sarah tries her hand at writing

Cassandra: Initially, she got frustrated upon first meeting the Herald when they kept asking her to repeat herself. When she figures out they’re partially deaf, then she feels a little bad for being impatient with them, doubly so when she discovers they’re innocent of the Conclave’s explosion and the Divine’s death. She tries her best to accommodate them, be it writing down orders or things or speaking louder or repeating herself if need be, and learns later on how to use sign language.

Blackwall: He finds out second-hand, and he’s not really sure how to handle it, so he just copies what Cassandra does. He asks about their hearing, if it doesn’t bother them, and tries his best to learn sign language. He’s a little sloppy at first, but he’s trying.

Iron Bull: Figures it out almost immediately by observing them. He quickly adapts to their needs, and is remarkably responsive and understanding. (Assuming Thedas has some form of sign language) he surprises them by knowing sign language, and it becomes their primary means of communication. He also offers to teach some of the others who want to learn, and eventually most of the other companions can use sign language enough to communicate with the Herald outside of speaking very loudly and writing.

Sera: She’s befuddled when they ask her a few times to repeat herself when they first meet. Her eyes widen when Cassandra explains their hearing difficulties. “Ooooh. You’re deaf, or close to being deaf? Shite, why didn’t you just say so?” She takes to having a notebook to doodle and write in to convey to the Herald what she’s thinking, though often dirty doodles and snark line the pages. She has no problem working with the Herald’s disability.

Varric: While he’s learning to use sign language, he happily communicates with the Herald by writing, a lot, and doesn’t mind at all. In fact, he loves it, and considers it good practice for writing. He picks up sign language quickly and notes that now he can tell a story in person without actually making a single sound. “Now I can accommodate all audiences.” he says cheerfully.

Cole: He knows just how to communicate with them, and surprising the others, he seems to know how to use sign language instantly. He doesn’t use spoken words at all with the Herald, instead opting for signing. “Sometimes ears don’t work, but hands do.” he just says when asked about it. “Hands can do all the talking they need; hands are just as talkative as a mouth is.”

Dorian: He’s a bit surprised, but he does his best to accommodate him. He insists on learning sign language as quickly as possible, and learn quickly he does. “It’s too bad you’re hard of hearing,” he signs to them one day, “because you would LOVE my lustrous voice! I suppose my beautiful hands and looks alone will have to do.” To which the Herald rolls theirs eyes but smiles all the while.

Solas: Starts signing to them immediately; he hardly reacts at all otherwise. It’s no different to him than speaking any other language than Elven. He never explains how or where he learned sign language, and begins teaching the others how to use it. In the Fade, he introduces them to spirits who happily sign to them, if they do not regain any hearing in the Fade. “Spirits will adapt and learn to speak as we speak,” he signs, “and they will accommodate you easily.”

Vivienne: When she sees the Herald for the first time, they’re being harassed by that Marquis, who starts yelling at them for asking him to repeat himself. She scowls as the Marquis begins to mock them for their poor hearing, and she steps in to put him in his place. He’s shamed and humiliated even further as she berates him for being so rude to someone who’s simply hard of hearing. She doesn’t mind using writing to communicate instead, and also opts to learn sign language like many of the others. Soon, she and the Herald sit and look over Skyhold, chatting away about sundry topics with hands alone and some tea.

Josephine: She finds out from Leliana. This is no problem for Josephine, because she learned sign language to better communicate with the various guests that would come to the Antivan embassy. She has runners that know sign language work with the Herald, and makes sure they’re comfortable and clearly able to understand them and work with them.

Leliana: She responds by asking Josephine to teach her sign language ASAP. In the meanwhile, she just writes down what she wants them to know, and doesn’t seem affected by it at all. She does ask Dagna later on if there could be any sort of hearing aid she could give the Inquisitor, but nevertheless is very understanding about it.

Cullen: Similarly, he wants to learn sign language from Josephine or Solas or even Bull. He tries to be polite about it and accommodate them as best he can, but as it turns out, he likes writing down his thoughts and important points down more than speaking anyways.

Verse: Lego and Love

This is the story of how Kurt meets his daughter’s kindergarten teacher, Mr. Blaine, for the first time.



 A high-pitched shriek sounds from the vicinity of the kitchen and Kurt’s heart drops into his stomach. His mind immediately races to all the worst scenarios. He’s mentally running through the route to the emergency room as he scrambles to his feet, trying to get to the kitchen as quickly as possible.

He’s stopped in his tracks by a very angry five year old.

“Lucy, what have I told you about screaming?” Kurt drops down to his knees so he can look into her eyes, pulling her close as if to convince himself that she’s actually safe.

“You were packing my bag.” Lucy mumbles into his shoulder, flailing her arms as she struggles to work her way out of his embrace. “You promised me that I could pack my bag this morning.”

“We have to leave in five minutes, Lucy.” He sighs, knowing that Lucy isn’t anywhere near ready yet.

“You promised.” Lucy looks up at him with big brown eyes and Kurt knows that he can’t refuse her anything. He’d give her the world if she looked at him like that.

He’s going to be in trouble when she gets older.


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Always - A Klaine fluff oneshot

Anon prompt: How about Kurt and Blaine are at the midnight premiere of harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part two? And their reactions to the movie?

Warning: Contains mild spoilers for DH2

“No.” Kurt spoke the word with conviction as Blaine flicked on the indicator, getting ready to turn the car into the parking lot for the movie theatre.

“Come on, Kurt. You don’t even know what we’re doing yet.” Blaine quickly glanced over to his boyfriend in the passenger seat.

“I’m not stupid, Blaine. I know what day it is today.” Kurt huffed.

“And what day is that, dear?” Blaine pulled the car into space close enough to see the line of people outside of the theatre.

“No.” Kurt repeated.

“Last I checked ‘no’ wasn’t a day. I guess you learn something new everyday.” Blaine teased.

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Questions - A Klaine fluff oneshot

An: This is for a prompt sent in by Starkidgleekpotter: Blaine is trying to figure out Kurt’s favourite candy (red gummy bears). Kurt is reluctant to say anything because he gets very hyper when he eats said candy. 

“Your turn.” Blaine informed Kurt from where he was sprawled on the floor.

Kurt thought for a moment before posing his question. “Strawberry or chocolate?”

“Chocolate covered strawberries.” Blaine answered immediately.

“That’s cheating.” Kurt sat up and scooted back on the bed until his back was against the wall, giving him a better view of Blaine.

“Don’t care. They’re too delicious to care.” He looked rather pleased with himself.

“You can’t do that!” Kurt exclaimed, grabbing the pillow next to him and chucking it at Blaine.

The pillow caught Blaine unaware and smacked him in the face. A shocked look crossed his features for a moment before he broke out into a grin. “I stand by my answer.”

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Promise - A Klaine drabble

This is my take on what is happening in those new promo shots.

There was a hand on his elbow and someone was pulling him gently to the side of the hallway. Kurt was still digging through his bag, trying to find his notebook for the next class. He looked up with an expression of slight irritation, expecting Rachel to bombard him with ideas for their New York apartment. The expression melted from his face the instant he locked eyes with his boyfriend.

His boyfriend who looked incredibly nervous for some reason.

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Everybody's Changing - A Klaine fanfic - Chapter One

Summary:  Every type of relationship, be it a romance, a friendship, or a feud, invokes transformations. Some changes can be small, changing one’s wardrobe for example. Others can be much larger, such as regaining confidence and self worth. Kurt didn’t realize how much would change by a simple trip to a private school a few hours away.




1. Conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

In a thousand lifetimes Kurt never believed it could be this bad. Hadn’t he already had his tragedy? Surely he deserved a few pain free years after the death of his mother. Yet things only worsened. The seemingly never ending downward spiral continued. As the kids at school grew older they realized that Kurt wasn’t contained within the boundaries that society defined as normal. It wasn’t normal for a boy to dress with as much care and precision as Kurt did. It wasn’t normal for a boy to spend as much time getting ready as Kurt did. It wasn’t normal for a boy to look that way at other boys. Therefore Kurt wasn’t normal. As the years passed, everyone learnt new slurs, new insults, and new ways to cause pain. As Kurt grew older, his outlook on the world darkened. Everyday was as dark as the night sky to him.

It was only the Glee club that kept his world from completely collapsing. He knew that everyone tried, but no matter what they just couldn’t understand what it was like to be submitted to this treatment day after day. They experienced some of the same torture, slushie facials, awful names thrown out in the crowded hallway, but it was still different. They could quit Glee club at anytime and become yet another invisible member of the school. Kurt would always stick out. He would always be the target for haters and bullies no matter what. The boys in the club tried to help him. They just didn’t understand that one misplaced insult could slice directly through Kurt’s defenses. They thought his armour was strong enough to keep out the stereotypical comments they threw in his directions. They forgot that even the strongest of armour becomes battered and weakened after years in battle. Perhaps that one comment from Puck was enough to tip him over the edge.

So he ran.

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Ice Skating Drabble

I don’t know, Rachael made me write something about the ice skating spoiler so here:

Blaine looks down at the ice, it’s marred with the scars from being run over thousands upon thousand of times by sharp blades. 

When he looks up, he’s struck by the contrast. Christmas music is playing over the loud speaker, couples are skating together hand in hand, families are teaching their children how to skate. 

People are happy.

Blaine doesn’t belong here. 

He knows that Burt had been trying to given them some time alone when he suggested that Blaine and Kurt go ice skating together. He’d appreciated the effort at first but now it’s just made him feel worse about everything. 

Kurt’s skating ahead of him, Blaine watches as he glides effortlessly across the ice. It’s breathtaking, but then again, Kurt’s always been breathtaking. 

Blaine shouldn’t have come here. He should have let Burt and Kurt have their Christmas together.

When Blaine looks again, Kurt’s gone. It’s worrying for a moment until he feels a gloved hand slip into his. 

“Hey, stranger. Why do you look so sad?” Kurt whispers in his ear.

Blaine looks down at their joint hands and he feels a small smile tug at the corners of his lips. He looks up at Kurt, losing himself in his eyes. The christmas lights are reflected there, making Kurt’s eyes sparkle. He’s never looked more beautiful than he does right now. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Blaine knows that they’re going to be okay. Maybe not right now, but they will be soon.

“I’m not sad. Not anymore.”

When Blaine looks back down at the ice, he can still see the scars, but they’re just a mark of how strong the ice is- of how much the ice can make it through and still come out as strong as before.

Drabble: Roller Skating

Author’s Notes: Seeing all the pictures from Chris’s birthday party, I thought it would be adorable to see Kurt and Blaine go roller skating so here’s a quick drabble!


“How the hell am I supposed to move in – “ Blaine sentence is cut off as his feet slip out from underneath him, arms flailing wildly in the air in a failed attempt to regain his balance. Kurt’s hand flies up and covers his mouth in order to hide his laughter from Blaine.

It doesn’t work so well.


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Everybody's Changing - A Klaine fanfic - Chapter Two

Summary:  Every type of relationship, be it a romance, a friendship, or a feud, invokes transformations. Some changes can be small, changing one’s wardrobe for example. Others can be much larger, such as regaining confidence and self worth. Kurt didn’t realize how much would change by a simple trip to a private school a few hours away.




1. Highly excitable; unnaturally or acutely uneasy or apprehensive

2. Easily agitated or distressed; high-strung or jumpy

Kurt didn’t understand. His clothing collection was extensive. His wardrobe contained more designer labels than the rest of the population of Lima combined. Yet he didn’t have a single thing to wear. Well, nothing that he deemed appropriate anyway. He couldn’t find anything that said ‘I’m really glad to be spending time with my new friend’ but also subtly suggested ‘If you wanted to make out with me in the back of the theatre, I wouldn’t protest’.

He twisted his fingers together anxiously. His heartbeat was racing and his palms were sweating. Kurt Hummel didn’t get nervous. What on earth was going on? He was just going out to see a movie with a friend. Since when was that a reason to be nervous?

Somewhere, beneath the mound of clothes stacked on his bed, his phone buzzed. It took Kurt a few minutes to reach the phone, he needed to move the clothing without it being wrinkled after all, but when he did reach it he saw that there was a new text message from the person who was causing all this anxiety.

I’m really excited about seeing Tangled with you. I’ve been trying to find someone to see it with for ages. Thanks for agreeing to go with me :) —Blaine

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100 Drabble Challenge: #2 Enthusiasm

A quick drabble inspired by the Glee Cupcake Wars tonight

“I bought the ingredients!” Blaine says excitedly when Kurt walks through the door.

“Well hello to you too.” Kurt teases him, taking in Blaine’s flowery apron with an amused smile. “I like your apron.”

“It’s my mom’s,” Blaine pulls a face at that, “I wanted to buy one that said ‘Kiss the Cook’ but I couldn’t find one anywhere.”

“I don’t need an apron to tell me when to kiss you.” Kurt murmurs as he brushes his lips gently against Blaine’s.

“Come on, come on!” Blaine grabs Kurt’s hand when he pulls away and drags him into the kitchen.

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