School Reunion - Behind the Scenes (Part 4)

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s article in DWM #370, talking to David Tennant 

“It’s a real nostalgia hit,” says David, when we grab a chat while K9 is being mended. “This is the third episode that I’ve shot, so to suddenly be playing the Doctor, and then be joined by Sarah Jane and K9, it’s all a bit of reality check. John Leeson [the voice of K9] isn’t on set with us: he’s recording his stuff afterwards, which is a shame, cos that would have completed the picture. But it’s great to have K9 here. He still had his moments of, um… er… I don’t know what the word would be… he doesn’t work, basically!  Not all the time. He’s bumping into quite a few walls, and I don’t think he’ll ever manage anything in one take. Having said that, I will forgive him a great deal, because it’s K9,” he beams, “and that’s kind of special.”

And what’s Elisabeth Sladen - aka Sarah Jane Smith - like to work with?

“She doesn’t bump into the furniture. She’s better at following the stage directions.”

She was a bit of a childhood hero of yours, wasn’t she?

“It’s her voice, I think, that particularly takes me back,” says David. “She hasn’t aged much at all - she looks just about exactly the same - but there’s something, even when I was a kid, that just enchanted me about her voice. And it’s still there: that slight breathy quality. Everything’s very in the moment with her, very near the surface, and very real, and I think that’s all in her voice.  At the read-through, as soon as she opened her mouth, I got shivers, and I’ve still got shivers here on set.”

The sandwiches and cakes arrive - refreshments for the cast and crew - just as David is called away. Oh, what a shame! “Don’t eat the cream horns,” he orders, “cos I want a cream horn: I don’t want a Danish.”

“See, it’s gone to his head,” sniffs Steve from make-up. “He wasn’t like this on Casanova.”

“I don’t even like cream horns,” nods David.

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Celebrating New Who Favorite Theme

My favorite theme in this new series is when female companions selflessly stand up for, or stand in solidarity with, one another. These four moments in particular are really powerful indications of how much these women care about each other, even though they never got to spend much time together. I think they are some of the most beautiful moments in the whole series.