sarah rees brennen

I always think it is fun to read the books of writers who work together… like C.S. Lewis and Tolkien, or Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins. Like listening to a debate instead of a monologue, guessing the bit where C.S. Lewis yelled ‘NOT ANOTHER DWARF’ or who people’s favourite characters from each other’s books are. (We totally pick favourites. Picking favourites is one of my favourite things.)

Sarah Rees Brennen, continuing to be my favorite person to appear on my dash.

How does one get to be this cool?

Kami woke the next morning…Sunlight, stained by autum leaves, left a lacy pattern of shadows on her pillow. Kami uncurled from the warmth of her sheets, her toes making the unpleasent journey from bedclothes to fuzzy slippers, and found her giant pink robe, which she only wore at the times she was most in need, because it made her look like a pink wooly mammoth. She went downstairs wrapped in comfort.

Sarah Rees Brennen, Unspoken

I absolutely adore this description of waking up.