sarah made me do it

‘’Tale as old as time

Song as old as rhyme

Beauty and the Beast’’

If someone thought i wouldn’t draw the dance scene from Tale as Old as Time fic. I honestly sorry bC HERE I AM XDD Animation movies AU’s are my new adiction and @vixenfur and @mikaisatop are the ones I blame for this one U_U

(The bg wasnt draw by me, it was taken from the original movie ;) )

                             115 GIFS OF SARAH BOLGER

All GIFs were made by me. Do not repost, remove my watermark, claim as your own, edit in any way, or include in gif hunts. Please like this post if using or saving any gifs and reblog only if you’re an rpc/h/a/lmnop. These gifs are only intended for roleplaying purposes.

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To say that I died while reading Empire of Storms would be a huge underselling. And I feel like we overuse the word anyway. So to be more accurate, I have been completely and thoroughly decimated, consumed, and ruined by this book in all the best–and worst–ways possible.


au - Allison and Lydia are hired assassins on a mission to kill Stiles and Scott. But things never did go according to plan.

Happy birthday, Kay! <3

Also, Sarah made me do it.

My daily morning routine consist of getting ready while listening to Bad Girls and looking in the mirror and saying “you’re damn right” multiple times. I regret nothing.

Mockingjay: a summary 

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  • Name: Tahreir … a.k.a Tota~
  • Where from: Kuwait (the tiny weird shaped country in the middle east)
  • How long a cassie: started around 2009…maybe…(lousy memory) so that makes it five years~
  • Short story of how you found out about them: this story can’t be short…sorry ^^;; first i fell for jeajoong when i was in my early anime era and saw a gif of him in one of the forums and thought he was japanese! and tried to find out who he was with no luck…later in my life i was introduced to bigbang by one of my friends and got hooked and youtube search led me to mirotic mv!! and i fell for jaejoong once more! (i didn’t made the connection between jaejoong in the gif and jaejoong in the mv till THIS year!!! I’m this slow…i know >~>) back to the topic! seeing mirotic was how i found out about them officially~
  • Bias and why he is your bias: if the answer to this isn’t obvious already…it’s jaejoong, i like them all but i like him more and i don’t know why OTL
  • Favourite album: mirotic~
  • Favourite song: (can you even choose a fave!!!) love in the ice, doushiteee~
  • Favourite MV: mirotic , wrong number~
  • Have you seen them live if yes share a little about it: I wish OTL i might never see them live ;~;
  • A fun fact / something you love about yourself: I’m the youngest+smallest person in my work place and that gives me a lot of advantages :P and i love it <3