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Could I request #32 for Choi and Reese?

This sounds so cute :)

#32: “Cuddle now.”


Dr Ethan Choi was having a bad day. In fact, he was having a bad week.

Sarah had gone to New York for a week to visit her brother (I don’t know if she has a brother but just go with it) and therefore he hadn’t seen her in a week.

Which, needless to say, did not make him very happy.

Luckily she was meant to arrive back that night, so he would only need to survive up until the end of his shift and then he would get to pick her up and refuse to let her go until morning.

That was all fine and well, until some random ER doc called in sick and he had to cover for them. So instead of being able to go home early and relax with his girlfriend, he found himself being puked on by some high teenager with over protective parents.

Half way through his cover shift he could a simple text from Sarah, just saying that she landed and was heading over to his apartment.

Luckily he gave her a spare key.

Once his shift was over, thankfully without too many emergencies, he headed over to his apartment.

The second he open the door he was greeted by the smell of fresh coffee and his girlfriend sitting on his kitchen counter.

“Hey,” she said, taking a sip of coffee.

He simply walked over to her, making a place for himself between her legs and pressed a kiss to her lips, “Hey.”

She playfully hit him when he took a sip of her coffee, “I brewed a full pot for a reason, pour your own cup.”

His only response was to wrap his arms around her waste and burry is head in her shoulder. Relaxing into her.

After a while he reluctantly pulled away, “I’m gonna go shower.”

She nodded.

Once he was finished, he walked into his bedroom to find Sarah reading a book on his bed.

He just playfully shook his head before getting changed into sweats and an old t shirt.

He climbed into his side of the bed, “What are you reading?”

“The Impact of Media on Psychology,” she replied.

“Wow. Sounds interesting,” she didn’t reply, instead she put her book down and turned to face him.

He opened his arms, “Cuddle. Now.”

She smiled and happily snuggled into his chest, her hair falling in patterns along his chest.

And that’s how they stayed until morning, two hearts beating as one.


Someone please explain why my endings are so cheesy and weird.

Well I hope you enjoyed and feel free to request an imagine or a prompt. I write for the Chicago series, all D.C. tv shows as well as a bunch of book series and bands (full list somewhere on my page).


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