sarah littman

I’ve been very angered by reviews in which Peeta is called a ‘wimp,’ because I think he’s actually the braver of the two boys.  Why?
Because Peeta is the one who, despite everything he’s been through–the Hunger Games, the Quarter Quell, physical and psychological torture–is able to retain his essential humanity.  Peeta is the one who, unlike Gale, recognizes there is a line that must never, EVER be crossed.
—  Sarah Darer Littman, “The Politics of Mockingjay,” The Girl Who Was On Fire, summing up the difference between Gale and Peeta perfectly.

Another SJW scumbag is making things up to make more money. However this is the most disgusting thing I have seen so far. Sarah Darer Littman author of Backlash claimed WDBJ shooter Bryce Williams was a member of #GamerGate. He was not. She made it up. That she would exploit the deaths of these people to sell a book is beyond disgusting. So, to anyone out there who has bought her book please admit to yourself that you just supported a person who thinks it is ok to lie and profit off of murder victims.