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Family’s What You Make Of It

Family’s What You Make Of It | It starts when Dan stumbles through the door of his two bedroom flat with an attractive stranger attached to his mouth, and it ends with, well… a family. Or, the one where Dan is a single father of a three year old, who intends for Phil to be nothing more than a one night stand until he see’s him interact with his daughter for the first time. | Phan | Mature | Smut, self-neglect, implied self-esteem issues, single father Dan | 4,374 Words

Thank you so @phansdick for encouraging me (as always) and then being wonderful and beta’ing for me without me even having to ask ;)

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @ferisae AND @qookyquiche!!!!!!

I hope im not to late!!!!! i just made a quick doodle that represents what both of you have done to contribute to the fandom!!!! With qooky’s Children!AU and Feri’s Ancestry!AU!!! You both are AMAZING artists and i look up to you both!!!!! I hope you had a great day!!!!!

Dancing Away With My Heart Pt. 2

 Summary: You’re a ballerina dancer, and your baby sister is taking up gymnastics, with none other than Lance Tucker as her teacher. 

Pairing: Lance the Fucker Tucker x ofc (Stella)

Warnings: Language

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The annoying screeching of my alarm at 4:30AM jerks me from my sleep. Okay, I know I said I was a morning person, and really I am. I promise, but for some reason today my body just isn’t having it, but I can’t let Sarah be late to her second day of training. So, dragging myself out of bed I head to the bathroom and put on my fluffy robe, don’t want to be walking around half naked now would I? Heading downstairs to start a pot of coffee, and stopping at Sarah’s door. Knocking a few times to get her attention.

“Sarah? You need to wake up babe it’s 4:30.” I hear the soft thud of something hitting the door. She must have thrown the pillow at the door. Chuckling, I head into the kitchen and sit at the table with my warm mug. After checking snapchat and instagram, I hear Sarah come down stairs. She looks just about as put together as I am. Which isn’t much.

“You better hurry up and shower, Sarah. We can’t be late, coach Tucker probably wouldn’t appreciate it too much if we were late on your second day.” She nods, chewing on her piece of bacon. Something tells me she won’t be able to enjoy bacon for breakfast much longer. He’ll probably send her home with a diet plan soon.

She heads up to shower, and I head to my own shower.

By the time we’re done, it’s 5:00 and we’re headed out the door.

After 2 hours and several music jam sessions later, we make it to the gym.

Parking next to the fancy car again, I notice there’s no one else here today. It’s just now that I remember that she said it would just be them today.

Walking into the gym, we’re met with the sight of Lance Tucker doing push ups. He’s in a white tank top and long running pants in blue. He looks good. He see’s us, stands up and walks towards us.

“It’s about time, I was getting wrinkles.” He rests his hands on his hips.

I blush, seeing as it was my fault she was late.
“S-Sorry, Mr. Tucker. It was my fault, I guess we should have left earlier.” I rub the back of my head in nervousness. He smirks an awful cocky, arrogant smirk.

“Don’t worry about it, princess. Just make sure she’s on time next time, alright?” He drags his pointer finger under my chin, making me look up and into his eyes. He winks at me before looking towards Sarah.

“Alright! Let’s start with bars, kiddo.” She clears her throat.

“Um, coach? Do you mind if my sister stays for today’s training session? She doesn’t work today, and I figured we could save gas.” He turns to look at me, and I give him a nervous smile.

“Do you wanna practise gymnastics too? You can use the gym if you like.” He smiles again, however it’s not arrogant. It’s genuine.

“O-Oh, no. I’d make a fool of myself. I don’t do gymnastics.” He raises an eyebrow.

“Really? You were in a leotard yesterday, you looked damn good in it too.” He stands with his legs wide, his arms crossed and tucked under his armpits.

“Oh that? I’m a ballet dancer and I teach dance.” I find myself blushing, and looking towards the ground.

‘What is it about this guy? He’s messing with me.’

“Oooh, this is a dancer’s body then, huh?” He walks towards me, before walking around me and checking me out. If my blush wasn’t evident before it is now. He seems to notice.

“Aw am I making you blush, sweet cheeks?” NOW he smiles that arrogant smile. Sarah, being the doll that she is, clears her throat.

“U-Uh, coach? Are we ready to practise?” He looks towards her and smiles.

“Yeah, go ahead to the bars, Sarah.” She heads across the massive gym and towards the bars. It’s just then that the gym doors open and a little boy, and what I can only assume is his mother, walk in. He walks up to her, meeting her halfway. He leans down and picks up the little boy, balancing him on his hip. This must be his son. He doesn’t seem to get along with her, her being Maggie Townsend, the student he impregnated. Looking towards the ground, at my feet. Anything to avoid looking at them, as not to eavesdrop, as much as I’d like to. She takes her leave, not sparing me or Sarah a second glace. Hell, I don’t even think she looked at us once. She seems like a bitch.

Lance puts his son down, leaning down to talk to him. The little boy can’t be more than 3 years old, and he looks just like Lance. He couldn’t deny him if he wanted to. The little boy goes to play with his toys on one of that mats while Lance goes on to train Sarah. Watching them, I notice he’s constantly looking back to his son, checking on him. It’s cute, and makes me wish I had kids of my own. It’s just, ever since mom and dad died I never really had time to spend on myself, I’ve never had the chance to be with a man, I’ve been too worried about taking care of my baby sister.

After a while, I go up to Lance and tap him on the shoulder. He turns to look at me.

“What can I do for you, dollface?” I roll my eyes.

“Would you like me to sit with him? I don’t mind watching him.” His eyes soften just the slightest.

“You don’t have to do that.” I smile.

“I know, but I can tell you’re stressed out. Trying to train her and watch your son at the same time. I don’t mind, really.” I turn to look at him. He’s playing with an airplane toy, and spitting all over the place trying to make airplane noises. I turn to look back at Lance and he’s looking at him, smiling.

“What’s his name?” He looks down at me.

“Luke. Luke Tucker.” I smile again.

“He looks just like you.” His face lights up, this boy is his whole world, it’s plain to see.

“Yeah, I’ve been told that before.” He looks down at me.

“But yeah, if you want to watch him you can. I’d appreciate that.” I nod and walk over to the little boy, before sitting next to him.

“Hello.” He looks up from his toys and smiles at me.

“Hi pretty lady!” A blush makes its way across my face, this little boy is going to be a charmer, I can tell already.

“You’re Luke, right?” He stands up, jumping up and down.

“YEAH! What’s your name pretty lady?” I laugh, this boy is adorable.

“I’m Stella.” He plops himself down on my lap, hard.

“OOF!” Makes it’s way out of my lips before I can stop it.

“Are you daddy’s girlfriend?” Kids say the darndest things.

“No, baby. I’m not his girlfriend.”

“Do ya wanna be? I bet I can make it happen!!” He stands up and runs towards his daddy.

“DADDY DADDY DADDY!!!!!” Lance turns to look at him, then turns to look at Sarah. I can see the words ‘be right back’ on his lips before he comes down off the taller mat and to his son. He leans down and opens his arms and Luke crashes into them. My face is bright red by now because I know what’s about to happen.

“DADDY! Daddy do you wanna date the pretty lady!?” He laughs a big belly laugh.

“Now what gave you that idea, little man?”

“Because she’s a pretty lady.” He chuckles and brings Luke back over to his play mat, dropping him down on the mat.

After 4 more hours and several rounds of legos and Lance yelling

“WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT, SARAH!?” We’re about done. Lance runs his hands through his hair before walking up to us, and leaning down to his son, ruffling up his hair.

“Get packed up kiddo, we’re almost done here.” Luke whines.

“B-But I wanna stay with pretty Stella more, daddy!” His bottom lips quivers and it tears on my heart strings.

“Don’t worry buddy. I’ll see you soon, I’m sure.” He starts crying and he lays his head on my lap. Lance sighs. It’s just then that I remember, Sarah doesn’t have practise tomorrow, But I work.

“What are you doing tomorrow, Lance?” He looks up at me.

“Day off, why?”

“Why don’t you bring Luke by the dance studio?” Luke perks up and starts jumping in joy.

“YEAH YEAH!!! CAN WE GO DADDY PLEASE!?!” Lance chuckles.

“If pretty Stella doesn’t mind.” He winks at me.


“You can come, Luke. In fact, I’d love it if you and your handsome daddy came to see me.” I look up and wink at Lance. He smiles.

“It’s a date. We’ll see you tomorrow, pretty girl.”

We all pack up to leave, and say our final goodbyes while Lance straps Luke in his carseat.

“See you tomorrow, handsome.” I wink and drive off. Tomorrow is the only day of work that I’ve ever actually looked up to.

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Could you do a graphic tutorial for/post/120855259626/throne-of-glass-by-sarah-j-maas?

I’ve never done a graphic tutorial before so I hope this helps. I’m assuming you have basic knowledge with PS6 because that’s what I use. For this graphic we’re going to use the polygon lasso tool and marquee tool so I hope you’re familiar with those.

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Do you have any weight loss tips? Since starting college (I'm about to graduate) I've gained around 80 pounds and I hate looking in the mirror.

Hey hon,

I relate to this a lot. College is a tough time to prioritize health, and I know I struggled with it quite a bit. I also remember feeling that way when I looked in a mirror. But one thing I’ve learned since starting to prioritize my health was that hate is not a place from which to start a health journey. Every time I tried to lose weight because I hated the way I looked in the mirror, I failed. This is because negativity does not produce the motivation necessary to take care of yourself.

So the first thing you need to do is think about everything your body is and can do. Are you able to carry a heavy backpack across campus? Do you have stamina to go out and have fun with your friends? Look at your body and see what’s beautiful–not what could be beautiful “if only I lose the weight,” but what is beautiful right now (hint: all of you. All of you is beautiful). The beginning of my successful weight loss came not from “I hate this and want this to change,” but instead, “My body can do a lot for me, and I’m proud of who I am and how I look. My body deserves to be taken care of, which means I need to learn how to feed it and treat it right. I owe it to myself to take care of my body.” I also kept my goals mostly to myself, because getting unwanted input from other people was damaging to me. It was personal from beginning to end, and I still don’t talk about it that much (though I’ll talk about my fitness habits because it’s a hobby now). 

This might not be what you were looking for as far as specific tips. That’s because everyone’s journey is different, but this mentality is incredibly important. I used WeightWatchers, but that’s not for everyone. I do recommend not just for their workouts but for their healthy and judgment-free advice on getting fit and eating clean. I can’t tell you specifically what to do, but I promise that if you can train your mind to love your body no matter what it looks like (easier said than done, I know from personal experience), you will get a lot farther and have better mental health as well as physical health in the long run. You might even find happiness looking the way you do and not feel the need to lose weight, which is still a win! Weight loss isn’t the be-all and end-all of health and fitness. Your mental health is just as important, and that’s the starting point of any health journey. 

You’re important to me - Part 4.

Title: You’re important to me. 

Fandom: Mystic Messenger.

Pairing: Juminzen.

Word Count: Approximately 2,317 words. 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 

Finally, after a few days, part four is here! I am really sorry it took me so long, but its last week of school before holidays, and I had less time to write. Based on this post by @mariamagica, I hope you enjoy the last part of this small thing c: Unfortunately this is the end, of this at least. 

 I apologize in advance if I have any mistakes, English is not my first language.


08:35 am

Zen had woken up a little dazed, and the first thing he saw was the dark ceiling.

His ceiling was white, not dark.

His mattress wasn’t this soft, and his sheets were not as smooth.

Last time he was in his room, it wasn’t this big. He also had his hair down, he always made sure to braid it, or something.

Where the hell-

He gasped when a pair of arms wrapped around his waist, and pulled him close to a warm chest.


He turned around as slowly as he could, careful not to be to harsh, he didn’t want to wake whoever he had slept with. And he woke up completely when he saw Jumin’s sleepy face, staring at him from half-lidded eyes.

Everything came back to him in a rush. He had actually crashed the wedding, confessed Jumin his feelings, and they had gone back to the entrepreneur’s place. They had breakfast, and talked about a lot of things while they ate the delicious strawberry pancakes. And then the other took him around the different floors of the building he lived in.

Zen already knew it had multiple things in it, but he didn’t expect the variety of restaurants, shops, there was even a gym and a theater.

Being the actor he was, he got on top of the stage almost immediately, and when the entrepreneur requested it, he sang one song.

Only because it was asked nicely. Not because he liked the way Jumin looked at him when he sang or anything.


And then they went to one of the restaurants, an Italian one. The menu wasn’t in Korean so Jumin ordered for both of them, speaking the language flawlessly and.. God, Zen liked the way it sounded when Jumin said it.

They had their meal, and after a bit of a heated argument, Zen had to give up and allow him to pay the complete bill…  he would pay the money back to Jumin, even if the other told him not to.

Then they were back to roam around the building, exploring shops even though he practically ran away after seeing the prices. Although Jumin secretly bought him what he had expressed interest in. They had Chinese for dinner and returned to the penthouse late enough.

At some point or another, they started to make out, and the room became too hot.

“What are you thinking of? You have a weird smile on your face.”

That broke his line of thoughts, his lover had a very deep voice, but it became slightly slurred when he was sleepy. He really liked the way Jumin was slowly but surely showing more and more emotions. He didn’t know why, but it seemed like he had been suppressing them for a long time.

“I do not have one, and even if I did, I would still look perfect… I was just thinking about you.”

He scoffed, before turning around and starting to sit up. As much as he loved to chill on a bed sometimes, he was starting to get hungry.

Then something wet and cold ran down his thighs, and he couldn’t suppress the shiver nor the loud moan that escaped his throat.

The look on Jumin’s face told him they weren’t going to have breakfast any time soon.

It was noon by the time they were done, and they had lunch.

12:47 pm – V, Jaehee Kang, MC, Yoosung★, 707, Saeran.

- Jumin Han has logged in -

- ZEN has logged in -



Saeran>: The one you two threw at Sarah Choi yesterday?

Jumin Han>: You what?

Saeran>: Ah, after you two ran out like stupid ducks

Saeran>: they stood up and threw a whole bag of confetti at the giant cake’s face.

Yoosung>: They even screamed

707>: Congratulations on your no marriage!

MC>: And then we hid behind the benches

V>: She screamed at Jaehee.

Jaehee Kang>: My ears still hurt.

ZEN>: You two are impossible.

ZEN>: But thank you.

Jaehee Kang>: I will assume you and Mr. Han are together right now, so if you can…            

Jaehee Kang>: Turn on the tv, get a news channel.

Zen looked up from his phone and gestured the older to get the remote from the bedside table, he wouldn’t be moving for a while, all thanks to that jerk.

Jumin chuckled, and he wanted to slap that smirk off his face, but that would probably get him in more ‘trouble’, and he wanted to be able to walk.

He turned to watch the tv, and he didn’t know if he wanted to laugh or cringe at the headline.


Yesterday, instead of a beautiful wedding between Jumin Han, the director of C&R International and Sarah Choi, the protégée of the famous actrees Glam Choi, we got the drama everyone, probably, was hoping for. When the musical actor, ZEN appeared like a knight, and confessed his feelings, then both men ran away. Can you believe that? If you can’t, well here’s some proof!

Zen really liked the attitude the reporter had, and he felt his cheeks warm up at the different pictures the paparazzi had taken.

Most were about the kiss.

Isn’t that cute? Man… I’m jealous of the people who got to see it live, but don’t worry, an anonymous source provided us a video. Let’s see what happened!

Before he could see that, Jumin took the remote again, and lowered all the volume of the tv. Then he wrapped an arm around his waist and pulled him close. If he was already blushing a faint pink, it would change for a deep red when he ended up siting in his lover’s lap.

“I will call the channel later, I want copies of everything. And perhaps we could share something else.”

He meant those photos.



V>: It is too early for that, Saeyoung. And, Jumin… You should probably talk to your father.

Jumin Han>: I don’t have plans to do that soon.

Jaehee Kang>: I believe you have nothing to worry about.

Jaehee Kang>: Your father is talking to the press right now, Jumin.

Said person looked puzzled, and when both of them turned to look at the tv, Jeong Han’s face was the first thing that appeared. They got the volume back up, and what the businessman said surprised both.

‘I would like to announce publicly that the engagement between Sarah Choi and my son is broken, besides obvious reasons. Also, the media could stop publishing articles about my relationship with Glam Choi, that no longer exists’.

‘Mr. Han, what’s the reason behind this statement?’

‘Mr. Han, what do you think about yesterday’s event at the wedding?’

‘One at a time, please. The reason is quite simple, I was about to get scammed. An anonymous source revealed to me that Sarah Choi was not Glam’s student, but her sister. And Sarah didn’t own a company of her own, instead she owned quite the huge debt. It would end up affecting the company and my family, and I wished I could have realized that sooner’.

‘Regarding the event that happened in the wedding, I couldn’t be happier my son found someone who would be willing to do that for him. So, if you are watching, Jumin and Zen… take care of each other, you have my support’.

There was a point where his cheeks started hurting from how much he was smiling, he couldn’t believe all the good luck and support they were getting from everyone. And apparently Jumin didn’t either, because he kept staring at the screen like a lost puppy.

Man… That was adorable.

But there was something they both needed to know, so he pinched Jumin’s cheek in a way to get him back to earth.

ZEN>: What did you guys do?

ZEN>: Did you get something against the Choi sisters?

MC>: Oh yes, Saeyoung did all the digging!

Yoosung: That’s not fair! Saeran and I help too you know!

707>: If your concept of helping is eating each other out every five minutes then yes, they did so much

Saeran>: What?

Saeran>: Can you blame for wanting something from my boyfriend?

Saeran>: I couldn’t help myself, he looked so cute all concentrated.

Yoosung>: Saeran >//u//<

707>: At least learn some self-control, for god’s sake!!

Saeran>: As if you had some

Saeran>: Last I checked, the walls weren’t soundproof

MC>: I’m sorry, brother in law

MC>: I just like being loud <3

Jumin Han>: Oh, Zen likes that too


707>: Oh

707>: Oh my god

707>: You two did the thing

Saeran>: Kinky bastards



Jumin Han>: It was nothing like that

Jumin Han>: We’ll get there another day

Jumin Han>: He needs to rest his body for a while




V>: Next Sunday we are all going to church.

V>: No buts.

V>: I’m dragging you if I need to.

MC>: Its fine, we can even make it so that these two sinners get married then!

Jaehee Kang>: That’s going a bit too fast, MC.

Saeran>: It’s Jumin fucking Han we are talking about, Jaehee.

Saeran>: The bastard pulls cat projects out of his sleeves every week.

707>: I AGREE


Jumin Han>: You’ll get one, eventually

MC>: I could help Zen get a dress :)


The wedding didn’t happen until four years later.

By then, a million things had happened. Jumin had replaced his father as CEO of the company a month after that day, and six months after that, Saeyoung and MC had had a small wedding in the beach.

Only the RFA and the bride’s family had attended, and of course, as it happens in some weddings, people hooked up. V had started a relationship with MC’s cousin, Elliot, and they were already living together by the end of the year.

Two years ago, Saeran started to work in Saeyoung’s toy store after it was opened to the public, he and his co-worker, Vanderwood (apparently they were the maid the hacker loved to brag about) did a pretty good job with the place, and it became really famous after a few weeks.

Jaehee found her own companion a month after that, a Mexican girl that had come to the coffee shop one day, and the next, and the day after that. Jaehee said she had the prettiest name, and he could agree, but Kristell was also a rare name, it was greek and lovely… Although the girl was stubborn, and preferred to be called Kris.

They were the second couple to get engaged.

However, V and Elliot were the third and the second couple, to get engaged and married. Their wedding happened six months ago and it was lovely, although it was bigger than Saeyoung’s for the immense list of guest. People both of them had got to known because of their trips as artists, close friends and of course, family.

It took a lot of arguments but he was happy Saeyoung and MC had left their one year old set of triplets with Vanderwood. They needed a bit of a rest from parenting and work, so the wedding helped.

It made Zen feel jealous, so of course he was delightedsurprisedhappy when Jumin got down on one knee and proposed. If anyone told him he had cried then, he would call them a liar. But he had.

Somehow, a month before his brother contacted him, and after a long chat, (with Jumin glaring at the sidelines) the actor and his brother had patched things up, he would see him and his mother in the front row.

And now, he was standing next to the man he loved the most. Looking pretty in a white tux while the entrepreneur looked hot in his black one. One of his hands was intertwined with Jumin’s while the other held a bouquet of white and purple roses, along with a single red rose.

He almost missed the priest voice and he asked for the vows, and he told everyone how he met Jumin, his impression, the fights they had, how he slowly fell in love with him, and then he told everyone, with tears in his eyes, that he would never regret this day. That Jumin Han was so important to him. 

In turn, Jumin, who also had some tears in his eyes, smiled.

“I would never forget the day I met Hyun, he was beautiful, passionate and very stubborn yet perfect… and I’m always reminded of that when I wake up next to him. Looking at him now, hearing what he said, I know for sure that there’s no one else like him and no one will ever change my mind, I promise to protect him, care for him, love him and I, like him, will never regret this day, or that one a few years ago where we had to run and hide besides a lake. Because Hyun Ryu, you’re important to me”.

Zen would never forget those words.

“Of course, there will be some situations in which I may allow some other people to sleep in our bed”.

Cue the gasps and shocked faces.


“Because kids tend to have nightmares, don’t they, Hyun?”

He smiled as tears ran down his cheeks, and- forget the priest and wedding rules, he kissed Jumin right there and then.

The priest, in return, laughed and closed the small book he was carrying. “You are impatient young men… Do you two accept each other, to love you, respect you, and be there until death does you apart?”

Two voices said the same thing at the same time.

“I do.”


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Letter ask: W, E, N, D, Y. XD

Hehe nice one!

W- Who is your best friend? IRL, my friends Matt and Matt (yeah, weirdly enough I have two best friends called Matt; fortunately they don’t look at all alike so it’s hard to get confused). On here, probably @chronowix, @mcnuggyy, @sarahs-shadow, @whataterrificaudience, @chibishadowkitten, @princessunusuality, @stendy-an-angel and @mysteriouslymysterion.

E- What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever done? When I was nine, because my brother wouldn’t pause a DVD so I could go to the bathroom, I peed on the carpet.

N- Have you/would you ever send nudes? I’ve done it once or twice, but I only do it if I trust the person I was sending them to and they want to see them.

D- Have you ever dated anyone? Only very briefly; when I was 15 my friend Chloe and I were going out for about two weeks before she broke up with me, and when I was 18 my friend Rose and I went on a date, after which time she said she realized she was asexual. I’m still friends with them even though we don’t talk much anymore.

Y- What’s your favorite place to be? I love Cambridge and Liverpool city centres, and of course Comic-Con is amazing.

Thanks for asking Auri! Sorry I took so long to reply, I fell asleep :3

  • MC x Jumin 
  • MC Name: Alison 
  • Special Note: This is a twist on @im-gay-for-dr-pepper‘s headcon about Jumin’s dad forcing MC and Jumin to split so he can marry Sarah. I just read their happier ending and got this devilish idea so enjoy! You inspired me to write this babe!
  • Rating: Angst, Horror, Vulgar Language, Blood
  • a/n: Be sure to give the inspo a read please! 
  • Like my writing? Check out my masterpost here! I write for a few fandoms!

“I cannot leave her Father,” Jumin said again, pleaded practically, as his father gave him a level glare.

“I’ve told you my conditions Jumin. I expect your answer by noon today. Go now.” He dismissed him without any emotion, proceeding to go back to his own work without any hesitation.

How was it that he felt hurt by his fathers actions? A year ago he would haven’t batted a eye to his fathers cold behavior and now? Now he was wishing there was a way to make him understand––to feel what he felt inside at his fathers cold words of control. He wasn’t about to let months of waste to be with Alison go down the drain just because he said no. It had to be her. It had to be Alison.

She opened him up to these emotions and feelings and without her he––he stopped his train of thought, mindlessly heading back to his office to find Jaehee waiting for him, holding the door open behind her with two cups of coffee for each.

“I’ve canceled your meeting for today Jumin,” She said, handing him the coffee as she let the door close behind them both so they could talk, “Would you mind filling me in on what has happened now? Cutting spending?”

She didn’t realize the gravity of the conversation that had just happened. She awaited a arrogant brush of a hand as he diligently went back to work. But his eyes stayed hallow as he looked out the window, his back to hers.

“I have to choose,” He said, waiting for her to chime in. But she waited to, because she didn’t want to believe the words he just spoke, “…the company or Alison.”

“But––” Jaehee began, her mind working fast trying to find some sort of loophole to Jumin fathers demands.

“It has to be her Jaehee.” He said flatly, turning to face her, “It has to.”

“I-I know Jumin,” Jaehee said, but even she knew that once Jumin told Alison about today she wouldn’t let him do that to himself. She would push him away for his business, for his employees, his father. She was too good that way, “You need to talk to her.”

He knew that. Of course Jumin Han knew that. But he didn’t want to. Because talking about it meant succumbing to the reality that they could not be a they anymore but a Jumin and a Alison. Not together, not a pair, not a couple. They would be separate––separated by his fathers own unreasonable demands. He had no control over the situation anymore and there was nothing he could do. His father set this in motion and it was up to Alison on deciding how it ended. 

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Maxson/Sole - Formal affairs Part II

Part I here, next part up in less than 24 hrs again. :p Based on this post. To my followers, there’ll be a companions react tonight too, no worries. 

It felt Sole like time had stood still in the hotel. Most of the interior was intact, repainted and redecorated. It made her forget about the bombs, about the ruins out there. She got ripped out of her amazement by a loud “ELDER!”. As she turned around jumpily, almost grabbing the gun strapped to her thigh, she felt his hand squeeze hers. She had no clue if this was where the act started or if he genuinely tried to calm her down with the gesture. A pompous man shook Maxson’s other hand and Sole smiled at him. “It is great to see you again, Elder! Ah, and this must be Sole. What a lovely young lady. You sure are a lucky man son. It’s a pleasure to meet you Sentinel.”

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How have you escaped becoming a pillar for the LGBT community?
Because I refuse to give any kind of label just to satisfy what people need. I understand that everybody wants to have a person to look toward that is actively making change around this issue, and I understand for young people coming out they want to attach that hope to a particular person, but I think that honesty is the most important piece of this for me. All I can say is, I’ve done both, and I don’t let either experience define me. I don’t let having been with a man make me think I am heterosexual, or make me want to call myself that, because I know I have been attracted to women - and have lived with women. So, for me, I’m not looking to define myself, and I’m sorry if that is something that is seen as a rejection of or an unwillingness to embrace (my sexuality) in a public way, but it’s simply not. It’s simply what’s true for me, and that’s all I can speak to.

gotta long lost memory of you holding on to me

gotta long lost memory of you holding on to me [like you’ll never let me go]
for Nonnie, and for Sully’s birthday I suppose. Kurt doesn’t like having the office celebrate his birthday. But doesn’t mind when a certain someone does. Fluffy future fic.

It was great being back on the team. And now just being back on the team, but really being part of the team. After months of being a suspect, and then going from that to being the former suspect under protective custody, and then being under probation to help the team on select cases, and after to that to being on the team but getting the cold shoulder from everyone, it was good to finally be accepted back in as a friend.

It was great being able to go back to having drinks with the girls once a week, to geek out with Patterson over puzzles, to playfully tease Reade with Tasha. And it was especially great to be able to smile at Kurt and get a genuine smile in return.

But some days she still felt terribly lonely. Especially on days like today. Reade was giving a seminar. Tasha was testifying in an old case and Patterson was busy with… whatever Patterson was busy with. And we’ll Kurt was head of the NYO so he didn’t exactly have free time on his hands to just hang out during a slow day.

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The Roommate Situation

warnings: language, the feels

I ran a hand through my wet hair and brushed my teeth, about to go to bed. I opened the bathroom door and I felt a rush of cool air blow onto my body, combating the steamy air from my shower. I quickly close the door and gritted my teeth.

I was going to walk back to my bedroom naked, given that my roommate, Kate, was out for the evening. Instead, I wrapped a towel around my body. Scurrying down the hallway, I throw open my bedroom door fast.

Inside, to my surprise, is my roommate. Making out with someone.

“What the fuck?” I yelled. They jerked apart and Kate looked at me with wide eyes.

“Y/N? I thought you were out…” she said, trailing off. I fixed the towel, pulling it over my now very exposed body in front of two people.

“Actually, I thought you were the one who was out tonight, that’s why, oh I don’t know, I’m in a fucking towel.” I said, throwing my hand into the air in frustration.

“Well that’s not my fault!” she yelled, standing up off my bed.

I couldn’t even yell at her anymore. I clenched my fist and angrily whispered, “You’re in my motherfucking room!” I pinched the bridge of my nose. “Why aren’t in your own? Hm?”

She sighed. “He liked the posters on your wall, so I said this was my room.”

“Jesus Christ,” I said. I looked over at the guy, whose eyes were as wide as the moon, looking in between Kate and I. He was quite attractive, I can see why Kate wanted to bang him.

“Why do you always have to ruin everything?” she asked. I looked at her, my eyes screaming ‘what the fuck?’ She always has to have the last word.

“I’m so done with you,” she continued, “I’m going to stay with Sarah!” She grabbed her bag, storming out of the room.

I turned away from her and laughed, “Go to Hell!” I yelled back. Angrily, I threw on a t-shirt and some sweatpants, and turned around to find that motherfucker still there with his back to me.

“Um-“ he began.

“Aren’t you polite, turning your back while I change,” I say sarcastically, “What are you still doing here?” I asked, and he turned around to see me standing there with my hand on my hip and my eyebrow raised.

“Sorry, um-“ he said, awkwardly. I walked past him and into the kitchen. Poor guy, he thought he was getting laid tonight. I heard him sigh behind me, like the weight of the world was just dropped onto his shoulders, and I felt myself frown in sympathy. Maybe he could stick around, I wouldn’t mind the company.

He trailed not far behind me, “Hey, um, I’m sorry. I feel really bad, I had no idea-“

“You shouldn’t, feel bad I mean,” I replied, my hands moving around the kitchen, opening cabinets.

“Why not?” he asked, drawing his eyebrows together.

“Because I’m about to put a drink in your hand. What do you like, red or white?”

He stood there for a moment, half-smiling. I think he was thrown-off by my nice gesture, but in a good way. “Red, thank you.”

He sat at our counter, fiddling with his glass while I poured him some.

“I’m Dan, by the way.”                                      

“Y/N,” I replied.  

We talked for a little while, mostly about things we liked to do. We actually had a bunch in common (No surprise, if he liked the anime posters on my wall).

“Dan,” I started, feeling the buzz of my wine, “do you believe in aliens?”

He stared at me blankly for a minute before responding, “Of course I do. I mean, statistically there has to be.”

I nodded, and leaned further onto the counter, holding my head up with a fist, “Sometimes I just feel so incredibly overwhelmed by the universe,” I murmured, “but, like, in a good way. I would rather think about the vastness of space and profound shit.” I looked over at him, and he nodded. He didn’t have to say anything for me to know he felt the same way. “I don’t like fighting with my roommate, or going to work every day, or doing my fucking taxes. I don’t know,” I trailed off, looking away from Dan, but at nothing.

I felt his eyes on me, and I turned to meet them. “I’m actually really glad tonight turned out the way it did. And for the record, I never go home with people for a one-night whatever, but my friend insisted I get laid,” he laughed. I smiled back.

“Play your cards right, maybe you will,” I winked, and took another sip of my wine.

He blushed, but continued, “I couldn’t do that,” he said, and I raised one eyebrow, inviting him to continue. “I like you too much.”

This time I blushed, and I finished my third glass of wine. It was something about the way my apartment was so bright, contrasting with the blackness of the night, which made me feel as if Dan and I were alone in the world. I smiled at the thought.

“I like you too, Dan.”

listen i have so many requests in my box that I want to write with trust me. So, grace, why do you write random shit like this? I have no fucking clue, but here ya go.

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He Cheats on You (2)

In which Y-N and Simon meet up again after he cheated on her 6 months ago.

Requested? Sooo many times.

I was walking around in town with one of my best friends from Uni. Her name was Sarah. She is literally the most perfect and beautiful girl in the world; she’s kind, she’s really funny, she’s supportive, she can sing… The only thing is that she’s dating one of Simon’s friends. I mean, I have no problem with her boyfriend, just the fact that I can’t seem to get away from my ex.

He cheated on me and that’s just not right. I can’t be in a relationship with someone who can’t keep his hands off another girl and doesn’t have enough self control to say that he has a girlfriend. Or now that he had a girlfriend.

I tried not to think about it too much, and Saz knew that. That’s partially why we decided to go into town today, but also because we’ve had too much of school and really just needed an escape.

It was November, and there was a thin layer of snow covering the cobbly London grounds. It was cold, but not the kind of cold that would freeze your hands off. The two of us walked into a small café with our hands stuffed in our pockets, our cheeks a rose colour and soft smiled on our lips because of the inside jokes we had made on our way here.

I had of course ordered a Nutella pancake, as usual, and Sarah went for a more healthy, filling option.

‘I don’t understand how you like ham and cheese in your pancake. That’s just rank.’ I told her, stifling a giggle.

'It’s delicious! Want to try some?’ She asked with a warm smile.

'No, I’m good, thanks.’ I told her, watching as more Nutella dripped from my knife and fork. After we finished and shared the cost equally, we headed back outside. 'I don’t remember it being this cold.’ I complained as I attempted burying my face more in my jacket.

'It’s November, it’s supposed to be cold.’ She said matter-of-factly and I rolled my eyes at her dramatically, making us both laugh.

We found ourselves walking towards a little maroon stand, where man was selling them warm. 'That smells so nice,’ Sarah said, taking an over-exaggerated sniff of the air.

'Yeah, but they’re disgusting.’ I told her, but we kept on walking over. We had a nice chat to the man who was selling them. He had a long, grey beard and a fantastic sense of humour. I could feel the tears sting my eyes as it mixed with my mascara from laughing so much. We ended up buying to bags each, just because the man was so nice. 'So now what?’ I asked her as we walked away.

'We use them as hand warmers,’ She said simply, stuffing each of her bags into her pockets along with her hands.

I shrugged. 'Fair enough.’ And we both leaned in, stumbling as we started laughing again. When we recovered, a comforting silence fell upon us as the leaves on the trees rusted in the wind. I looked over my shoulder, waving the old man goodbye again, when a certain pair of blue eyes met mine, making me freeze in my tracks.

'Y-N? What's–’ She asked, stopping to look at me with a confused expression. From the corner of my eye, I could see her looking to where I was looking. 'Oh,’ She sighed, understanding why I froze. 'Come on, let’s just get home.’ She said and lightly tugged at my arm.

But it was too late. He was already making his way over.

'Y-N, let’s go,’ Sarah tugged with a little more force this time, almost desperate to run away from him.

'Hi,’ Simon breathed when he made his way over. I could see his warm breath evaporating in the cold wind as he spoke. I bit my lip gently, not sure of what to say.

'Hi,’ Sarah chirped, definitely not sounding like she was just desperately trying to get me to run away from him.

'Hi,’ I whispered, my voice week. His gorgeous, ocean blue gaze that I was once obsessed with looked me up and down, then met my eyes again.

'How are you?’ He asked, a smile smile showing on his lips. Then his dimples showed in his cheeks, and I could feel my heart beginning to pound a little faster within my chest. This was all too familiar.

I told myself to just take a deep breath and suck it in. After all, he was just somebody that I used to know who wanted to say hi for a short minute. 'I’m good, what about you?’ My voice sounded a little happier than I wanted it to.

'That’s good to hear, and yeah, me too.’ He giggled his famous giggle. The giggle that made all his fans week at the knees. He ran his hand through his hair which the wind had ruffled up. His golden ring on his pinky finger shone in the cold winter daylight.

'Hey, I don’t mean to rush things, Simon, but we were just about to leave. We have some important stuff to do.’ Sarah told him and shifted her weight from foot to foot.

'Oh, alright then.’ Simon seemed shy all of a sudden, and looked down at his feet, too. Were his cheeks flushing a pink red like they always did when I told him I loved him? Then his eyes flickered back up at me, then to Sarah. 'I, um, could I just have a moment with Y-N, please? I promise it won’t take long.’ He asked ruefully.

Sarah looked down at me with a questioning expression, and I simply nodded once, and then took a step forward towards Simon. I followed him to a nearby tree that was out of Sarah’s earshot, which left her to awkwardly scroll through her phone as she stood alone in the street, pretending not to notice what was going on.

'Listen, Y-N, I’m sorr–’ He began.

'Don’t apologise.’ I told him, avoiding his eye-contact.

'I know what I did was really stupid and dumb and I shouldn’t have done it and just, I’m so sorry I can’t even tell you. I’m really, seriously sorry. I wouldn’t know how to make it up to you because the mistake was too big and I know that things will never be the same again.’ He told me.

'So what do you want to do?’ I asked, raising an eyebrow up at him.

'I just want to be on good terms with you and be friends again.’ He said. He was very obviously fiddling with something inside his pocket.

'Okay.’ I said simply, and watching a smile spread across his face.

'Really?’ He asked.

'If that’s what you want,’ I told him with a giggle. After all, it had almost been half a year since we broke up. Or more like, since I left.

'May I hug you?’ He asked in the quietest, most delicate tone. I couldn’t help looking up into his beautiful eyes, which were now sparkling with hope. I broke into a toothy grin and let him wrap his arms around my waist like he had done many times before. For a brief moment, I was overwhelmed with how familiar his scent was. He hadn’t changed one bit.

'I better go,’ I told him, looking back at Sarah who hadn’t looked up from her phone once.

'Alright. I guess I’ll see you around?’ He said, making it sound like a question. I nodded at him and flashed him an honest smile before walking back towards Sarah. I saw him wave at me as I walked off.

'What was that all about?’ She asked me when she finally looked up from her phone when I approached her. I shrugged.

'I’ll tell you when we get home.’ I told her, not really feeling like explaining it all to her now. Both of our attention moved back to Simon, where he was walking off. He was shaking his head, and looking down at something small and shiny in his hands. He held it as if it was the most delicate thing in the world.

It took us a while to realise that he was holding a gorgeous, silver ring.

I was afraid of a lot of things back then. It’s hard looking back at all the things I could have done or could have been but did not and am not because I was just…scared.
Of what? I’m not really sure exactly. Maybe of rejection, fear of the unknown. You don’t even know what you are scared of and for whatever reason that’s the scariest part.
And then all of the sudden the moments over. And it doesn’t matter if you were scared or nervous or apprehensive.
And you don’t know what you missed, but you know it’s something.
—  Sarah el

Length: this chapter is 1966 words

A SnowBaz fic.

An AU where Baz and Simon never got together, and Simon kept his magic, and they meet after a few years and Baz is doing ballet. Simon thinks it’s hilarious, and stays just to torment Baz.

Status: WIP

Written for a prompt from @basiltxnpitch

Pretty sure I don’t need and t/w’s for this. Angst, dancing, swearing (of course there is swearing. If you are adverse to swearing you wouldn’t have read Carry On).

A/N:  Wow, this has gotten such a great response! I love you guys so much, thanks for all your support!! If I get anything wrong about ballet, please let me know!

[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5] [Chapter 6] [Chapter 7] [Chapter 8] [Chapter 9] [Chapter 10]  [Chapter 11]  [Chapter 12]  [Chapter 13] [Chapter 14]  [Chapter 15]  [Chapter 16]  [Chapter 17]  [Chapter 18] [Chapter 19]  [Chapter 20]



I woke up this morning to an irritated squabbling sound coming from my front door, and I groaned.

I stood up from my green lay-z-boy recliner, my bed for the night just gone by, and dragged myself towards the door.

“Mordelia, Fiona, will you please stop bickering? You’ll wake up the entire block!”

The high-pitched shouting stopped and I breathed a sigh of relief. My head was absolutely pounding. What time did I fall asleep last night? What time was it now? I glanced at the dusty clock on my grey, drab wall. It was about a quarter past ten.

What? I’d slept half the day away! Normally I woke up on sunrise.

I must’ve had a really shitty night’s sleep.

I glanced around the room in dismay. I still had a blood bag on the table by my chair, and a plate full of crumbs from the sandwich I had for dinner. I quickly chucked the bag in the bin and the plate in the kitchen sink. I was going to tidy up a bit more, but Fiona’s booming, rocky voice seemed burst through my protective bubble and shatter my skull.

“Basil! Open the door will you! What is the matter with you?”

I rolled my eyes and made my way over to the thin wooden door again. I dragged it open and Fiona bustled in, Mordelia dragging behind.

I smiled softly. “Hi Mordi.”

She smiled back gently, but worry clouded her eyes. “Hey Baz.”

I enveloped her in a hug. It had been so long since I’d seen my sister, and I had missed her. She was very warm.

I pulled back and held her at arm’s length, grinning. Looking her up and down, I took note of her style. She was a teenager now, so of course she had found a very particular way she liked to dress. And, not surprisingly, she seemed to favour black with only a few bursts of colour.

She had on a black high-waisted skirt with black leggings underneath, bright pink Dr Martens boots with black trim, a soft-looking turquoise singlet top and a black leather jacket. Her hair was dyed black (instead of her natural dark brown), and quite long, with bright pink folded through the tips. It looked rather nice, actually.

“Merlin’s beard Mordi, look at you!”

An anxious look formed on her face. Ah. Right.

I smiled at her again. “Beautiful as the day I moved out.”

Her face flooded with relief and she grinned.

“So beautiful,” I continued, “that I might have to give you some body guards. You know, to keep those hormonal teenage boys away from you.”

She glared at me now, her eyes flooded with a fire I recognised from looking in the mirror. I laughed and hugged her again.

“Don’t worry Mordi, I wouldn’t do that to you.”

I could see she was about to roll her eyes, but before she could I felt a searing pain on my right cheek and a loud SMACK sound as Fiona slapped me.

I recoiled and glared at her in shock and anger. “What the fuck, Fiona?”

Her eyes were blazing now, with a different kind of fire to Mordelia’s.

“What the hell, Baz? What is wrong with you?”

“Me?” I exclaimed, “What’s wrong with me? You slapped me!”

She rolled her eyes in contempt. “You’re living in a pile of your own filth,”

She was kind of right, but it was only yesterday’s filth.

“You look like you haven’t showered for days,”

She was probably right again, I hadn’t showered after dance yesterday, but I had showered the day before. I was just all sweaty and greasy.

“And you only woke up when we arrived!”

Damn. While she was right again, that still only applied to today. But of course, she didn’t know that.

“Fiona, please just listen –”

“No, Baz,” she shouted, “you listen to me!”

She didn’t use magic, but she didn’t need to. Fiona’s voice resonated through the room, she could’ve commanded an army with that voice. Fiona’s voice demands attention. So I listened.

“You’ve been out of home for four years and already you’re falling apart. You used to have routine in your life, and now you’re a mess! You are an OCD neat freak and-”

“OCPD.” I muttered.

“What?” she asked, utterly confused.

“OCPD. It’s different to OCD. OCPD is about orderliness and perfection, OCD is-”

“Baz, I don’t give a shit! However, you are demonstrating the point in question – you are a nit-picky perfectionist. Except now you’re a mess.”

“I am not!” I shouted. “This is not normal for me! I had an extremely shitty day yesterday, so let myself fall apart for one night. Is that so hard for you to understand, or come to terms with?”

Fiona’s face softened a little. Mordi was standing back with wide eyes, watching us fight and being unable to stop it.

“What happened?” Fiona asked. “Why was yesterday so shitty?”

“Don’t worry about it.” I muttered.

Something seemed to click in Fiona’s mind. “Are you still doing ballet?” she asked out of nowhere.

I looked at her. Did she know something about yesterday? I nodded. “Of course I am.”

“Still with Jemima?”

“Yes. Why?”

Fiona scrunched up her nose. “I got a phone call from her yesterday.”

My heart skipped a beat.

“I missed it though. She left a voice mail, saying that something rather interesting had happened, and that I should call her back.” She shrugged. “I didn’t do it. I just assumed it would be some gossip about someone we knew from Watford. Maybe it wasn’t.” she looked at me pointedly.

I shrugged indifferently. “Maybe it wasn’t. How am I supposed to know? Why am I supposed to care?”

“Did you have ballet yesterday?”


She stepped back, thinking on this. “Hmm. I might give her that call back later.”

“Good idea. Now if you don’t mind, I would like to spend some time with my sister.”

Fiona shrugged. “Okay.” She walked outside. “Mordelia, I will pick you up tomorrow. Maybe.”

And then Fiona was gone.

I looked at Mordelia.

“I thought Mum was going to drop you off?”

Mordi shrugged. “Fiona decided she would. She was hanging around anyway.”

Even though Fiona technically had no relation to the rest of my family, she still stuck around. I’m not sure why, but I was glad of it. I liked Fiona. Normally.

“Baz?” Mordelia said quietly.


“What happened yesterday to make it so shitty?”

I looked at her quickly. “Don’t swear.”

She glared at me. “You swear! And technically I was quoting you, and Fiona. Anyway, stop avoiding the question.”

My sister always was a smart girl.

I sighed and glared at her. “It was just something that happened at ballet.”

“What happened?” she was unrelenting.

“Mordelia, please drop it.” I don’t know why I was trying so hard to avoid talking about this. She was only going to find out later today when I had to take her there with me.

“I’m not going to drop it.”

“Please. I’ll tell you later, I promise.”

She studied me for a minute. “You’d better.” She growled.  

“Hey, Mordi, why don’t we do something fun?”

“Like what?” she sounded sceptical.

“We could make a cake.”

“I’m not ten anymore, Baz.”

“Well, what do you want to do?”

She thought for a moment. Then she looked at me, grinning.

“I want you to take me to the studio, teach me to dance.”

I frowned. “What? Really, Mordi?”


“Do you have any dance clothes?”

She shrugged. “I’ve got some comfy stuff. Leggings and a tee.”

I sighed. “I guess that will do.”


After we got changed, I called a taxi. I didn’t have a car – it was more expensive than a taxi, with these fuel prices, and at the moment I was surviving off my inheritance and a few odd jobs here and there.

The car pulled up within five minutes, and I got in the front while Mordi got in the back.

“Baz, how are you?”

I turned to see Sarah, the driver from yesterday, sitting in the driver’s seat, smiling widely. I grinned.

“Hi Sarah. I’m good. How are you?”

“I’m well. Who’s this?” she gestured to Mordelia, who was looking rather confused in the backseat.

“That’s my sister, Mordelia. Mordelia, this is Sarah, a friend of mine.”

Mordelia nodded, unsure of what to say.

“Right, where to?” Sarah asked.

“Beat’s, please.” She started the car and got on the road.

“You sure seem to spend a lot of time there.”

“Well, you’ve only known me since yesterday.”

“And I’ve picked you up and dropped you off to the same two places – Beat’s and your home. Anyway, don’t the dance classes normally only happen once or twice a week? Why are you going back again today?”

I shifted awkwardly. “I’m going to teach Mordi how to dance.”

“Will you be going back again tomorrow?”

“Yeah, but not for her.” I swallowed. “I’ve got to go back every day now.”

“How come?” Sarah asked.

“You’re very curious.”

She glanced at me briefly, before switching her eyes back to the road.

Mordelia leaned forward with her heat between the seats, looking at me.

“Why do you have to go back every day?”

I groaned and looked at Sarah. “Now look what you’ve done.”

“Sorry,” she laughed.

I looked back at Mordi. “Sit back. It’s dangerous.”

“Only if you tell me why.” Goddamn this stubborn child. I was never this annoying, was I? Who am I kidding, of course I was.

“I’ll tell you later.”

“Is that why yesterday was a bad day?”

“Mordelia. Please. Just drop it.” I muttered through my teeth.

Sarah watched me out of the corner of her eye. I could see she was curious as to what was happening, but she didn’t want to interrupt or cause an argument.

Mordelia grunted in frustration and sat back on her seat with a huff. Sarah chuckled as we pulled up to the curb.

“A’ight, here we are. No charge.”

I shook my head and pulled a fifty out, leaving it on my seat as I got out of the car.

“Baz! Don’t you dare!”

“Sarah, you’ve got to make a living.” I shut the door.

She rolled down the window. “At least come out for a drink with Kate and I tonight, let us shout you one.”

“I can’t. I’ve got Mordi tonight, and I can’t leave her at my place alone. I’ll come out another night, I promise.”

Sarah sighed and nodded. “Okay Baz, make sure you do though. Kate really wants to meet you!”

She rolled the window up and drove off. I turned to look at Mordelia and sighed when I saw her. She was standing on the concrete with her feet planted, arms crossed.

“What?” I asked, exasperated.

“Tell me.” She said, voice firm and unrelenting.

“Why are you so anxious to know?”

She shook her head and looked at me like I was stupid.

“Baz, you’re my brother! I’m worried about you.”


“Why? What makes you so worried about me? I’m twenty-two years old Mordi, I don’t need you to look after me. You don’t need to worry about me. I’m fine.”

“No,” she said, “you aren’t!”

“Mordelia, please. Please just drop the topic. I know you love me and I know you’re just worried, but I’ll tell you later. Remind me at two forty-five.”

She hesitated, but eventually relented and agreed.

We spent the afternoon dancing and laughing and mucking around after that, only stopping to eat and pee.

Spoiler alert: Mordelia forgot to remind me to tell her. Three o’clock arrived, and so did Simon.

Hell erupted.

I think looking back after something is over we always like to think that we could have done something differently to change the outcome. Maybe it didn’t have to happen, maybe it could have happened differently.
But it didn’t.
So “maybe” and “what if” don’t play in.
And there’s only so much time you can spend turning the questions around in your head until you realize that it will never matter what could have happened. You can’t keep asking the question just because you don’t like the answer.
The answer will never change.
All you can do is turn the page.
—  Sarah el

- You got the report from the M.E.
- The same M.E. who said my last witness stabbed himself to death in the back with an ice pick? No. No, thanks.