sarah vale

Imagine Hiram McDaniels in an ugly Christmas sweater.

Imagine Sarah Sultan, the smooth, fist-sized river rock in an ugly Christmas sweater.

Imagine Marcus Vanston–

Imagine the whole of Night Vale in ugly Christmas sweaters.

And Cecil, wearing the ugliest of all sweaters, just standing there looking at them with a tear in his eye and whispering, “You’re all so beautiful.”



Catherine Halsey | THE SCIENTIST
First-Light-Weaves-Living-Song | THE LIBRARIAN
Miranda Keyes | THE SAVIOUR
Serin Osman | THE SPY
Sarah Palmer | THE COMMANDER
Olympia Vale | THE DIPLOMAT
Linda [Pravdin] 058 | THE SNIPER
Kelly [Shaddock] 087 | THE RABBIT

Reporters stood quiet and confused about how President Sultan could make such an announcement, as she is a smooth, fist-sized river rock, and has no visible mouth, and likely no internal organs, muscles, or passageways that can create a human-sounding voice.

“Telephathy,” President Sultan said with a cough. “It’s telepathy, you guys,” she said in all of our minds.


Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 50 - Capital Campaign

College president Sarah Sultan announced, “In our present, rapidly changing technological environment, it is more important than ever to encourage students to consider study and careers in all the sciences. Except astronomy,” she added, pretending she was coughing. “Nobody cares about Astronomy,” she said, obviously under a cough.

Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 50 - Capital Campaign

Obscure X-Men Bios: Jessie and Sarah Vale

I’ve decided to share my love of extremely minor X-characters. Starting with two I’ve mentioned before - I assure you, you will never need to know this information.

During the New Mutants/New X-Men era, when Xavier’s was a school with 200 students, the writers created several tiers of characters. There were main characters like Hellion and Surge (and if you don’t know who they are, have fun, it gets worse), secondary characters that got lines and personalities, tertiary characters that spoke a few times or had a cool power, and background characters that had a name.

Preview/Jessie Vale manages to grab a tertiary position, her sister doesn’t even fair that well.

Jessie can see 5 minutes into the future. She doesn’t think she can change the outcomes she sees. This leads to her doing things like refusing to help her team-mates because she knows they’ll lose. She wears as much black as she’s allowed, a trenchcoat, and an expression of apathy. She’s a drama queen and a cliche goth. I have no clue why I love her.

Network/Sarah Vale has never spoken. It is probable that her powers are something to do with computers. She has hair hanging over half her face and cried when her mentor died.

They were both depowered by M-Day and Sarah was killed along with a bunch of other background characters shortly after.

There were so many X-Kids with possibilities before Kyle and Yost killed them.