sarah kobos

No but really, did I mention I love this camera?

Hillary said I should do a kickstarter to help me purchase one. It’s not like they’re thousands of dollars, but being a photographer is expensive as shit and there’s an endless amount of supplies I have to spend money on, especially being a student. And as I currently don’t make much money because I don’t have time to do much freelance work*, I rely a lot on my parents to support me so I have a roof over my head and enough food to eat. I would just BEG AND BEG AND BEG for it for Christmas, and say I want nothing else, but I’ve also got to start figuring out my trip to San Fransisco in March for the SPE National Conference. I certainly don’t expect my parents to pay for all of that, and I certainly won’t be able to afford it all on my own.

So… if I were to make a kickstarter in the near future, would you help me spread the word and possibly gimmie a dollar?

*21 hours next semester on top of being Photo Editor at Garnet & Black… that kiiiind of takes up MY ENTIRE LIFE.

This here’s that handsome man I was telling you about.

We met at one of my favorite bars after I exchanged the most awkward accidental eye contact. He’s an english teacher and basketball coach in a very underprivileged (and dangerous) part of Brooklyn, a grad school student, an occasional crude stand up comedian, a writer, and a weirdo (in the best way).

And he lets me take his picture. 

I’m lucky.

Would anyone be interested in a print sale?

I need to raise money for my trip to San Fransisco next month for SPE, and I’ve been thinking about selling prints! I can do whatever size, and can print up to 24in wide.

I have some more recent images that I’ve done and not posted, so if there’s interest, I’ll make a pool of photos available to print!