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ily: i love you

ilysm: i love you so much

imaiwbdmeliwbmafhthtpbnaofnancfm: i’m a warrior. I’ve walked beside death my entire life. I would be more afraid for her, to have that power. but not afraid of her. nothing about nesta could frighten me.

fecipher twitter, 23-9-2017: “High-Born Loptyrian, Sarah” and “Darkness Hidden in Light, Sarah”

[Card Showcase] “I will help you…” Sarah, a strange young woman who suddenly appears in Leif’s path as his campaign continues. In truth, she is the granddaughter of the dark priesthood’s archbishop! But now Sarah lends her support to the prince, following the guidance of a mysterious voice, and revives those who have been turned to stone. (Illust. Sachie)

Card stats/skills:

B10-041N High-Born Loptyrian, Sarah

“Hee hee… My name is Sarah. I know all about you.”

"I will help.” [SPECIAL] This card gains <Tome> and range 1-2.

Suspicious Smile [ALWAYS] If you have 2 or more face-down bond cards, this unit gains +10 attack.

[DEF] Miracle Emblem [SUPP] Until the end of this combat, your opponent’s attacking unit cannot perform a critical hit.

Illust. Sachie

B10-040HN Darkness Hidden in Light, Sarah

“I’m searching for the owner of that voice. It calls to me… It needs my help…”

Kia [TRIGGER] At the beginning of your Action Phase, you may choose 1 tapped ally and untap them.

The Dark Bishop’s Granddaughter [ACT] [ONCE PER TURN] [Discard 3 of your bond cards] Draw 2 cards.

Illust. Sachie

More Fire Emblem Cipher Series 10 translations!

More Boy Band AU! shenanigans cause I’ve thrown myself into Noah’s Arc shipping hell. Neptune asks the cute choreographer to accompany him and his friends to pizza after practice. Friends hide in the background and silently support the flustered nerd and his crush problems.

Bonus shitty drawing of kinda pizza date


WIPs/Doodles. Some new, some old. I always wanted to finish the birthday one (for myself lmao haha *sweatdrops*) but never got around to it, literally 5 years later soooo.

A lot of the other ones in this dump i still want to finish eventually–but I only got the files back this year and I only just got a working tablet again a few weeks back.

So today was eventful…

Me, @wickedanxious , @lifes-a-witch , and our friend Rosie decided to have a witch day together. It started out really nice with just some shopping for gems and herbs and stuff, and then we went back to my place. Rosie can talk to spirits and we wanted her to investigate my moms room, cause it has an iffy vibe to it >_>

There’s a mirror in my moms room that @lifes-a-witch said has a dark aura around it, and we wanted Rosie to check it out. We learned there’s a demon trapped in the mirror, and also that a little ghost girl who I’ve had encounters with before was up in my moms room, and her name was Sarah. We saged the room, because @lifes-a-witch started to get a headache, and we saged the mirror too. While we were talking to Sarah, @lifes-a-witch got an awful headache and went to sit on the landing. We eventually stopped talking to Sarah and began just talking to each other, when @lifes-a-witch called up to ask who was pacing. None of us were pacing so we said no one. A few minutes later she runs upstairs in tears, shaking and saying Sarah was having a panic attack and she could feel it. We moved her downstairs into my room, and Sarah followed and stood outside the door. When I opened the door to ask her to leave, @lifes-a-witch began sobbing, shaking and hyperventilating. She couldn’t speak and her face turned bright red, and she almost fainted. J was helping her with her panic attack, and his vessel was almost thrown from her hand. She told us later that Sarah was the one having a panic attack, and we took another walk out to a fairy tree a few blocks away to let our friend and her spirit companion, Micheal, calm down and recharge.


Tonight was eventful

Me and Rosie came to the conclusion that Sarah tried to hide in @lifes-a-witch’s body from the demon in my moms room. I’ve seen her before and she’s just a little girl, and according to @lifes-a-witch, she wasn’t having a panic attack but her body was - like it was someone else’s emotions. Anyone have any advice???

This is Sarah Rogers:

This is who her son learned perseverance, aka “you never stay down”, from. You know who else has perseverance and who never stays down? Sharon Carter. So LOL to that person who responded to the Staron kiss giffs with “Steve Rogers your mother would be ashamed of you.” Because in all actuality, I bet Sarah would have adored the heck out of Sharon had they met. Were the lady still alive she and Sharon would probably meet once a week for coffee where Sharon would be like “Do you know what your son did this week?!” and Sarah would nod sagely and say “Yes, I saw it on the news. I plan to box his ears the next time I see him. Did I ever tell you about that time he was twelve and…” and the conversation would end with Sarah telling Sharon that all the good parts of Steve came from her and the bad parts were strictly from the Rogers side of the family.

anonymous asked:

Let's be real people. It's so obvious that Troye is dating Ryan, Con is dating Sage & Sarah is dating Josephine. End of story. PS: Also Pre might be dating Jagga, but nothing serious yet.

I don’t know which is funnier: the plant dating the fake cat,  Troye possibly dating someone other than Connor, or the idea of straight Connor 

A letter from Sarah Seaweed...


As your blog is about sad meals for sad and lonely people, I thought I’d share my sad, and potentially fatal, food story involving hijiki seaweed.

I went through a stage of really enjoying eating the dried seaweed that I’d cook up with coconut milk and spring onions. I’d go through kilos of the stuff. At the same time I started working in a hospital. I soon was suffering bouts of severe gastro, with sweating, dizziness, nausea. I just thought I was picking up every bug in the hospital and soon my immune system would be bolstered. 

Feeling somewhat smug about my new seaweed superfood, I decided to Google what awesome nutrition it contained.

I found out that the seaweed has extremely high levels of inorganic arsenic and should not be eaten in large quantities. Small sprinkles on rice is safe. I was eating roughly 2 cups in one sitting. My ‘immune-system toughening-up to hospital standards’symptoms were actually acute arsenic poisoning symptoms. 

There I was, living alone, and every night sadly eating my arsenic seaweed death meal for one.

Let this be a lesson to others with dimly lit meals for one. Stick to toast, beans, cheese, tinned pies and frozen dinners.


Some sage advice from Sarah for anyone who’s just mildly depressed and doesn’t feel like eating themselves into oblivion, avoid the seaweed…