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Buffy | 2x22

“ Open your eyes, Mom. What do you think has been going on for the past two years? The fights, the weird occurrences… how many times have you washed blood out of my clothing, and you still haven’t figured it out? “

Hogwarts Houses

The laugh that spills out at inappropriate times, the sly grin when they you out about a new secret, going high and fast on the swingset, marshmallows over fire, heated kisses, overknees, tank tops, the first accord on a new guitar, rocking out in underpants, skinny dipping, lip biting, arms slung around the best friends necks,
Feeling invincible.

Lazy mornings, your own garden, hot tea, sunshine over the foggy dew, blue and white skies, flower crowns, dazzling smiled, warm hugs, adorable giggles, horse back riding, best friends cuddles, dancing in the rain, rolling in the grass, taking in a stray, baking your favourite cake, strolling over the market , ballerinas and dresses, finding a new café, playing the flute,
Feeling at ease.

Fluffy blanket, new hardcover books, taking on the piano, listening to music on the bus, watching the rain drops on the window, hot cocoa in the evening, flickering candles, holding hands, non verbal communication, small smiles and fleeting glances, completely absorbed in another world, doodles on your notes, messy buns, plaid and sneakers,
Feeling hopefull.

Knowing smirks and lopsided grins, torn jeans and combat boots, roadtrip without destination, new pencils and brushes, Violine, chapped lips, glinting eyes, thunder and lightning, running till your out of breath, secret Bro fists, raised eyebrows, jumping off the bridge into the water, walking through the night,
Feeling alive.


I feel like Ianthe is the Umbridge of the ACOTAR series. Tamlin the Tool is hated, Hybern is hated but everybody supports the death of Ianthe

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Secrets//Draco Malfoy x Reader

Title: Secrets
Character(s): Draco Malfoy, Reader
Ship(s): Draco Malfoy x Reader
Genre: Hurt & Comfort
Warnings: Self hatred (mention), death (mention), torture (mention), war (mention)
Words: ~1100


You were woken by the sound of shuffling against sheets. You laid there for a second before taking a deep breath in, trying to bring yourself back to the world of the living and conscious when you remembered. Draco. You stretched your hand out desperate to feel the warmth of his sleeping figure, except it wasn’t there. You sat up and grasped around in the dark trying to find matches to light the candle on your night-side table.

The sudden light of the candle left you momentarily blinded with a yellow spot clouding everything in sight. Despite your inability to see clearly you glanced around the room looking for the man you thought would be beside you in bed; he was nowhere in your immediate sights.

“Draco?” you called into the dark, your voice thick with sleep. You waited but there was no answer.

That’s when you decided to move out of your room and make your way downstairs: you threw your legs over the side of the bed and gently picked up the candle, lighting a path to the floor below. As you walked your heart felt tight. The anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts was fast approaching and you knew how difficult of a time it was for Draco- he would get nightmares, calling into the darkness stuck in memories he wanted to forget, his entire body soaked with cold sweat. When you woke him up he’d be in a panic- wide eyed and panting, and you’d hold him close, his head pressed into the nape of your neck until he’d fall back into an unsettled sleep.

Despite the nightmares Draco would never tell you more that generalities about what happened- about what he’d seen and experienced that pushes him so close to the edge. You wouldn’t pry, he’d talk about it when he was ready, but you couldn’t help but feel the desire to take away his pain. Even if it meant suffering yourself, you would take it all in a heartbeat just to take the weight of the world off his shoulders.

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Stitchers Season 3 Episode 8 (3x08) “Dreamland” Promotional Photos, BTS …


xander harris appreciation month | five quotes: one, dirty girls.

You’re scared, that’s smart. You got questions, you should. But you doubt her motives, you think Buffy’s all about the kill, then you take the little bus to battle. I’ve seen her heart - and this time not literally - and I’m telling you right now she cares more about your lives than you will ever know. You gotta trust her. She’s earned it.”

Apologize, kisses and making love | Fred Weasley x Male Reader | [Lemon]

To say it was awkward was an understatement. It was just nerve wrecking and anxious.
There they stood, on a grass field with some flowers, facing each other and only a few small meters were between them. No one spoke a word nor did they really looked at each other.
(M/N)’s already broken heart almost stopped as he saw Fred standing there too.
The (H/C) teen wanted to ask Christina what the meaning of this was, but all she said was, just listen and something in another language before she walked away with quick steps.
Now there he was with an uncomfortable feeling in his stomach and thick silence.
«So why am I here?» his tone was just neutral and flat, Fred almost wince at this, but didn’t say anything. (M/N) rolled his eyes and turned around, he was sure it was just another prank. Before he could do one step forward, his wrist got grabbed and he was pulled into a tight hug.
«Let me go. Now.» (M/N) struggles against Fred but the Ginger wouldn’t move an inch.
«Listen (M/N), I-» he got cut off quickly, «No! I will not listen for even a second! Let me go. Now! Or I will punch you!» but his empty threat didn’t fazed Fred at all.
«I’m sorry. I’m so so bloody sorry (M/N)! I hurt you more than once and I said those awful words to you! I regret it. I’m sorry.» at this point Fred was feeling tears in his eyes. (M/N) raised his head up, looked into Fred’s eyes and was finding himself lost in those. Seconds later they shared a gentle and loving kiss. As they were finish, (M/N) gave Fred a lovely smile, «I forgive you, Fred.» Another kiss, «Thank you, love», another one.
Fred stepped a bit back, took (M/N)’s hand and placed a kiss on them, «Would you give me the honour, to be my dance partner, love?» as (M/N) heard those words, his face lit’s up with pure joy, «Yes!».
Music appeared and both begun to dance.

Christina and George were sitting behind some Bushes and watched with satisfied. Both were happy about the outcome. They high-five each other.
«It was almost depressing for me, to saw (M/N) in such a sad state. Glad he is in old form again» comment the girl and George nodded along, he couldn’t see the sad look in his brother eyes anymore and he was glad too, that both found their happiness again.
Christina tugged at the Ginger’s shirt, «C'mon prankster! Lets go back inside, their dancing will surely be taking till night. Though I’m pretty sure, they both will not sleep at all.», George slapped her arm, «Christina!». She just gave out a quiet laugh.

The moon stood high as Fred and (M/N) was making their way back to the Castle. (M/N) felt wonderful, their dancing hadn’t one stop in it, purely magnificent. He snuggled more into Fred’s side. (M/N) felt whole again and his heart didn’t have this painful ache anymore.
Fred couldn’t help himself but to let a grin gracing his lips, he still wasn’t finish with the day and there was one thing he needed to do with (M/N).

Both had long passed the entrance of the Gryffindor house and were heading towards an empty corridor. Which only contains one double door. (M/N) didn’t questions it, he trusted Fred.
The room was almost in complete darkness, as they walked in, and only a few candles were on. In the middle stood a King Bed, nothing else was in there.
(M/N) looked at Fred with a questionable expression, «Why are were here?», the ginger didn’t say anything at the moment, he just took the demons small and soft hands in his own and pulled the (H/C) teen gently towards the Bed.
Fred took (M/N)’s face in his hands and kissed him with passion on the lips. The smaller teen put his arms around the gingers neck and pulled himself more against the taller’s teen body. For needed Oxygen they broke the kiss, «Let me make love to you, (M/N)» whispers Fred with a husky voice in (M/N)’s ear, which makes the demons legs almost tremble. «Fred, this is such a big step. I would love to, but after marriage» «I know. But please, let me show you the love I have for you. Let me make love and only love to you.» whispers the ginger and gave his Boyfriend another passionate kiss. (M/N)’s knees buckle in and Fred was quick to catch him and chuckled a tiny bit.
The half demon’s eyes were half lidded, his breathing got a bit quicker and his heart begun to raise, by those simple but caring words. He gripped the gingers shirt and showed him a genuine smile. «Yes, Fred. Yes!»

They begun to take each others clothes off, slowly and only the outerwear. Then the rest by themselves, till there were only in their underwear. (M/N) was the first who goes onto the bed, laid himself in the middle, Fred followed afterwards and hovered over the smaller teen. Both hands placed beside the (H/C)’s head.
Fred ghosted with his lips over (M/N)’s neck and Collarbone, before he licked his lips and placed sloppy kisses here and there. He licked a certain spot at the demons neck and nipping softly at it.
(M/N)’s breath begun to hitch, he felt how the blood rushed in his cheeks and making him all flushed. The ginger sucked at his soft spot now, which making him gaps.
Their lips were locked together, Fred’s tongue enters the demon mouth. Their tongue rolling over each other and massaging on another. The smaller teen gripped the bedsheets underneath him, he whined as the taller teen pulled his tongue out.
Fred licked his lips again, grinned a cherish grin and begun to suck his Boyfriend’s neck again, till there was a purple spot. He bites slightly into (M/N)’s collarbone, said boy moaned and put his arms around the gingers neck and pulled him closer. «F-Fred, stop with your teasing» (M/N)’s voice was quiet pleading, he felt the grin against his skin, «Not yet love» his voice was filled with pure tease.
The gingers hand begun to wander over the sweet looking body underneath him. First he caress the chest, stomach, hips and the thighs. He did it again and again, every time slower and longer.
(M/N) shivers at the touches, he wanted more and he wanted Fred. Inside him.
«Are you done with teasing and making me all warm?» «I believe. We do it together.» the only answer he got was a nod.
Both teens hooked their fingers in each others boxers and pulled them off.
(M/N)’s whole face was a deep red as he looked at the view before him. Fred just gave him a smug smile, bend down to the smaller teen and kissed him hard on the lips, licked his tongue against them till the demon open them.

Fred lubed his fingers, both were already hard and they couldn’t wait any longer, but he wouldn’t start without proper preparation. Slowly he enters (M/N)’s hole with his index finger, making the already trembling teen gaps. He pulled in and out, either a bit faster or slow, then came his middle finger. (M/N) moaned loud as Fred moved his finger inside him, faster every second and then he stopped. A whimper.
Fred pulled his fingers out, he believed it was enough. He laced his fingers with (M/N)’s together, said teen hooked his legs, loose, around his Boyfriend waist. «Are you ready?» «Yes».
Fred placed his tip against the hole and slowly pushed him inside (M/N), wanting the smaller teen to adjust first. He notice the tears, bend down and kisses them away. He was fully in.
The ginger started to move slowly, both teens breath hitched, the feeling was delighting.
The kiss they shared was a heated one full of passion and love. Fred got faster and faster by the seconds. Their moaning was loud, (M/N) pulled Fred with his legs closer and hooked his arms around the gingers neck.
Both felt hot and sweat was trickling down their bodies, the only sound was their moaning and panting.
(M/N)’s mind was fuzzy, he only could felt the pleasure, he felt inside him and Fred’s sweaty against his own.
Suddenly there was a hot and filling feeling inside (M/N) and something sticky on his chest.
Fred pulled himself out from the demon, collapsed to the side and pulled (M/N) against him.
«I love you» «I love you too», it didn’t take long before both teen were asleep.

•First lemon……pretty sure I runied it!
I might redo it. Also I just notice that I totally like Christina and kind of ship her with George…….heh…..•