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could you write something where the reader has a panic attack backstage before a show or something like that (maybe she works with Lou or Sarah or something) and no one can calm her down except harry and everyone things it's really sweet how he treats her and cuddles her and lotsa fluff pls ❤️ You're amazing love your writing so so much

Hi! I have an imagine that Y/N has a big panic attack already so here it is in case you missed it! 

Sweetness Part Two

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“Hey Lou,” Sarah greeted, setting a bottle of water on the bar counter for the dancer as she came closer. She had bottles for all the dancers, in case they ever needed it. “How’s your night going?” If had felt busy enough from where she was, but she couldn’t imagine what it was like for their dancers. 

I think, for what it’s worth, that the reason some of the things people are saying sound like “Good-bye” instead of “See you later” is because a year can be a long time in the world of celebrity and music. Not everyone CAN come back after a break (or even when there hasn’t been one). I absolutely think One Direction can and will, but it’s always a bit of a crapshoot. Hell, each album is a crapshoot as to whether people will like it or not.

So people are saying their farewells because the future is uncertain and even if everything goes perfectly, and they reunite in 2017 with a new tour/new album, the same team may not come back together - and by that I mean Sandy, Jon, Dan, Josh, Paul Roberts, Sarah, Lottie, Lou, etc. - and that’s sad as well. 

So it is the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one. Hopefully, one that embraces openness and honesty and the reality of who the members of the band really are instead of the archetypes they have been assigned thus far.

Mourn the past, but raise your glasses in a toast for a bright future.

Grubbs was ill as hell last night but still played for well over an hour and stuck around for ages to meet everyone at the end. Ugh, he’s such a lovely chap! It was an absolutely amazing show, too. I’ve taken about two hundred photos, so I’ll post a few when I’ve had a chance to go through them.