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5 part ask I received (first message was accidentally off anon, so im posting like this)

Anonymous said:  I read that account about what went down when Harry came to Tomo’s exhibition this afternoon, and it reminded me of that quote you reblog sometimes from the book written about Robbie Williams and his fans imposing their fantasies on him. I was at that exhibition tonight and my recollection of the vibe and people’s behaviour is a bit different, lol. And I know my friend and I were not the only ones because the gallery owner was also bitching about people’s behaviour and some of the people 1/5

minding Tomo were shitty. It’s true that noone rushed Harry or freaked out. He was only there for 10-15 minutes max. He arrived much later than the band and left much earlier. He and Tommy were dropped off while their driver waited 20 metres down the laneway. Tomo and the band seemed really happy around each other (I mean, why wouldn’t they) although Claire, Sarah and Lou were really aware and a bit wary of people because what that account is not telling you is how some fans stood around 2/5

awkwardly blocking the paintings so it was nearly impossible to get a good look at the work on the bottom floor because many of them were gathered around watching the entrance to see if Harry would arrive. When Harry turned up and went upstairs, the bottom floor mysteriously emptied out and they all went up. I get their excitement and it’s lovely to hear how H is their sunshine, but it was Tomo’s exhibition and these people were standing with their backs to the work, obscuring the view for 3/5

anyone who was actually interested in the show. As the owner was saying that people should at least be interested in the art, and the staff were annoyed the lurkers were cutting into the bar tab. It was a shame because Tomo’s work is really beautiful and flowy, almost dream-like, and it should have been the focus, not Harry. It was nice to see how down to earth chasm is but it was also a wee bit sad as it was also really obvious that Harry doesn’t have much privacy because people watch 4/5 

everything he does…which is why he possibly stayed for such a short time. I can only imagine how invasive some people must be of him and his friend’s lives. 5/5

thanks for the report! really interesting. I know i say i want to be harry all the time, but then i think about things like this and am like, but do i really? i really don’t know if i could handle not being able to go to support my friends in things knowing that most of the people there are probably just there to see if i’ll show up and not there for my friend. it’s sad really, but harry is used to it im sure.  not that it’s really an excuse, but it’s part of his life because fans are so desperate to get a glimpse of him, especially in places he doesn’t visit all that often. 

Hawaii Five-0 Hogwarts Houses

Steve is a Slytherdor. He’s a stripped Gryffindor turned Slytherin from his time as a SEAL + all the abandonment/lies in his life. His strong moral compass and tendency to jump right into situations lends himself to a secondary Gryffindor while his deep loyalty to the people he cares about and cunning mind for strategy all point all lend him to being a Slytherin. He is absolutely willing to do what it takes to save his friends and family. He loves hard but doesn’t trust easily. (I think maybe, as the show goes on, he’s turning from a Slytherdor into more of a Gryffinthin.)

Danny is a strong Hufflepuff. He highly values loyalty and seeing the best in others but Danny is a burned Hufflepuff who’s cynical about the world and yet still loves with his whole heart. Danny also works incredibly hard all the time to achieve his goals, whether it’s in fatherhood or at work. (I like to think that Danny is a Huffleclaw but I’m not sure that’s true). 

Lou is also a Hufflepuff. He is so hurt by his former colleagues in Chicago shutting him out because his ‘Puff side can’t even imagine doing that to someone he care(d) about. He also is fiercely determined and stubborn on a level that even Danny sometimes doesn’t achieve. (I think Lou is probably a Huffledor).

Chin is a Gryffinthin. He has such a strong moral compass that he will never ignore or shake but he has the adaptability and ambition for a secondary Slytherin. He’s willing to take the blame for something he didn’t do in order to save his family (brave) and will leap into danger without a moment’s thought if it means saving people. His ability to bullshit with the best of them and excellent undercover work lend him to a secondary Slytherin.

Eric and Jerry are Ravenpuffs because they love learning and knowledge and use it as their lens to view the world. Jerry uses his knowledge of conspiracy theories and clever mind for patterns to be an invaluable asset to Five-0. Eric loves finding the minuscule details in evidence that helps unravel the case that Five-0 is working on. He knows the value of the information that he gives the team and he’s proud of his ability to ferret out the truth in the evidence. They are also incredibly loyal and fun-loving as well. They are hard workers and put forth their best effort to get the maximum results for the team.

Kono is a Hufflethin. Her loyalty runs deeper than almost anyone else on the team. She is willing to do anything and everything to save the ones she loves and her love of people tends to showcase itself when she encounters cases that tug at her heartstrings. She has a keen sense of adaptability, like Chin, that makes her ideal for undercover work. She is determined, ambitious, and dedicated.