’ll never understand why you like his hair so much but as long as it makes you happy, he doesn’t mind that you have both of your hands in his hair, your fingers drawing circles on his scalp everyday
  • he gets startled easily so don’t scare that poor man, he’s like a kitten be gentle with him
  • he also hates conflicts and tries his best to avoid  it - unfortunately, that also means he’s willing to take all the blame on himself, even when it’s not his fault, so you’ll have to tell him doing that won’t solve anything and that even if conflict makes him uncomfortable, the only way to solve it is to say what’s on your mind and understand each other
  • basically, going in a relationship after what happened with Rika would need time and it would have to be healing for him, he’ll never completely be over her but you’d have to make sure he knows what was wrong with his relationship with Rika, to know it was abusive and they both made mistakes; you’ll have to be patient with him but making you happy would be the most important thing for him and he’s a sweet lil bean who’s just modest and kind and gentle and cute and he needs to be protected
To rzeczy, o które musisz walczyć i zabiegać, mają największą wartość. Kiedy coś jest tak trudno osiągnąć, zrobisz o wiele więcej, by tego nie stracić
—  Sarah Dessen, Bezsenność we dwoje
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Z Berg has told us that Ry doesn’t use facebook

This account always posts offensive shit, it’s most likely run by shane

Also, tbh you can tell it ain’t Ryan. That’s not even his style of talking. Just compare…

lmao he makes pretty sweet posts. Stay away from that facebook account guys. Stay safe.

  • me: *rants on groupchat about podcasts* so... can at least one of you please listen to a reccomendation??
  • one of my friends: maybe.
The Emo Wives + Jenna Joseph #1
  • Sarah: Brendon is getting out of hand. Ever since all of his band members left he's been turning into Satan and fetishizing tentacle porn.
  • Lyn-Z: ...
  • Jenna: ...
  • Elisa: ...
  • Elisa: Patrick brings small woodland animals into the house.
Jesteśmy tym, czym uczyniła nas nasza przeszłość. Nagrodzeniem tysiąca codziennych wyborów. Możemy się zmienić, ale nigdy nie przekreślimy tego, kim byliśmy. - Uniosła palec, żeby go uciszyć, jakby wiedziała, że się sprzeciwi.- Zapomnienie o tych wyborach nie sprawia, że znikają.

,,Opowieści z Akademii Nocnych Łowców”-C.Clare, S.R.Brennan, M.Johnson, R.Wasserman

I got stuck in my head for much too long / so now all I hear is an exhausted song / dark and faded like the sky before rain / except now every word is replaced with your name
—  To K.E. IV Pt. 3: 1:38 p.m. | Sarah Z.