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Flufflet #6 for @lifeinahole27 as a reward for writing her CSBB!

Continuation of flufflets #3 and #5.

Artwork at the end is by @clockadile, who is amazinggggggggggg

There were almost too many resources, Killian thought, as he typed in another phrase to look up. There were the doctors and nurses at the clinic Swan insisted on going to; it was out of town, since she refused to permit Whale to, as she put it so eloquently, “go anywhere near my goddamn vagina.”

There were the books, both the old ones in the library and the newer ones that Emma purchased through the post. He read all of them, although he did think Emma had the right idea with the newer ones; perhaps after the baby was born, they could donate the books to the library.

And then, of course, there was the Google. It was a double-edged sword if he’d ever seen one, with more information than he’d ever thought could possibly exist. But it seemed nigh impossible to determine just which information was accurate, and all of the personal testimonials made everything even murkier.

“What are you looking up?” Swan asked from the couch.

“When the baby can hear,” he said. “I’m getting too many different answers.”


“Some Google tells me–”

“Some websites, Killian.”

“Well, some tell me that it could be as early as eighteen weeks, and some say as late as twenty-four.”


“Do you know which is correct?”

“No. Why, though?”

“Well … just that if she can hear us, then maybe we should take advantage of that.”

He loved that he could say that: she. It was only a week ago that they’d gone to the clinic, and the doctor had told them that they were having a daughter. It was nearly mind-boggling that the technology of the realm made it possible to know so much about an unborn child.

Hell, it was incredible just how much there was to know about a pregnancy in general. In the Enchanted Forest, a single missed monthly cycle was troubling but not necessarily an indication of pregnancy; it was typically only a second skipped cycle that tipped a woman off. But here? Here, Emma simply waited until her cycle was a day or two late, and then she (he still felt uncomfortable about this) urinated on a strange stick, and it informed them both that she was with child.

And he’d seen their child. The near-magic of the ultrasound machine meant that they both had been able to watch their daughter grow from a tiny little bean-shaped smudge into something resembling an actual human. And now, they knew they were having a beautiful baby girl.

His daughter. He was going to have a daughter.

“Killian, did you hear anything I just said, or are you not at 18 weeks yet?”

“Sorry, what?” He’d been so lost in his thoughts, he’d missed whatever Swan had said.

“Do you want to sing to her?”

“Would you be all right with that?”

She laughed. “Um, very. Besides, isn’t that the exact reason I’m pregnant?”

“Well, I’d like to think it would have happened anyway, regardless. But fair enough.”


He stood from the computer desk and headed to the couch; Swan had been lying down with her feet up, but she swung them around and sat up a bit. “All right, go for it, Daddy.” She patted the space next to her.

He sat beside her and then leaned forward. She wasn’t showing very much, but enough that the townsfolk were catching on. Emma had always been extremely slim, and so the way her stomach was beginning to protrude was an easy giveaway that she was either pregnant, or she was overindulging significantly and gaining weight in very strangely specific places.

His favorite thing about her stomach, what she called her “baby bump,” was that this was their child. Right here, taking up space, growing and becoming a child.

“Go for it,” Emma encouraged.

“Right.” He cleared his throat. “Hello, my love. This is your papa.” Bloody hell, he was going to be a father. Neither Bae nor Henry could have ever prepared him for this. “Your momma asked me to sing to you.” He looked up at said momma. “Are you sure about this?”

“She’s gotta learn about revenge sometime,” she joked.

Perhaps. But he balked at the idea that the first song he would sing to his daughter would be one of anger and sadness. He had a better idea.

“Tomorrow is uncertain,” he sang. “Who knows what it will bring?”

He looked up to find Emma staring down at him in wonder, and although he knew her emotions were a bit out of control (he’d done a lot of reading about hormones), he was still surprised to see that she had tears in her eyes.

“But one thing is for sure, love,” she continued. “With you, I have everything.”

He grinned and turned back to her stomach, and they sang together.

“And happily ever after is the way these stories go …”


Canada Day 2017: Canada turns 150!

Heaven on Earth dir. Deepa Mehta (2008)
Angry Inuk dir. Alethea Arnaquq-Baril (2016)
Pays dir. Chloé Robichaud (2016)
Parsley Days dir. Andrea Dorfman (2000)
Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom, The dir. Tara Johns (2011)


Cairo Time dir. Ruba Nadda (2009)
Away from Her dir. Sarah Polley (2006)
Nelly dir. Anne Émond (2016)
Anne Trister dir. Léa Pool (1986)
Double Happiness dir. Mina Shum (1994)
American Mary dir. Jen & Sylvia Soska (2012)


kenzie-in-neverland  asked:

WLW historical fiction, please please!

At your service!


Adult, General

Adult, Romance

How to tell if you are reading a Sarah Waters novel:

- You are reading about two or more lesbians.

- All of them are unhappy, except for the two tomboys who live together happily in a boat, or in an artist’s flat, or above a café. One of them is the main character’s ex-girlfriend.

- It’s set in the Victorian era, or during wartime, or after wartime, or a combination of all three. Someone says “oh, isn’t it frightful?” at least once a chapter.

- The house has required a lot of work since The War, or since the father died, or wherever the main source of income went (and the servants with it.) Everything needs to be dusted, every day. There is a mechanical routine of dusting skirting boards, grandfather clocks, and chair legs that you have to get through before anything exciting can happen in the story.

- You have to read phrases like “a quiet, furtive unbuttoning” and “crimsoning flesh”.

- Someone has an abortion with complications. Everything is highly unsanitary.

- No-one is ever allowed to be happy. Especially if they’re a lesbian. The endings are always “bittersweet” and usually involve a stilted conversation on a park bench or under a streetlamp.


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In need of historical fiction wlw books! Please help me!

Can do! Here’s a post that just went up with five wlw books set in the 19th century:

Here’s some YA, which you can find here:

Here’s a list with adult wlw protags, which you can find here:

And for Historical Romance, check out:

which you can find here:

Instead, they found a bench and unpacked their bags. And at once, it became apparent that they had rather different ideas about what should constitute the picnic. Mrs. Barber had made finger-rolls, pin-wheel sandwiches, miniature jam tarts: the sort of fiddly dainties written about in the women’s magazines that Frances now and then read over shoulders on the bus. She herself had brought hard-boiled eggs, radishes from the garden, salt in a twist of paper, half a round of seed cake and a bottle of sugarless tea, swaddled in a dish cloth to keep it hot. But once they had set out the food on a chequered cloth, the meal looked surprisingly complete. ‘A perfect feast,’ they agreed, as they touched their cups together.
—  The Paying Guests, Sarah Waters
JULY 21: Sarah Waters (1966-)

Happy birthday, Sarah Waters!! The Welsh author and queen of lesbian historical fiction turns 51 today!

In an interview with The Independent, Sarah proclaims, “I pay attention to women’s secret history and lives” (x).

Sarah was born in Pembrokeshire, Wales on July 21, 1966. Her father was an engineer, her mother was a stay-at-home mom, and she recalls her childhood as being “pretty idyllic.” Encouraged in her creativity especially by her father, Sarah spent her youth making crafts, writing poems, and overall being “a bit of a nerd.” After graduating high school, she went on to earn degrees from the University of Kent, Lancaster University, and Queen Mary, University of London. Her research for her PhD thesis, Wolfskins and Togas: Lesbian and Gay Historical Fictions, 1870 to the Present, served as the foundation for many of her future novels.

Her first novel, Tipping the Velvet, was published in 1998 and was an instant success. Telling a love story between two women in 1890s London and named after Victorian slang for oral sex between women, Tipping the Velvet has been translated into over 24 different languages and was adapted into a popular BBC miniseries in 2002. To date, Sarah has written 6 novels in total which have earned her several Lambda Literary Awards and two separate “Writer of the Year” awards at the Stonewall Awards. Her 2002 novel Fingersmith was also been adapted into a miniseries in 2005 and also served as the inspiration for Park Chan-wook’s 2016 film The Handmaiden.

The Handmaiden, adapted from Sarah Waters’s novel Fingersmith, was the breakout film from 2016′s Cannes Film Festival (x). 

In a 2015 interview with AfterEllen, Sarah reflects on how her own identity affects her writing by saying, “I’m writing with a clear lesbian agenda in the novels. It’s right there at the heart of the books…That’s how it is in my life, and that’s how it is, really, for most lesbian and gay people, isn’t it? It’s sort of just there in your life.“ Sarah currently lives in London with her partner Lucy Vaughan.


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Hello! May I ask if you've got any queer historical fiction recommendations? (Doesn't have to be realistic or based on true events or anything)


General Fiction

Female Protagonists

Male Protagonists

(For reference, you can always find these here: - scroll down to Historical)






(You can find these here:

And in YA:


Into It

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Suho

Rating: PG-13 / R (smut later on in series)

Warning: Potential triggers include: drugged drink, attempted forced sexual contact 

Word Count: 4,647

Summary:  Suho is the mysterious new kid on campus. No one knows much about him, except that he seems to have a certain attraction to you.

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”The posion is almost gone,” Elena said. The world grew less dark, Celaena could see cracks of sunlight.

“Stand.” Elena said.

 “Stand,” she whispered again, and was gone.

The wind caressed her face and swept her hair behind her in a billowing sheet of gold. I will not be afraid.

A mark burned on her forehead in a blinding blue light.

more “Throne of Glass” fan art. Ill get there eventually. I reread the first book because we all seemed to have forgotten it. let be honest with ourselves, and this chapter was the one where she could see the shadows around her and when Elena came to save her, she was pulled out of that darkness. It was a powerful scene and this is kinda  a homage to it. :)

I have more art on my blog! Please look. ❤️