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Books Similar to The Secret History

Since I came across quite a lot of books that reminded me of The Secret History, whether that’d be characters, themes, concepts, conflicts, and writing style I think some of you guys would be interested in reading some of these works. 

How to tell if you are reading a Sarah Waters novel:

- You are reading about two or more lesbians.

- All of them are unhappy, except for the two tomboys who live together happily in a boat, or in an artist’s flat, or above a café. One of them is the main character’s ex-girlfriend.

- It’s set in the Victorian era, or during wartime, or after wartime, or a combination of all three. Someone says “oh, isn’t it frightful?” at least once a chapter.

- The house has required a lot of work since The War, or since the father died, or wherever the main source of income went (and the servants with it.) Everything needs to be dusted, every day. There is a mechanical routine of dusting skirting boards, grandfather clocks, and chair legs that you have to get through before anything exciting can happen in the story.

- You have to read phrases like “a quiet, furtive unbuttoning” and “crimsoning flesh”.

- Someone has an abortion with complications. Everything is highly unsanitary.

- No-one is ever allowed to be happy. Especially if they’re a lesbian. The endings are always “bittersweet” and usually involve a stilted conversation on a park bench or under a streetlamp.


abi’s post-jan 29 media rec

hi! i know a lot of you are feeling down so i thought that i would give you a couple of good media recs with happy gays :> there is a NO DEAD LESBIANS policy on this list everything is wlw unless otherwise noted


  • fingersmith by sarah waters 
  • the paying guests by sarah waters
  • tipping the velvet by sarah waters (there is one dead lesbian i regret to say but she has died before the events of the book transpire so idk if this breaks my rule)
  • dante and aristotle discover the secrets of the universe by benjamin alire sáenz (mlm)
  • everything leads to you by nina lacour
  • hold still by nina lacour (main character is straight but there’s a very important lesbian side character. cw for suicide, which occurs before the book begins)
  • annie on my mind by nancy garden 
  • ash by malinda lo 
  • a love story staring my dead best friend by emily horner (cw death obviously, it occurs before the events of the book)


  • the handmaiden (cw for EVERYTHING on this, message me if you have questions, both lesbians make it out pretty much uninjured and alive)
  • saving face 
  • the way he looks (mlm)
  • blue is the warmest color (male-gazey but whatever it still holds a special place in my heart)
  • carol (obviously)
  • pride (haven’t watched it yet but i hear overwhelmingly good things so it has a place)
  • women who kill (this movie is SO WEIRD but i liked it a lot, cw death) 
  • l’auberge espagnole trilogy (not about a lesbian but has a recurring lesbian side character)


  • supergirl 
  • orphan black (the bi girl who appeared to be dead was not in fact dead)
  • sense8 (mlm AND wlw) 
  • black mirror - JUST san junipero, s3e3
  • the bletchley circle (it isn’t gay but it’s a period drama just about women so idk it gets honored. go watch it) 
  • uk skins (seasons 3 & 4, we forget about season 7) 

unfortunately there’s not a huge amount of media out there and a couple of these are fudged (uk skins kills someone off in s7 but you don’t have to watch that and i recommend you don’t) or severely flawed. if you have questions feel free to message me. like i said, they all have prominent wlw unless otherwise noted, and i enjoyed most of these a whole lot. <3 

”The posion is almost gone,” Elena said. The world grew less dark, Celaena could see cracks of sunlight.

“Stand.” Elena said.

 “Stand,” she whispered again, and was gone.

The wind caressed her face and swept her hair behind her in a billowing sheet of gold. I will not be afraid.

A mark burned on her forehead in a blinding blue light.

more “Throne of Glass” fan art. Ill get there eventually. I reread the first book because we all seemed to have forgotten it. let be honest with ourselves, and this chapter was the one where she could see the shadows around her and when Elena came to save her, she was pulled out of that darkness. It was a powerful scene and this is kinda  a homage to it. :)

I have more art on my blog! Please look. ❤️
She loved these walks through London. She seemed, as she made them, to become porous, to soak in detail after detail; or else, like a battery, to become charged. Yes, that was it, she thought, as she turned a corner: it wasn’t a liquid creeping, it was a tingle, something electric, something produced as if by the friction of her shoes against the streets.
—  Sarah Waters, The Paying Guests
Eos theories

“Rowan is gonna die in eos” “Aedion’s gonna die in eos” “Chaol is gonna sacrifice his already disabled body for Aelin and die” “Elide’s is going to end up with Lorcan, not Manon” 


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Before he died Sarah Connor’s father told her to just keep going in a straight line and don’t stop.

This is exactly what the Terminator does in the original film. That was part of what made it so iconic and relentless as a pursuer, it just kept going, straight forward, and wouldn’t stop.

The Terminator in the first film travelled through time to keep John Connor from being born. In Genisys, Sarah makes the decision to travel through time and keep Skynet from being born.

Sarah is the one who will not turn away from her mission or hesitate, not even when it means her own destruction. Kyle hesitates because of John. Pops hesitates because of her. Sarah is the one who keeps her eye on the prize and relentlessly pursues it.

Sarah Connor isn’t just raised by a Terminator in Genisys. She is one.

Sarah Champion commenting on the Government’s failure to act on cross-party recommendations to reduce the gender pay gap

Sarah Champion MP,Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities, commenting on the Government’s failure to act on cross-party recommendations to reduce the gender pay gap, said:

“The cross party Women and Equalities Committee’s recommendations aim to improve working conditions for women of all ages and sectors right across the country.

“But, sadly, it seems that their recommendations are again falling on deaf ears. 

“The Government has systematically ignored the evidence the Committee, charities, experts and individuals have worked so hard to produce.

“This Government continues to ignore the voices and lived experiences of thousands of women in chronically low paid, under-valued sectors of the economy such as care, hospitality and retail.  Industries where zero hour contracts and bad practice have been allowed to run rife.

“The structural causes of the gender pay gap must be addressed, otherwise women will simply continue to be left behind.

“The lack of meaningful response to the Women and Equalities Committee shows that when it comes to tackling the serious, underlying causes of gender inequality in our country, this Tory Government isn’t willing to take the bold action needed.”