Sometimes, I think about that wonderful morning in Barstow, when my head should have been swimming with so many thoughts, committing treason, running from the CIA, Casey, my dad - but I didn’t. I thought about Sarah. I cannot even describe the love I felt for her then, her slumbering body laying next to mine. For once she was untroubled, our hands were clasped, her beautiful body was pressed into mine. I felt this overwhelming urge to protect her. I didn’t want her to wake up because I was afraid she’d move away, because in that idyllic moment she was mine. My chest heaved with a warmth that a whole summer of sunshine could never give me. This miracle that was Sarah Walker made me think of nothing else but her and her fragile heart beneath her carefully assembled armor. I had never wanted her more than in that moment, and when she stirred, I shut my eyes tight and prayed she would stay. The stars must have aligned because her cool fingers clasped mine, and she turned to face me and then flicked on a switch somewhere deep inside me with those eyes. I was hopelessly lost. Then she kissed me like she’d never kissed me before and my world ignited and set alight. In that moment, I had everything I had ever wanted.