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Ladies of Gotham

Obviously this isn’t all the amazing women of Gotham, but I got a decent amount in there, I like to think.

I really adore the women of Gotham, but for reasons completely beyond me I keep seeing them either pitted against each other or overlooked in favor of Gotham dudes. Which. Pfft. Gotham dudes. What’s so great about them, amirite?

Got some glass breaking in here, too. Ah man it felt good to find those in my folders.

And yes, that’s Eartha Kitt Catwoman. As things should be. Fight me. 

Catwoman (Selina Kyle) | Karon | Holly Robinson | Oracle (Barbara Gordon) | Black Canary (Dinah Laurel Lance) | Robin (Carrie Kelley) | Dana Tan | Tamara Fox | Leslie Thompkins | Melanie Walker | Nell Little | Proxy (Wendy Harris) | Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) | Flamebird (Bette Kane) | Sarah Essen-Gordon | Vicki Vale | Crystal Brown | Bluebird (Harper Row) | Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) | Huntress (Helena Wayne) | Question (Renee Montoya) | Batgirl (Nissa) | Batwoman (Kate Kane) | Max Gibson | Onyx (Onyx Adams) | Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) | She-Bat (Francine Langstrom) | Sasha Bordeaux | Batgirl (Tiffany Fox)



Catherine Halsey | THE SCIENTIST
First-Light-Weaves-Living-Song | THE LIBRARIAN
Miranda Keyes | THE SAVIOUR
Serin Osman | THE SPY
Sarah Palmer | THE COMMANDER
Olympia Vale | THE DIPLOMAT
Linda [Pravdin] 058 | THE SNIPER
Kelly [Shaddock] 087 | THE RABBIT

Imagine Hiram McDaniels in an ugly Christmas sweater.

Imagine Sarah Sultan, the smooth, fist-sized river rock in an ugly Christmas sweater.

Imagine Marcus Vanston–

Imagine the whole of Night Vale in ugly Christmas sweaters.

And Cecil, wearing the ugliest of all sweaters, just standing there looking at them with a tear in his eye and whispering, “You’re all so beautiful.”

Reporters stood quiet and confused about how President Sultan could make such an announcement, as she is a smooth, fist-sized river rock, and has no visible mouth, and likely no internal organs, muscles, or passageways that can create a human-sounding voice.

“Telephathy,” President Sultan said with a cough. “It’s telepathy, you guys,” she said in all of our minds.


Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 50 - Capital Campaign

Episodes from my never-going-to-happen X-Men animated series:

Marvel World Tour: The X-Men finish up a tour just in time for one of Dazzler’s concerts…on the other side of the world. With the less than helpful help of various X-Men teleporters (Gateway, Blink, Magik, etc) Dazzler ends up on an impromptu world tour.

A Day in the Life:

Forge makes a video about the average day working in his lab, with his assistants David Alleyne and Sarah Vale.

Family Circus:

Acts from Nightcrawler’s old circus have been disappearing, so he goes to investigate with Rogue. They end up fighting the Circus of Crime.


Blindfold and Preview use their precognitive powers to discover why the Danger Room went haywire. Entire episode is out of sequence, with scenes appearing in a seemingly random order.

Father’s Day:
Mojo abducts Dazzler, Shatterstar, and Shatterstar’s “roommate” Rictor to have them participate in a 1950s suburbia-themed gladiatorial games with Longshot. Everyone in the mojoverse refers to Rictor as “Shatterstar’s "roommate”, Rictor,“ complete with air quotes.