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Soft, pale lavender
Soft morning light
Your soft hair strewn across the pillows
Your hand soft in mine
The soft whisper of your breath over my cheek
Laughter that tries to be soft
But when it’s 12:45 and the porch light is soft in the window laughter isn’t soft
The smell of your perfume is soft at the base of your neck
And my lips are soft on your collar bone
And I forgot what it felt like to be soft until you dragged your soft fingertips over my spine, your words soft in my ear telling me that I’m safe
Your voice making the world go soft and quiet
But I’m supposed to be writing about things that remind me of you and not how you made me trust again in your softness and in mine.
Pale lavender,
The sunrise,
Feeling loved for the first time (for real)
—  Sarah. A.B.

On Saturday one of the co-founders of bisexual-books​, Ellie got married.  Yes, that is her on top looking like an adorable little cupcake in her dress.  She also had a rainbow of cupcakes instead of wedding cake….. so of course we arranged them so the bi pride ones were together :D  Other co-founder of the blog Sarah performed the ceremony, including a pagan handfasting.

So please join us in wishing Ellie and her husband Randy a long and happy journey together! <3

‘A One Time Thing’ mini fic. Post epilogue. (Because of course Killian would coach a kid’s hockey team. Of course.) 

So this fic comes from ohmyohpioneer messaging me about seeing tiny tots playing hockey, and then it just spiraled out of control and this happened. 

So, you know. Enjoy.


It’s far from surprising when Aidan announces that he’s going to play hockey this year. 

(Because, naturally, he announces it, rather than asks.) 

He’s grown up being carted off to Killian’s games, and Henry’s; and while the men in his life get together to watch sports in general, as Killian, David, and Robin play hockey together, naturally that’s the one they’re most enthused about. 

Aidan’s also a very physical child, so it figures he’d choose a sport like hockey, as opposed to, say, golf. 

In another completely unsurprising turn of events, it is Killian who worries about it. 

“What if he gets hurt?” 

Emma rolls her eyes. 

“You play hockey. Henry plays hockey. He’s not made of glass.” 

(And while it is true—and while it is also true that Aidan is hardly a delicate flower, always wanting to roughhouse and wrestle, forever running at things and jumping off things—still, Killian worries.) 

“He’ll be fine, Killian.” 

“Of course he will,” he says after a moment. “Because I’ll be coaching.” 

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People should ponder that being charitable isn’t about money. It’s waving at someone you think looks sad, giving someone your jacket when Mother Nature gets so cold, giving all you had. It’s giving respect, it’s honor, it’s caring without needing something back. Greed with kill you, but charity will bring you back.
—  #PardyPrompt - Eleemosynary - Saturday

i was thinking about how i claimed to care more about the notes on my drawings than the number of followers i have and decided to compile this

some of the better examples of what i have made, the quality of which, i will be the first to admit, varies wildly because i don’t always sketch things out as well as i should

it felt pretty nice to go through all my art folders and pick out things that i liked, regardless of how many or how few notes they got (sailor moon didn’t even hit double digits though come on)