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Another Letter

Aldreus could not put this letter off for a moment longer. For the past several days, he had been wallowing in self-loathing and pity, just wishing he was someone else or anywhere else. Finally though, Aldreus could not stand to see her letter unattended and now wish for nothing more than to converse with her in anyway he could. The Gilnean took a seat in the small chair inside of his tent, and brought a shaky hand towards the quill and the parchment. 

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Gilbert is keeping an eye on Rose, Sarah and Aldreus’ little pup he gave them when they need him to. After all, it isn’t difficult for the old man to watch after one more furry companion. Considering the small pack of mastiffs he keeps, aside from raising pups now and then, it is no trouble at all. However he is concerned, because he knows Aldreus is on Argus and Sarah has not come back to pick up her ‘daughter’ in several days; this is alarming to the old houndmaster. Rose whined and whimpered a lot more than the other two remaining pups that he has yet to sell, “Ya sure are a spoiled lil shit, Rose. I can only imagine what their Simon is gonna be like once that kid gets here.” The old man snorted a laugh and put the two month old mastiff pup back with her remaining siblings and pulled out his pipe. 

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While stuffing his favorite ivory tobacco vessel, Gilbert saw a light on in the shop where Zixa Spryspark and Sarah Skyfall spent most of their day. The old man wasn’t that Zixa had finally returned from doing her fair share of cleaning up the mess she made in Gnomeregan. “Ah, there’s yer mommy, Rose. She’s busy werkin up a storm in the shop. I’m sure she’ll be by ta get ya before she goes home; poor girl. Guess I should go by and visit her, keep her company.” The fifty-one year old houndmaster still often pondered if Sarah is really his daughter, but he’d never be able to find out for sure. He will always look after her like a daughter, though. She’s the daughter of his one true love, back when he was a young man. Though Shirley is gone and passed on from this world, he vowed to keep watch over her like she was his daughter nonetheless. What love he holds in his heart for his departed love, he gives to Sarah from afar, making sure she’s looked after and happy. He does the same for his blonde, hot headed niece after the death of his baby sister, as well. The man has his hands full to say the least.

A quiet humming could be heard as one of the older women that helped keep the horses at the stable walked passed to check on things. Gilbert perked up sticking out his chest, sucking in his keg of a stomach, grinning at the woman, “Velma, Velma, Velma.” She waved at Gilbert with a smirk on her lips; she knew the old man fairly well, “Good evenin’, Gil. How’s the pups today?” 

Gilbert proceeded to light his pipe and puffed on it a moment. “Same a always, Vel. Watchin the Reinhold pup again taday, but her ‘ma’ will be by ta get her later.” He gestured to the workshop and Velma followed it with her gaze, “Ya mean they gave the pup to Zixa?” Velma turned her eyes to the old man, that was easily the same age as she with curiosity in her pale blue eyes. Gilbert dipped his brows with a puzzled gaze in her deep sapphire irises, “That’s not Sarah down there werkin in the shop?” Velma immediately shook her head, “Nope, Zixa’s back. Didn’t anybody tell ya?” The older woman glanced back to the shop and turned to see Gilbert making a dash for the workshop without a word, leaving a trail of smoke behind him. “Guess they haven’t.” Velma shrugged not really understanding the whole situation. She went about her evening duties, just like any other day.

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