sarah millar


The Original London Cast - Act I

All photos are from George Perry’s The Complete Phantom of the Opera. This book has an awesome history of Phantom, starting with the Leroux book, working its way to the movie adaptations, and then ending with ALW’s Phantom. It even includes the full Libretto/Script! So buy it. Now!


Maria Kesselman in the ensemble (as Christine understudy). 

The first three photos shows her as the Mirror Bride, wearing a Sarah Brightman mask. The middle photo shows her as Hannibal Princess, though only in dress rehearsal so she doesn’t wear a wig and tiara here (same goes for many of the others, though Rebecca Caine is in full costume). 

Bottom middle photo shows her as Mirror Bride, also from rehearsals so she doesn’t wear the Brightman mask. The two last photos shows her as Triangle Girl in Masquerade, as a part of the “Little Band”.