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Pairings: 40s!Steve x Reader

Summary: The stars feature in some important moments throughout your life.

Warnings: Unprotected sex (not a good idea irl), major character death, loss of virginity

Notes: My entry for @nataliarxmanxva season’s change writing challenge. My prompt was: Stargazing.

Idk guys, I tried out a different writing style with this one, not sure if it worked.

Starts off cute, but ultimately, it’s angst without a happy ending (fair warning yo). I had this planned to go one way, but then this story decided to march itself in the other direction and took me along for the ride. Hope you like it nonetheless.

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“Steve,” you hiss.

Steve grumbles in his sleep, then turns his back to you as he rolls over. You huff indignantly. Unfazed, you poke his side insistently until he stirs awake, blinking the sleep out of his bleary eyes.

“Y/N?” Steve yawns, “What’re you doin’?”

“C’mon, ya big lug,” you whisper, grabbing his thin wrist and pulling him off the bed, “It’s a clear night,”. You pick up the small canvas bag you’d dropped on the floor, pulling it open to show him the contents. “See? I snuck some apples from home and packed some papers and a graphite for ya,”.

Steve shakes his head, trying his best to look more disgruntled than he really is. “You go on up,” he says, flapping his hand at you in a shooing motion, “I’ll join you in a bit,”.

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Popular Names from Across the Globe (2015)

It’s time to dive into the most popular names found around the world! Here are the top names in each country that presented data from their births in 2015.

Note: Data collected in Buenos Aires only.
Girls: Sofía, María, Lucía, Martina, Catalina.
Boys: Santiago, Mateo, Juan, Matías, Nicolás.

Girls: Nareh, Mari, Maria, Maneh, Mariam. 
Boys: Davit, Narek, Alex, Tigran, Hayk.

Girls: Olivia, Charlotte, Mia, Ava, Amelia.
Boys: Oliver, William, Jack, Noah, Jackson/Jaxon/Jaxson.

Girls: Zahra, Nuray, Fatima, Eileen, Zainab.
Boys: Yusif, Ali, Hussein, Omar, Mohammed.

Girls: Emma, Louise, Olivia, Elise, Alice.
Boys: Louis, Arthur, Noah, Lucas, Liam.

Girls: Amina, Sara, Emina, Lamija, Merjem.
Boys: Ahmed, Amar, Daris, Adin, Harun.

Girls: Viktoria, Maria, Nikol, Aleksandra, Gabriela.
Boys: Georgi, Aleksandar, Martin, Dimitar, Ivan.

Girls: Sofía, Emilia, Isidora, Florencia, Maite.
Boys: Agustín, Benjamín, Vicente, Mateo, Martín.

Girls: Mia, Lucija, Ema, Ana, Petra.
Boys: Luka, Ivan, David, Jakov, Petar.

Czech Republic
Girls: Eliška, Anna, Tereza, Adéla, Karolína.
Boys: Jakub, Jan, Tomáš, Adam, Filip.

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