sarah jane adventures confessions

’The Sarah Jane Adventures has a strong female lead and other leads that are people of color that aren’t stereotypes and well-developed characters on their own. I think it does much better than the main show which admittedly has some racism and sexism problems. However, it doesn’t seem like many people watch the spin-off so they miss out on this. which is a shame.’

She secretly fights monsters, saves the world, has a secret bade, has sidekicks and in generally heroic and awesome. For these reasons Sarah Jane Smith (from Doctor Who and the Sarah Jane Adventures) is one of the greatest female superheroes ever. And when she gets done saving the world she still has time to be a mum too, and they’re pretty damn heroic all by themselves.

It makes me sad that in a world where a character like that, played by a woman in her 60s, can be such a major hit but we still have this mentality that to be an appealing super hero (or character generally) you MUST be male you MUST be young you MUST be single and childfree and there is little leeway outside that.

No middle aged character can be appealing? No characters who’re married can be appealing? No characters who have children can be appealing?

That’s bullshit and limiting

“I am a massive fangirl of Mr Smith. He was my absolute favourite character and one of the main reasons I watched SJA, as well as it being ‘Doctor Who’ related. I wish him and the Xylok species got more attention, not just in 'The Lost Boy,’ as I really wanted to know more. I found Mr Smith a great addition - so what if he didn’t like K-9 or almost killed Luke? Nobody is perfect. I thought his growing character development throught the series was fantastic, and Lord forgive me I think I cried more finding out that 'Meet Mr Smith’ didn’t make it to screens than the tradegy behind the series’ early ending. He needs more fans!”