MTVS Epic Rewatch #147/148

BTVS 6x01 Bargaining Part 1 / BTVS 6x02 Bargaining Part 2

Stray thoughts

1) Let me get this off my chest: this two-parter might be the most boring episode/s in this entire show. Yes, I said it. Yes, even more boring that those season 1 / 2 episodes that are coming to mind as you read this. I’ve talked about before how BTVS never did quite well when it comes to season openers. I really don’t get why, and at the same time, I’m kind of grateful? Other than 1x01/1x02, most season premieres were flat out BORING. It’s not that they are bad episodes per se, it’s just that there’s that je ne sais quoi missing. But - and this is a big but - they kind of work in favor of the whole season. Because you start watching the new season with little to no expectations. And then the show goes to remind you why it’s so fucking good as the seasons move forward towards their season finales. (that’s probably why season 7 doesn’t work that well as whole - a very promising season opener to a very lackluster season - but that’s a rant for another moment.) Anyway, I’m always dreading  getting to this two-parter whenever I rewatch the show. Because I’m so fucking bored out of my mind. I want to skip forward but I’m not a skip-forward kind of person. So it’s pure self-inflicted torture for me. It’s a pity, though, that’s this is what we got as a follow-up to The Gift and Buffy’s death. It was definitely devised as an epic event. I mean, Buffy’s return! Two-episodes! We had been waiting MONTHS to see her back. And yet, the episode falls flat, it drags at times, and it never really hits any truly emotional notes, no matter how hard it tries. Or when it barely does (Buffy’s and Dawn’s reunion), it’s way too late because we are already bored out of our fucking minds after almost two hours of dullness. To sum up, I’m glad Buffy is back, but tbh I could do away with 95% of these episodes. 

So, even though I’m reviewing two episodes instead of one this time, this recap might be short and sweet because - in case you didn’t get it - I WAS BORED AND THEREFORE NOT PAYING ATTENTION. 

hahahahaha way to engage my readers, right? if you read this, I love you. FOREVER.

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