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Totally random and pointless question: who is the guy thats with tom all the time on red carpet events? I assume he's a friend but my curiosity gets the better of me and makes me feel like I HAVE to know lol

This guy you mean? That’s Luke Windsor and he’s Tom’s red carpet babysitter, aka his PR/Publicist.

While handling all his PR and press stuff, Luke is always Tom’s shadow at public events and premieres. You can often see him lurking behind him ready to step in if something goes wrong. He also is there to wrangle Tom and tell him how to behave and when to interact with fans and when not to. However that doesn’t always seem to get through to Tom as he usually ignores Luke when it comes to this.

Case in point:

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teehee yes, dean’s gf’s name is sarah wilson, and i think they’ve been together since 2011 maybe, which is also around the same as aidan and his sarah, if i remember correctly??????

you know, just in case people needed to be reminded how their friendship was always meant to exist XDDDDDDDDD

I can’t believe it actually happened but I have reached over 5000 followers a few days ago! so in honor of reaching the mile here are the users that I would follow to the ends of the earth, everyone that is bolded are pretty neat mutual babes ♥️

The ultimate bros and baes:

@robinabbey (Jessica Jones doppleganger) | @jellycar (Ghost the direwolf’s #1 fan) | @upallnightogetloki (the bringer of the good shit) | @greenfairy87 (first ever con buddy) | @lady-mjolnir (some person)

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I was curious so I looked up the character name spelling of Franklin & according to IMDB they spelled it right,but maybe it’s different depending on countries/regions. & what a shame about that pic of mads being split,naturally its with a mads pic

I was curious about the Franklyn/Franklin spelling too so I looked at the script and that said “Franklyn”. I feel like I’ve seen that spelling a lot more than “Franklin” and assumed it was the correct one. Guess it’s a minor detail, heh.

but yeah I’m legit upset at that page, the book’s pretty stiff with thick paper so it’s very difficult to see. (I’m assuming it’s getting ready for the counter jump?)


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Closing is the worst!! My one retail job burned from ever wanting to work retail again because of my manager always making me close because I “was the best at it” :/

This’ll be my third time closing since I started. The first time was fine because I had help but last time it was just me and the on duty manager and she has her own shit to do so I was stuck trying to clean and mop and sweep and stock the entire store in less than an hour. And then she ended up finishing 10 minutes early and having her hover near me impatiently made me just rush and skip some things. I didn’t get told anything about it the next day but yeah, I didn’t even know till I clocked out that I was actually on time, she was the one that finished fast. 

I really hope I’m not the only associate on duty tonight. But with my luck it’ll probably be just me again.

I’ve mostly done the morning and mid shifts. I think it’s because I’m one of their fastest cashiers and the closing shift is the slowest. It makes more sense for me to be there during the busiest hours than the slowest.