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Saint John of Las Vegas (2009)

ok wow I’ve neglected this blog for quite a while.

One of my absolute favorite movies that Steve B has been in. 1 its in Las Vegas which is like, my favorite city every and I want to live there and junk even though I’ve never been but I can dream right? 2. In this movie Steve is so pale and saggy and and scrawny and looking like hes dying so its no wonder that I think he looks hottest in this movie. and 3 Sarah Silverman. I don’t think shes funny a lot of times but shes hella hot and I love the fuck out of her in this movie. AND Danny Trejo and Peter Dinklage  are all in this one too and if you’ve been watching Steve’s movies like I have then you would know that they are super regulars in all of his more indie films.

What it’s about:

Well Steve is St. John, an ex gambler working for an insurance company in Albuquerque. his boss, who is Peter Dinklage, sends him out with a cool black guy to go investigate some shit outside of Vegas oh and the beginning is like the end you know, one of those things, yeah well he buys 1000 lotto tickets and his face is all burned up and hell if I know why but so he goes out with cool black guy Vergil and tries to investigate shit. First they go over to this one junk yard and the people there are like hell no so they go and Virgil buys John some sunglasses so he looks badass and hot and shit. He also took a shower and we get to see this beautiful scene where hes wearing nothing but a towel omg

like god damn

well they go to investigate this claim and a lot of shit happens and theres a lot of cool characters. So yeah, good movie.

Steve Scale:

really it just took this picture and I was sold.

looking good all pale and scrawny with them sideburns. yeah. I’m gross.


well apparently according to everyone else on the internet this movie sucks balls but I liked it it was a cute little indie movie and had a great cast and I thought it had some pretty neat characters but whatever follow your heart and all that

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