sarah scope

xntigone  asked:

you know how ryan follows brendon on periscope?? do u think he gets on and just watches him sing like fuckin hell sweet disposition just kill me now

good lord i live for this kind of stuff

  • when ryan sees the notification that brendon’s live he always has to think for a bit before opening it or ignoring the broadcast
  • ryan doesn’t always even listen to what brendon in saying, he just wants to hear the voice that hasn’t spoken to him in years
  • sometimes when brendon sings ryan sings along quietly with him, harmonizing how they used to
  • ryan sees his own name in the chat and is secretly curious about what brendon has to say about him
  • and is not-so-secretly disappointed if brendon ignores those parts of the chat
  • every time sarah is in the scope he is happy for brendon because he is successful an has a beautiful wife
  • but nonetheless is jealous of how brendon looks at her. he hasn’t looked at ryan that way in ages
  • sometimes brendon will reference something that happened pre-split and ryan just wants to go back and try to work out their “musical differences”
  • ryan misses the way that things used to be and would give anything for another chance to fix whatever it was between them
  • Brendon scoping by himself: aww(: my sweet sweet boy I lob him so much!! hes so good too good for us how is he so good??!!
  • Brendon scoping with sarah: shut the fuck off beeb nobody cares,, where is my mom shes so pure and lovely!!! I love sarab!!! Bring me sarab!!!