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What if, Ras and Malcolm are working together

I mean, it could happen. Malcolm is a liar. Ras only cares for his own means. What if they KNEW Maseo would save him? Knew of their connection. I’m just saying, Ras didn’t sound like he cared for Sara, and Malcolm likes to add a twist on things. Besides, I think Ras wants Oliver for something. I just do. If he wanted Oliver dead, he would have put the sword through his heart like he did to the guy in the beginning of the episode, but he didn’t. As for Malcolm, I think he sees Oliver as the son he always wanted, but never got. With Oliver agreeing to work with him, he can begin to make that reality. 

I dunno, but if a twist happens and they are revealed to be working together, I will not be surprised. I do think though, that if it does, Nyssa will end up on Team Arrow again, going up against the Devil, and the Demon. Then, she becomes the leader of the League. Even if it is Oliver who fights Ras, I think she would be the one to kill him if they do. 

Epiphany, thoughts, speculation, theory...something just came to me.

Okay, first of all, I have no idea who’s really getting married, but that’s neither here nor there concerning the thought I just had.

In last night’s episode we see that Nyssa had stolen the bio weapon. I immediately was like wtf? What was she going to do with that? Was she going to try and use it for black mail or something nefarious (she is the daughter of the demon and has spent her whole life being conditioned).

Then I thought back to earlier in the season when I was sure that Ra’s had played a part in Sarah’s death. I thought back to how I was convinced that Malcolm was carrying out a long con, with the promise of becoming Ra’s right hand man again, like a test of sorts to reaffirm his devotion to the league.

What if Nyssa and Sarah learned of Ra’s intentions with the bio-weapon and made plans to stop him. Ra’s learned of this betrayal and promised Malcolm safety if he took out Sarah before she could warn Team Arrow and the rest of the city. 

This is backed up by the theory that in the promo it might actually be Malcolm that Felicity is yelling “we trusted you” to instead of Oliver.

The big surprise at the end of the episode could be that Malcolm was in cahoots with Ra’s this whole time, helping lay the ground work for Ra’s ultimate plan, destroy Starling City (which we know Malcolm wanted to do in the first place). 

The big question is, why bother with all of this? Why bother with making Oliver the heir, if Ra’s ultimate goal all along was to destroy Starling? The only answer I have to that is perhaps there’s something only Oliver knows in order to use it, like maybe there’s something specific that needs to be done for it to be successful. Or…

Maybe Ra’s still wants to “retire” but upon learning of Nyssa and Sarah’s betrayal, he realized he needed another heir before he could complete his final task (destroying Starling) and then be able to step down as Ra’s. It would fall in line with a long orchestrated plan…Malcolm ensuring that Oliver would call for a duel with Ra’s to ensure Thea’s safety (the first test for Oliver to be considered as the new heir), Malcolm was conveniently absent during Thea’s attack by Ra’s (because Oliver needed a final push to go to NP), and more step in a plan that will be revealed in next week’s episode.

I dunno, maybe it doesn’t make sense. Maybe it’s just my desire and hope that Malcolm is still truly evil and not on a path of redemption. Maybe I’m making no sense.

But at the end of the day, WHY did Nyssa have the bio-weapon?

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