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So I’m reading old Throne of Glass Quotes

And it really makes me miss the innocence of the first book. Don’t get me wrong, I love the series and where it’s going, but sometimes I miss the carefree days where we were just wrorying if Celaena was going to win the contest, and not faes and vlags and kingdoms. I miss just look at this scene with Aelin and Dorian.

“She moaned into her pillow. “Go away. I feel like dying.”

“No fair maiden should die alone,” he said, putting a hand on hers. “Shall I read to you in your final moments? What story would you like?”

She snatched her hand back. “How about the story of the idiotic prince who won’t leave the assassin alone?”

“Oh! I love that story! It has such a happy ending, too—why, the assassin was really feigning her illness in order to get the prince’s attention! Who would have guessed it? Such a clever girl. And the bedroom scene is so lovely—it’s worth reading through all of their ceaseless banter!”

Like isn’t that just so adorable. And as someone who has been reading the series since the beginning (I started when I was 13 and I’m now 18) it’s been an amazing ride to grow up with Aelin. We’ve both changed, and we’ve changed together and that is something that is so important to me, and it’s why these books are so important to me.

I just started reading Tower of Dawn a few days ago and I was struck by how at home these characters made me feel. I’ve been going through a lot of changes in my life and the comfort in these familiar characters was unreal. Like I truly felt like I was coming home and that was such an amazing feeling. I’ve never felt emotion reading like I have when reading this series. Sarah is amazing and I’m truly grateful for her time and dedication. She changed my life. 

And I know this post is kind of a mess now but honestly I just want to say how grateful I am that I’ve had these books in my life the past 5 years and I’m so grateful that I was able to grow up with Aelin and she truly is my favorite literary character and I want to be like her one day. So thank you Sarah, thank you. 

oh hey

So I was thinking today about something that has been kinda… at the back of my mind for a bit. It’s pretty critical of TOG and ACOTAR and sjm as a writer. Just… letting you know before you proceed.

I was thinking about sjm and how people seem to insist on saying that she is very deliberate and planning, and then people (meaning us) go about rereading her books trying to find details and writing theories and all this stuff, and……….. I don’t know about this, friends.

And we do things like try to meta and find theories, and so many theories are based on just… nothing. Almost literally nothing. A sentence or a word does not make a legitimate theory. That’s just… how it is. (That’s far more about your reading and interpretation of the text than it is about the text itself.) But people look for foreshadowing and base it off one word or mention 4 books back and I’m just thinking… no. That was an accident. A happy one. It’s reasonable to expect an author to have a plan. Like… that would be weird if we never found any details that ended up being important later on. But when people start saying stuff like every word is important and means Something Very Deep, just… no. Nu-uh. Non.

And then even the metas that are based on a good deal of evidence find a lot of holes. A lot of unanswered questions. Because the information just isn’t there. In some cases it’s because we can’t reasonably expect it to be there. But in others? When I was writing this meta on Rhysand, and when I write them on moriel (here’s my meta page, or search the tag “my meta”), half my arguments are “there is a possibility of this, but we don’t have evidence for it”. And that’s not always due to things that should be there. Especially with moriel. Like their story is not the central one, there is no reason for us to be familiar with their entire history. But a lot of my questions about Rhysand were pretty basic, imo.

We can’t have it both ways, basically. We can’t say that she drops in these small details and oooh the foreshadowing, while also saying “hey, look at these gaping holes in world-building” (which become more apparent the more meta you do). And honestly… I’m learning towards the latter as being more often true.

Look, I really enjoy the stories and the characters, clearly. But I also want to roll my eyes every time someone says sjm is such a genius or oh HEY look at that random detail that seems to mean something, because now in retrospect we can say it means something. It’s super easy to look back on something and say “well it must have meant X”. I mean… exhibit A, in which I analyzed GLOVES. Everything I wrote in that post is true… to an extent… but that doesn’t mean that sjm intended for it to mean anything? And so attributing some genius plan to her is just weird, to me.

I’ll probably get some kind of flack for this, but it’s just something I’ve noticed and it bothers me, in a way. Kinda similarly to how people writing theories with little to no evidence in canon drives me fucking crazy. But. NBD.

None of this is to say we can’t enjoy these books. I have NO intention of hopping off the rowaelin/moriel/feysand train any time soon. But let’s just not act like this stuff is the second coming. Because no. And that’s totally fine. She’s not going to win the Pulitzer or the Man Booker or a National Book Award any time soon. But that’s not really what we are here for, anyway. There would probably be much, much less smut in our lives if we were. (And that would make me sad, personally.)

Also I just want to point out that this is NOT an anti post. I’m just being a critical reader. So don’t reblog this with anti tags, please. I have… feelings about that.

ACOWAR Readalong!

Hello lovelies! After a few solid hours of planning I think I have this solidified enough to send another post out!

Here is the super fabulous list of reasons why this will hopefully be amazing!

-The fandom will not have to suffer alone

-This is going to be a google doc organized by chapter (that might eventually get posted on a fanfiction site for easier access) WHICH MEANS YOU CAN LOOK AT IT FOLLOWING YOUR OWN PACE! You cannot be surprised by an out of nowhere spoiler because you have to leave tumblr to view it at your own discretion

-All of these people are lovely and will bring it

So without further ado…here are those that have been chosen!


@eloquenceisnotyourthing (It won’t let me tag you, so if you see this please message me!)

I tried to include everyone who explicitly said they were interested in participating, not just reading, so that I didn’t ask for a commitment from anyone not willing to give. If you aren’t on here and you would like to participate, please let me know by April 25th. at @squaddreamcourt‘s urging I have made it my goal to include everyone that wants to be a part of this. I will likely only publicly post one group’s reactions purely to make it easier on people who want to read it, but I am still willing to create book groups for other people! If I’ve tagged you, please message me ASAP about when you plan on reading/whether or not you’re still interested in participating, because the goal would be to have this up within a month of ACOWAR’s release. Once again, thank you lovelies for being so excited about this idea!!

A Study of Gender Roles and Self Identity in the A Court of Thorns and Roses Series

In my Analysis of Fantastic Worlds class at my university, for the final project I was asked to critically analyze a piece of fantasy or science fiction art. I debated back and forth about what books or series I would want to do but when I really thought about it the only series that I truly felt passionate enough about to do was the A Court of Thornes and Roses Series. 

Feyre’s journey over the course of these two books has changed my life over the past eight months and I knew as soon as I started this project that it was going to be so much more than just an assignment for class. I poured my heart and soul into this project because I realized I was doing it for me. I wanted to explain why Feyre and Rhys had made such a large impact on my life and why they were so important to me. And by the time I finished I felt like I accomplished that and am extremely proud of the end result. 

But when I thought about it, I realized I didn’t want to keep this to myself, I wanted to share it with everyone else whose lives have been affected by Sarah J Maas’ incredible story. 

You won’t get to experience the full affect of the map but everything else that’s written on the board will be in the following post. 

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do and I would really appreciate if somehow we could get Sarah to see this. Because I want her to be able to see the impact her story has had on my life and why I think this story has such significance to young woman.

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My half of an art trade with @smokingpencil! It’s Sarah N. Dippity in her fancy dress!

Also, hey guys! I just wanted to announce that even though I am taking an indefinite hiatus from Discord and other social media, I’ll be taking an indefinite semi-hiatus on Tumblr. So you won’t see me posting a ton, maybe just a post every 2 or 3 weeks (that’s my best guess). I made this art with my brand new Artisul D10 Tablet! It took me some time to practice on it since I bought it, so I hope you guys enjoy this art!

- Count


okay sooooo literal angel aka sarah @luvably tagged me to do this accent challenge and in this year of our lord 2017 i still don’t know how to make audio posts so! here i am on video in all my tired 1:30am glory. if you want to do this just tag me and say i tagged you 💖💖💖 the Qs to A are under the cut

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hey everyone! sorry i haven’t been posting original content lately since i am sick and in season for sports :( 

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   i just wanted to make a quick post in regards to what the rpc is dealing with right now. for me, today, in the wake of something so tragic, it’s a beautiful autumnal day in lawrenceville, georgia where i live. it’s sunny, there’s a cool breeze, nothing too chilling, the leaves are starting to change colors. today, despite all of my personal issues, i am looking at the beauty in everything for sarah. i never interacted with her, never crossed paths with her, but her story has touched me in relation, as i myself am a survivor of abuse. i have been through the same things as she. and my heart hurts and i can’t stop crying. it’s so heartbreaking because a young girl, who would’ve been, should have turned 15, lost her life because someone took every ounce of power away from her. or at least tried to.

   sarah’s power is that she touched the lives of, almost, everyone in the rpc, even those she’s never met. she was, and will always be, brave for coming forward. please, don’t let her voice die down. and remember to be kind. life is too short.



gutterpoets replied to your post “gutterpoets replied to your post “gutterpoets replied to your post …”

that’s why i made my url for this blog non fandom for right now cause i don’t know what one i’d want to start with and it was stressing me out lmao

oohh makes sense. @jo-nesboo (five seconds ago) convinced me to go with hufflepuffashtyler so we can match after halloween but i am nervous to go away from dctv because, even though i’m multi-fandom, i feel like most of my followers are from my dctv/coldatom stuff buuut i guess we’ll see! and i do love your url :D 

About that new Sarah Connor poster…

Why do I care? Why take the time to write this down?

There have been very few famous heroines in Hollywood action movies to begin with. Sarah Connor (The Terminator), Ellen Ripley (Alien), Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill)… I guess that’s about it.

The main thing here is that the new Sarah is completely stripped of her character. It’s not just the fact that they didn’t bother to hire an actual poster artist; it’s the complete lack of substance.

In the original photo the emphasis is on the behavior of the character, which makes her real. It implies that she has a mind which she uses to make her own decisions. A past, present and future. She has a history: she is scarred, carries a heavy weight on her shoulders, is traumatized. She’s in ‘survivor mode’, super focused, routinely loading the gun while her mind drifts away, planning for what’s coming. She is a small and vulnerable person, but she’s doing everything she can to prevent a war, smoking a cigarette because when you’re on the verge of a mental breakdown and believe the world will end; why not?

She radiates true courage, because courage isn’t about physical strength (even though she clearly trained like crazy); it’s about doing the right thing no matter how scared you are. And she is super scared. To do what she does you’d need lot of focus, while your mind would be going in ten different directions. Which is all visible in the photo.

I’ll admit I’m prejudiced because I saw the movie, but still…

What is the new Sarah Connor doing? Standing? Does she even have a mind? It doesn’t seem to matter, as long as she looks sexy.
But she doesn’t look sexy because we’ve all seen this picture a thousand times. It’s not a character, it’s an object created in Photoshop.

It wouldn’t be fair to compare the actors. While Hamilton is in character here, Emilia Clarke was probably told to 'just stand there and look pretty, we’ll Photoshop the rest’. Which is a shame. There are many talented people working on this new production, but in the end, the ones who ultimately call the shots simply have no idea what they’re doing.

I care about this character and to see it reduced to a hot chick makes me cringe. It’s very off-putting to watch this icon being sexualized. It’s like the poster is telling me to see her as a sexy girl, but I don’t want to see her that way! I want to relate to her; to her personality. I am a woman myself and to be forced to see my favorite film character through the eyes of heterosexual men… I just feel pushed away. Like this film is not meant for me; just 'the boys’ (even though I find it hard to believe they’d still fall for this crap either).

So yeah, this post is kind of personal. I saw The Terminator when I was a little girl and it made a big impact. I loved Sarah. Blockbusters seem to have less and less substance to them and it’s sad. Marketing departments no longer seem connected to what their movies are about and I feel for little girls growing up today. Like the music industry and other media, it’s a bubble, hijacked from the talented by the rich and powerful and about to burst. I hope it will collapse quickly and completely.

It’s only when the studio bosses decide no more money can be made here that a fresh generation of talented people can start a new era of high quality mainstream film-making. And new Sarah Connors.

okay fam sorry but I have to make this post. a few things are bothering me so…. yeah. 

I am getting so sick of people acting like the tog fandom hates or ignores Dorian. just because someone doesn’t ship him with Aelin… does not mean they hate him. I do not understand that logic. I, myself, shipped Dorian and Celaena in the first two books so honestly I have nothing against Doraelin. 

I think I speak for the entire fandom when I say I LOVE DORIAN and want nothing but happiness for my Crown Prince King. so please stop acting like you’re the only one who likes Dorian. I actually don’t think there’s a single person who DOESN’T like Dorian. 

secondly, hate Rowan all you want. that’s fine. not gonna fight you on that because you are entitled to your own opinion. but lately the Rowan hate hasn’t even really been about him… it’s been about the people who ship him. (which is pathetic, I’m sorry. you’re going to judge me as a human being just because I like a different ship than you? you do not know me. so bye.) or Aelin. OR EVEN SJM??? 

maybe it’s just me but I do not understand why anyone would continue to read a series if they obviously hate the main character. or really hate every single character except one. yeah, Dorian and Rowan and everyone else are main characters but this series is about AELIN and her journey. so if you don’t like her… and you wanna hate on her… why are you even in this fandom? 


just because you aren’t getting your way ship-wise does not give you any right to start bashing on the main character or the author for making the decisions they make. these are SJM’s books… she will write them how she wants and have Aelin end up with who she feels is best because they are HER BOOKS. 

whether Aelin ends up with Rowan, Dorian, Mort, or no one at all… I will support whatever decision Sarah makes. this series is not defined by the ships. I care so much more about Aelin and her journey than who she ends up with. 

call me and my friends mean girls all you want but I never bash anyone for their opinion. and I definitely don’t tag my posts in a lowkey attempt to start shit. I’m not interested in being part of any ship or clique wars. I am sick and tired of them. you have your opinions. and I have mine. let’s leave it at that. 

I’m sure this will turn into “ooooh another Rowan stan trying to start a fight blah blah blah” (because this is the general reaction to any post by a Rowaelin shipper) but no…. no it really isn’t. it’s not about ships, it’s not even about the characters at this point. it’s about the fandom

I am a part of this fandom because these books mean so much to me. because I wanted friends to talk to about these characters and books and feels. I got so much more than that though… I gained so many amazing friends to talk to about anything and everything. and I will forever be glad I joined this fandom for that reason. 

this fandom has not only been kind since day one but is also talented, and brilliant, and come up with the best theories and pieces of writing or art, etc. that is why I’m part of this fandom. that is why I’m even on this website. to share and see things like that with people who love the books as much as I do.

so, if all you want to do is hate on the characters, THE AUTHOR, or the fans…. kindly exit the fandom. your negativity is not wanted here.

Mockingjay: a summary 

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I have officially reached over 500 followers and I’m still in shock. Seriously, this means so much to me and I’m grateful for every single follower that likes what I post. You guys are awesome and I really love talking to you all :) Btw, if anyone ever wants to talk, just send me a message. I love getting to know you guys! Now onto the follow forever. These are my favorite blogs/favorite people on here, so you should definitely follow them! Some are mutuals and some are not, so if you see your name on this post and have no idea who I am: hi, I’m Sarah and I love your blog haha <3 Once again, thank you for everything!  


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So, so sorry if I forgot anyone! I love you all so much, and thank you! <3

Sometimes it’s easier to pretend like I don’t care. It’s kinda the trend you know? Like my happiness isn’t based off my workouts, pant size, or the foods I eat. And honestly that isn’t what defines my happiness but it is something I care about and the positive results from those 3 things can bring some happy into my life.

I was discussing the world of food and fitness with Sarah and we joked about how I want to be healthy but don’t want to be held accountable if I’m not. And honestly, it’s so very true. Somewhere along the way in my quest to not become obsessive I lost my accountability.

I am very much enjoying the pattern of my workouts and classes I’m taking but kinda put food on the backseat. It’s almost ridiculous because Kevin willingly and happily cooks paleo meals all week which is such a wonderful thing but more times than not that fast food monster still haunts me.

This is basically a post to say yes I do care and I want to hold myself accountable more in the future.

It’s okay for me to care about the foods I eat and choose to fuel my body. It’s okay to want to be healthy.

I still plan on being more relaxed about it all during the weeks of holidays but I’d like to put in some more effort in between and after.

I think a lot of these feelings have been brought upon by my job. I spend my days visiting people and assessing how much care they might need based on their current health. I see so many individuals who no longer have their independence and even walking from the couch to their bedroom can be something that takes the whole day. It has helped me learn to cherish my health and this strong body I have been building. I want to keep my health as long as possible.

I do care and I would like to stop fighting the notion that if I have to hold myself accountable that’s not living. Technically, we have to hold ourselves accountable for every decision we make throughout the day. What I eat and drink are things I do daily.

So maybe it’s time I pull back on the habit I fell back into of covering everything in ketchup and stop eating out when there’s healthy food prepped and waiting for me in the fridge. I think it’s time I stop eating everything in sight every weekend and go back to treat to self moments and not treat yo self days/weeks/months.

It’s a daily process. These are my current thoughts today.

anonymous asked:

Hi MELLY! I'm a PA and I saw your post about how it's weird how visible Sarah and Nadia are. It's true, it's quite strange. In most places a part of your job is to stay under the radar. For instance when I was working for a certain actor (no name for legal reasons) part of what they liked about me was that I could stick to his side while also not being seen or addressed by press. Because they don't want fans to try to dig for information via a PA so maybe zayns team want people to know


I AM SO INTRIGUED BY YOUR PROFESSION TELL ME EVERYTHING. So basically, if i’m parsing words good (and it’s possible i am not, i am a tired Melly today and have had barely any snacks),  you’re saying  it’s super weird that someone like Ned is featured in the BeFour video in very obvious closeups more than SIX times, and is seen constantly in pap photos and on Zayn’s social media like so:

 and that Sarah Stennett & now Nadia have been made known to the fandom, is also not normal, and that this was potentially done so that fans would just be like “OH I GUESS THAT ZAYN MUST REALLY BE WITH FAE IM NOT GONNA GOOGLE NOW”. I’ve thought for a long time that FAE wasn’t actually Zayn’s management company, Ned was a decoy to legitimize FAE to the fandom,  and that he never left 1DHQ, and this is just something else that tells me to return back to the Googles to see what I can find.

PA Anon i would loooooove to talk more to you about your job (I have so many questions and have only ever interacted with PAs in very brief encounters), so please revisit my inbox anytime, or come off anon and I promise i won’t reveal your username or anything, i am the most discreet of hoes. 

Sarah graduated from university!

Hey guys! So I just wanted to make a quick text post to explain to you guys why I may have been a bit distant this last week and it’s because I just graduated from university!!! It’s an extremely exciting - and terrifying - time for me right now so the last few weeks have been very busy working on finishing final projects. So if I haven’t been as attentive as I normally am it’s because I’ve been meeting deadlines to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism.

Now that things are starting to die down a bit more I’ll be around to answer your questions and be faster with my posts.

I love you all!