sarah sontag

If there are two things I’ve learned from journalism school, it’s that I overwrite and that people like lists. Math, as we all know, is not included. I’m positive my knowledge of elementary math has actually decreased over the three and a half years since I graduated high school, and when I am faced with simple math, I cannot speak. In fact, just now, I had written “one thing I’ve learned….” for the first sentence of this post before realizing that I followed it with two things, and my mouth got a little dry.

Reasons why drawing a mural on your living room chalkboard wall with your roommates on a Sunday night is better than doing homework:

  1. We have a chalkboard wall in our apartment. 
  2. Our fourth roommate, being an engineer, is randomly creative but has no avenue of artistic expression. He takes classes like circuit theory and calculus, so there are lots of weird ideas bouncing around in there and they see an exit sign above the chalkboard wall.
  3. We get to say, “Hey remember when we painted this wall, like yesterday?” Except that it was really two years ago, and it just feels like yesterday that you concocted the idea and your moldy apartment got that much better.
  4. If you don’t think about the 30-page article on French phonetics you have to read, it disappears.
  5. We realize that we should probably create a new major at Mizzou. And it should be called Meaningful Chalkboard Wall Murals 3450, and we should probably be the professors of this new class. 
  6. The dog doesn’t get too stressed out because we’re all in the same room in the house, for once. 

I have recently lost two of my biggest sources of entertainment: working at La Petite Ecole and the public transportation involved in getting there. I will miss working at the preschool twice a week but am starting Friday afternoons this week. At last, toddlers will speak French to me again, and I will look forward (really, truly) to stepping onto the Columbia city bus. If you saw the people I saw on that bus, you would look forward to it too.

Apparently, I missed pajama day at the preschool last Friday. Of course I missed pajama day at the preschool. (WHY, GOD, WHY!?)