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So I want a typewriter, because they are SO MUCH FUN, and if that makes me a pretentious Sarah Lawrence student, I really don’t care. Because like I said, they are SO MUCH FUN. 

So last night, I was over at my friend Tiff’s place, and she had a typewriter which she brought out (not sure why, but whatever). Apparently, the only way she’ll write letters home is if she writes them on the typewriter. But yeah, so then I started typing on it and first I wrote a really shitty emo poem, because we have this sort of running joke between us about shitty emo poetry using phrases like “matted in crimson,” but then I started a story I’ve had an idea for.  And it was so horrendously typical for a Sarah Lawrence student, because I was drinking Pinot Grigio and typing a story on a typewriter and I was all alone because Tiff and Jamaal had gone out to get Jamaal high for the first time, and then the one thing that would have made it even more typical is if I was smoking a cigarette at the time.