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Books Similar to The Secret History

Since I came across quite a lot of books that reminded me of The Secret History, whether that’d be characters, themes, concepts, conflicts, and writing style I think some of you guys would be interested in reading some of these works. 

Instead, they found a bench and unpacked their bags. And at once, it became apparent that they had rather different ideas about what should constitute the picnic. Mrs. Barber had made finger-rolls, pin-wheel sandwiches, miniature jam tarts: the sort of fiddly dainties written about in the women’s magazines that Frances now and then read over shoulders on the bus. She herself had brought hard-boiled eggs, radishes from the garden, salt in a twist of paper, half a round of seed cake and a bottle of sugarless tea, swaddled in a dish cloth to keep it hot. But once they had set out the food on a chequered cloth, the meal looked surprisingly complete. ‘A perfect feast,’ they agreed, as they touched their cups together.
—  The Paying Guests, Sarah Waters

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do you have any recs for lesbian books that could possibly fit under historical fiction?

Yup! You can find them on the General Fiction page of the site, for future reference:

Or Romance:

Which you can find here:

    And there are a few YA as well:

    Which you can always find here:

    How to tell if you are reading a Sarah Waters novel:

    - You are reading about two or more lesbians.

    - All of them are unhappy, except for the two tomboys who live together happily in a boat, or in an artist’s flat, or above a café. One of them is the main character’s ex-girlfriend.

    - It’s set in the Victorian era, or during wartime, or after wartime, or a combination of all three. Someone says “oh, isn’t it frightful?” at least once a chapter.

    - The house has required a lot of work since The War, or since the father died, or wherever the main source of income went (and the servants with it.) Everything needs to be dusted, every day. There is a mechanical routine of dusting skirting boards, grandfather clocks, and chair legs that you have to get through before anything exciting can happen in the story.

    - You have to read phrases like “a quiet, furtive unbuttoning” and “crimsoning flesh”.

    - Someone has an abortion with complications. Everything is highly unsanitary.

    - No-one is ever allowed to be happy. Especially if they’re a lesbian. The endings are always “bittersweet” and usually involve a stilted conversation on a park bench or under a streetlamp.


    I acted like Papyrus and got scammed out of $2,600.

    tl;dr - I’m an idiot.

    Long version: I fell for a scam that is obvious in hind sight. A person who called themselves Sarah Long from Germany told my roommate, who just moved out of state, that she would like to rent the extra room in my apartment she was leaving behind. I thought my roommate had vetted this person - checked the phone number, called them, etc., but it turns out she hadn’t. So I was trusting this Sarah person when she sent me what was supposed to be a rent check for two months. Except…there was an extra $1700 in the check.

    Most others would have stepped back and said this was fishy, but like above I thought my roommate had vetted this person. I deposited the check electronically, and when the funds showed up in my account I felt comfortable sending the extra $1700 to an account in California to ‘help’ Sarah pay for a car she had ordered to use while she was in ‘college’ here. 

    Now, just because the money showed up as available in my account does NOT mean the check passed, like I thought. So I sent the $1700, plus a little extra (taken from the rent portion of the check she had sent, I thought), then on Wednesday got a nasty surprise when it turned out the check had bounced. My bank account is now at $-1,100. 

    I obviously told my dad what had happened, asking for advice, not help, and he pointed out something that actually made me feel a lot better. He said that I always tend to see the best in people and trust them easily to be good people, and as soon as he said that I thought of Papyrus, and figured hey, if I lost this money because I was acting like THE GREAT PAPYRUS then that’s not okay, but acceptable, and I’ll continue to act like him in the future (albeit without using any money). 

    Originally posted by doodleboogle

    So the bank said it was very unlikely I would ever get my money back, since I used Moneygram (a cash pickup site). I am lucky enough to have family helping me pay my rent and other necessities, but until my claim is resolved and I’m able to see about getting a personal loan, I am stuck in a thousand-dollar-deep hole. So I’m trying something I’ve never done before: short-story commissions and selling handmade Undertale stuff!


    I may not be able to do a lot, or do them quickly because I am still student teaching, but I will be taking $10 commissions for 1,000 to 2,000-word short stories. Send me a PM with the details of what you would like and I’ll let you know how long it will take to write (depending on what papers I have due for class, and what other commissions I have at the time). Once I am done writing, you’ll send me the money via Paypal, then I’ll send you the story and you can tell me if there are any small things you want tweaked or errors that need fixing. 

    Also, I don’t write smut. There’s nothing wrong with smut, but I’m an asexual-aromantic who has very little experience with sex. As they say, write what you know, and that is something I don’t know.


    These are overworld sprites from our favorite game! They’re cross-stitched onto plastic canvas then neatly cut out (though in this picture, Alphys, Sans, and Papyrus aren’t done). If wanted, I can add a felt backing and a pin or small magnet for an extra dollar. The small characters - the duck, Toby, etc - will be $10, while the larger characters, such as Shyren, Napstablook, Muffet, and other main characters will be $15. These take a few hours each to make, not including the time it takes to transfer the design onto a proper pattern, which is why the cost may seem a bit high. Send me a PM is you’d like one - tell me what sprite, which pose, and if you want it plain, or with a pin or magnet. 


    I have a ‘Buy Me Coffee’ button at the top of this page, beneath the title, that’ll let you easily donate $3. 

    I hate, hate, hate asking for charity, but I don’t have a job right now while I’m finishing my student teaching and getting my degree. Anything will help, even if it’s just a smiley face sent my way! 

    I love you all so much, and remember, even if the best things don’t always happen, the Great Papyrus believes in you!

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    #I WOULD PAY MONEY FOR SOMEONE TO WRITE THIS AU FOR ME you want someone to write an au about strangers texting about types of cheese

    WAY TO DOWNPLAY IT, TÉA. hear me out, listen:

    • the fic is in annabeth’s perspective
    • and percy just got off from a long shift (totally thinking of psychology!percy for this one because i love that shit to a disgusting level) and he’s at the grocery store still in his work clothes, and the other day he snatched jason’s sandwich out of his hands and took a big bite of it - NO WAIT THEY DO THIS CUTE HELLA MANLY THING WHERE THEY MAKE EACH OTHER’S LUNCH BECAUSE THEY KNOW THE OTHER PERSON’S TASTES WAY BETTER THAN THEY DO  did that sentence even make sense what
    • what was i saying
    • oh yes
    • and jason put pepperjack (blackjack, geddit?) in percy’s sandwich and percy has finally reached nirvana but doesn’t know the name 
    • he should’ve been able to just guess because what other cheese has chopped peppers in it?
    • but it’s percy, you know how that goes
    • annabeth is stuck in a late night, two hour lecture with a professor that just drags on and on and oh god how many times does she need to hear about imperial roof decoration- that is architecture 101 yOU NEED TO STOP and has a lethal monotone voice
    • but then she gets that text 
    • and suddenly this lecture isn’t so dreadful
    • because percy is full of cheese puns 
      “your knowledge on variations of cheese is concerning”
      “i guess you could say i’m a…”
      “don’t you dare”
      “…cheese whiz”
    • "so what’s your fave anyway” “i can’t tell you which one is feta than the other, are you iNSANE”
    • and he even has bookmarked on his phone (that’s a real thing, did you know that)
    • and she teases him for thinking cheese is a healthy source of protein
    • she keeps smiling at her crotch and people are starting to think she has a serious problem
    • a few minutes later
    • a guy rushes into the lecture hall, with a shopping bag in his hand and his hair wild from running to make it in time 
    • the professor pauses, scowls, and continues babbering on while the guy turns bright red and takes the seat nearest to the door. 
    • annabeth rolls her eyes, and sends a text back to percy
    • but then the guy’s phone vibrates on his desk, and he picks it up and smiles like a goof and hey maybe it’s a coincidence??
    • it’s not
    • they start to text back and forth during the lecture
    • and annabeth is like “so you’re an architecture major too?”
    • it takes him a while to respond
    • “….this isn’t Social Psychology?”

    the post in question: x

    Honestly whenever I think about the movie nights in andromeda I’m like “Oh god will this be a bar scene kinda thing” like

    Scott having to ask Sarah what’s going on in the plot because he keeps zoning

    Sarah paying super close attention to the movie wrapped in a blanket burrito

    Peebee throwing popcorn during boring parts

    Vetra getting annoyed with peebee trashing the place gets up to clean all the time

    Drak yelling and cheering during any of the fight scenes and getting really bored and groans loudly during kissing scenes

    Liam constantly running around asking if everyone is alright and enjoying the movie and not taking time to actually relax and watch it himself

    Crew members constantly showing up to movie night and they slowly show up more and more until they need to move it to a bigger room

    Paparyder never shows up to them in person but actually leans in the doorway when he knows everyone is paying attention to the movie and won’t see him

    Like for real if we do get movie nights I hope it’s something like this (add more if ya got any)

    next in the “what other Whoniverse ladies can I ship Quill with” series: 

    Quill and Sarah Jane

    I would pay good money for that meeting, I think it would be genuinely hilarious cos they’d both be trying to bullshit each other about what they’re doing in some suspicious warehouse (they totally followed the same alien)

    cue snark and then accidental flirting and flattered Sarah Jane

    Weekend Trip, pt1. (Raulson)

    A/N: I’m finally back in! Thank God after a month with my head completely away I was able to come back! So, I worked really hard to improve my writing skills since I’ve received some asks about that, I really hope you guys note a difference, and please please please let me know your opinions about it and about the story! Okay, enough of talking here hahaha enjoy it!! Oh, one more thing hihi please send me prompts! I’m running out of ideas. 

    “Sarah!” Lily screamed as she knocked at the older woman’s apartment door. “We’ll be late! Hurry up!”

    The two were going together for a weekend trip at a near, small city; It had beautiful rivers and also some woods, the perfect place for the women to just relax a little.

    “I’m here, I’m here” Sarah opened the door, struggling to carry her heavy bag. “You just can’t wait, can you?” The older woman laughed as she kissed her best friend’s cheek.

    The blonde giggled and both girls went to her car, which was parked in front of the building. It was a bright, sunny Saturday morning, and the weather was just perfect; Lily packed Sarah’s bag and soon they were already on the road.

    The girls talked about the good old days all the way through the city; In less than an hour they had arrived and were already looking for the hotel.

    “Sarah, do you mind looking at the directions for me, please? The map is at your door”. Lily asked with a grin, never taking her eyes away from the street in front of her.

    “Sure”. The brunette took the map, struggling a bit to find the directions but finally striking it. “Two to the left and then one to the right and we should be there” she smiled.

    Soon they had arrived and were already settled into their room; It was a small hotel with a “Home away from Home” vibe; The room was pretty small, with only two single beds and a door leading to the bathroom.

    “It’s so comfy!” Lily smiled as she jumped into the left bed, leaving her bag at the room’s door.

    Sarah let out a laugh as she carried hers and Lily’s bag inside the room, shutting the door and jumping on the right bed. “It’s amazing!”

    Lily fitted her friend, a small grin forming into her lips as she did; It had been some time since both of them had spent some time together, they were always filming or busy with work stuff. “So, what do you want to do?”

    “Well, since coming here was your idea, I guess I’m the guest and you’re the one deciding” Sarah let out a giggle, turning herself at the bed and staring at the blond. “You know I hate picking”

    Lily rolled her eyes in response, getting out of the bed and reaching her bag which was near the room’s door. “Okay, my guest” The blonde let out a mock smile “Let’s go for a walk then” she winked at her friend while pulling out some sports clothes from her bag; Lily knew Sarah hated any kind of sports.

    “I hate you Lily” Sarah rolled out of the bed with a grunt, going towards her bag to get dressed.

    Soon both were already making their way in a near park, Lily was a bit ahead Sarah and starting to have some difficult to catch the blonde.

    “Lily” A breathless Sarah managed to speak “Can you slow down a bit?”

    The blonde laughed as she turned her head back to her friend.

    “Let’s just walk to that tree and then we rest a little, okay lazzyass?” The blonde pointed out to a big, full of life tree, it was just 2 meters to the right from where they were standing.

    “Fuck you” Sarah laughed as she made her way, almost failing to the green grass under her when she got there.

    “You’re so lazyyy” Lily mocked as she sat next to her friend, who was still struggling to catch her breath

    “Shut up, Lily” The brunette laughed as she gently hit the blonde’s arm

    Lily rested her head on Sarah’s sweaty shoulder, a wide smile still on her face; Both girls stayed there for a little, feeling the fresh wind while they admired the beautiful park in front of them.

    “You know Lil” Sarah broke the silence, staring down at the blonde resting on her shoulder “I’ve missed spending time alone with my best friend” She smiled shyly.

    “I’ve missed it too, lovepants… I was so happy when you were free to come here with me” Lily giggled, her cheeks turning a bit red

    Sarah couldn’t help but get a bit blushed as well; Whenever she was with Lily -even if just for a lunch, or a job, or just randomly meeting each other at a store- She felt like hose were always the best moments; Ever since they first met the woman knew there was something different about the way she felt towards the blonde; She would always catch herself thinking way too much about the friend, or staring at her being unable to take her eyes away when they were together. It scared her, Sarah didn’t know what these feelings were, she had never felt anything like that besides for Cherry, and still it was something completely different, not even close for what she was going trough with Lily.

    After half an hour of just feeling the cold wind Sarah’s tummy began to snore, which made both girls laugh and decide to get some food for lunch; Both agreed on just picking something up on the way back to the hotel and staying in the rest of the day, since the skies were turning a bit gray and the wind started to get stronger and stronger.

    As soon as they got into the hotel it started to rain; It was a loud rain that didn’t seem to be pretending to stop anytime soon.

    “Thank God we made it to the hotel before the rain had started” Lily said as she opened the room’s door.

    Both entered the room and started to unpack the food they had bought. After some minutes they had already eaten and were now cleaning everything.

    “Good thing we’re staying in the whole day” Sarah fitted the blonde as she put some leftovers at the trash.

    “I wanted to show you the city” Lily pouted as she searched for some comfortable clothes to wear.

    “But that way we can just spend the day talking like the good old days” Sarah smiled and went to her bag, starting to search some clothes as well.

    “That’s true” Lily giggled while she felt her cheeks blush.

    Lily had never been with a woman, the idea had never even crossed her mind but everytime she looked at her best friend, she could feel little butterflies on her stomach and this was something she could never understand. What if… The blonde thought.

    Soon the girls were already changed and ready to watch a movie, both on their respective beds.

    “What kind of movie are we watching?” The blonde fitted Sarah

    “An horror one!”

    “Sarah you know I hate horror movies! They scare the shit out of me” Lily laughed at her own comment

    “I went for the walk” The brunette fitted Lily with a grin, raising her brows “And, you can come and lay here with me if you want”

    “Gosh, I hate you” Lily let out a laugh as she made her way trough the other bed, laying beside her friend and softly hugging Sarah

    As the movie passed by, Sarah wasn’t able to pay attention to it; Lily was hugging her in such a strong way she felt she was about to explode by all the feelings she was having; The blonde kept being scared and everytime she would giggle and snug herself closer to the older woman. Soon the movie had ended and the rain had gotten stronger, lightnings and thunders every now and then.

    “Lil, did you like the movie?” Sarah asked with a laugh, fitting the blonde who was resting at her shoulder

    “Oh yeah, I’ll sleep like a baby tonight” Lily let out a laugh “And this rain is only helping more”

    Sarah knew the blonde had always been scared of thunders; They had talked about that a million times and, to be honest, it was something she had always find absolutely adorable.

    “Don’t be silly lovepants, I’ll be here to protect you from the bad monsters out there” Sarah mocked, being returned with a slap on her arm and letting out a laugh

    “I’ll go take a shower you stupid” The blonde rolled her eyes and laughed before entering the bathroom


    Lily heard Sarah at the other side of the door.

    ”The posion is almost gone,” Elena said. The world grew less dark, Celaena could see cracks of sunlight.

    “Stand.” Elena said.

     “Stand,” she whispered again, and was gone.

    The wind caressed her face and swept her hair behind her in a billowing sheet of gold. I will not be afraid.

    A mark burned on her forehead in a blinding blue light.

    more “Throne of Glass” fan art. Ill get there eventually. I reread the first book because we all seemed to have forgotten it. let be honest with ourselves, and this chapter was the one where she could see the shadows around her and when Elena came to save her, she was pulled out of that darkness. It was a powerful scene and this is kinda  a homage to it. :)

    I have more art on my blog! Please look. ❤️
    Into It

    Author: kpopfanfictrash

    Pairing: You/Suho

    Rating: PG-13 / R (smut later on in series)

    Warning: Potential triggers include: drugged drink, attempted forced sexual contact 

    Word Count: 4,647

    Summary:  Suho is the mysterious new kid on campus. No one knows much about him, except that he seems to have a certain attraction to you.

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    She loved these walks through London. She seemed, as she made them, to become porous, to soak in detail after detail; or else, like a battery, to become charged. Yes, that was it, she thought, as she turned a corner: it wasn’t a liquid creeping, it was a tingle, something electric, something produced as if by the friction of her shoes against the streets.
    —  Sarah Waters, The Paying Guests