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  • Tamlin *on the phone*: hey, can I talk to you feyre? please I need to explain.. you need to understa-
  • Feyre: I'm sorry, the old Feyre can't come to the phone right now.
  • Why?
  • Oh, 'cause she's dead! (ohh!)

‘’Tale as old as time

Song as old as rhyme

Beauty and the Beast’’

If someone thought i wouldn’t draw the dance scene from Tale as Old as Time fic. I honestly sorry bC HERE I AM XDD Animation movies AU’s are my new adiction and @vixenfur and @mikaisatop are the ones I blame for this one U_U

(The bg wasnt draw by me, it was taken from the original movie ;) )

✨ sarah jones starter kit ✨

hello i love hot chip and by extension sarah jones. she’s been in a lot of bands/projects so this is just a quick overview. hot chip is probably the most pop-sounding of everything on here and that’s saying something.

  • new young pony club / the bomb (2006)—mid-2000s punk revival aesthetic with a new wave sound.
  • hot chip / night & day (2012)—idk how to describe hot chip but as “experimental electronic music, catchy anyway”. her first appearance after she joined the band. A JAM.
  • hot chip / how do you do it (radio 1 live lounge 2012)—other electro bands: use pre-recorded synths. hot chip: EFF IT WE’RE IMPROVING LIVE. (also a jam.)
  • hot chip / dancing in the dark (live @ t in the park 2015)—case in point: they performed this bruce springsteen cover with different arrangements (!!) at every different festival that summer.
  • pillow person / in my head (2016)—here’s her solo project, which is exactly the weird electronic sounds and samples that i expect out of a hot chip solo project. (i said to @hattalove “pillow person is more accessible” but now in retrospect i realize i was. wrong.)
  • nzca lines / vegetables (2017)—here’s her other band covering the beach boys.

i def recommend you check out each band/project for more!


I am all the fuck about this.


Pairing: Biker!Bucky x Reader

Warning(s): mentions of alcoholism/abuse

Word Count: 2208

Author’s Note: please leave feedback, either in the form of an ask, a comment on this post, or via a reblog! i’m getting desperate to know what you guys think of this fic

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Drabble • Smut • Fic Oneshot

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                             115 GIFS OF SARAH BOLGER

All GIFs were made by me. Do not repost, remove my watermark, claim as your own, edit in any way, or include in gif hunts. Please like this post if using or saving any gifs and reblog only if you’re an rpc/h/a/lmnop. These gifs are only intended for roleplaying purposes.

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au - Allison and Lydia are hired assassins on a mission to kill Stiles and Scott. But things never did go according to plan.

Happy birthday, Kay! <3

Also, Sarah made me do it.

To say that I died while reading Empire of Storms would be a huge underselling. And I feel like we overuse the word anyway. So to be more accurate, I have been completely and thoroughly decimated, consumed, and ruined by this book in all the best–and worst–ways possible.

My daily morning routine consist of getting ready while listening to Bad Girls and looking in the mirror and saying “you’re damn right” multiple times. I regret nothing.

Mockingjay: a summary 

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