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Can I ask for relationships between ENFP's and INFJ's? Thanks. :3

Mother and Daughter: Jiaying [INFJ] and Skye [ENFP] from Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D.

These two get along great and show the power of an INFJ and ENFP…until Jiaying tries to kill Skye…Jiaying proves to be a great teacher to Skye, however. Skye has Ne while Jiaying has Ni. While Skye is so focused n the world around her and everything that could go wrong cause she has changed, Jiaying using her Ni teaches Skye the importance of embracing and finding yourself.

Companions: Rose Tyler [ENFP] and Sarah Jane Smith [INFJ] from Doctor Who

These two start off jealous of one another, but realize how stupid that truly is. Although their time is short Sarah Jane warns Rose of her possible fate traveling with The Doctor. Rose does worry a lot about The Doctor leaving her behind, but it still doesn’t stop her from traveling. Her Ne is too high for that.

Doctor and Companion: 10th Doctor [ENFP] and Sarah Jane Smith [INFJ] from Doctor Who

After so much time apart these two still work well together. Ten is a different personality type than the two other carnations that Sarah Jane Smith dealt with. She sees that he is changed and I think that makes it easier for her to leave on such good terms with him. Sarah Jane Smith has had much time to figure out who she is with and without The Doctor and the traveling to be secure enough to be the one to say good-bye.

Friends: Naruto [ENFP] and Gaara [INFJ] from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden

This is my personal favorite ENFP/INFJ relationship. Both have suffered so much in their own version of loneliness and Naruto helps bring Gaara back from the darkness. It is such a beautiful relationship.