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delphine cormier week | day 6

favorite headcanon/au a friendship between adele, delphine and krystal

“how dare you, felix dawkins.  delphine is a strong, independent woman and we love her very much.  no she is not a stick in the mud, in fact she is the glue that binds us together.”

“yeah, like… she knows how to have a good time.  i mean, she’s the one who keeps getting us to hang out.”

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Sameen Shaw Appreciation Day

I loved how last month everyone got into paying tribute to ‘If-Then-Else’ with me so I thought I would give you all a heads up that I plan on doing something similar this coming Tuesday (February 21) to celebrate the anniversary of the first time our favorite compact Persian sociopath graced our screens. (‘Relevance’ aired on February 21, 2013)

I’ll be posting my favorite stills of Shaw all day as well as Shaw-centric posts on my other blog. I’d love to make a day of reveling in all her badass glory.

So dig up your favorite Shaw posts or make some new ones! 

It’s hammer time 🔨


Could you describe your marriage to us, Cath?

A Stupid Fantasy AU
  • not really fantasy but idk what to call it
  • So Katherine is the princess of one land
  • Spot is the king of the neighboring land
  • Spot has been king since he was twelve when his parents were killed
  • they were horrible and were assassinated and he had a regent with him
  • Spot was smart and hated being controlled by a guy with motives that worked against the people
  • and you know that cliche where the king disguises himself as a peasant? 
    • spot did that
    • he was too smart to believe that all his people were happy
    • so he told his regent that he was going on vacation and dressed like a poor boy and lived as an orphan for a month 
    • after that he promptly informed his regent that he was capable of leading himself, thank you very much, and stopped listening to him
  • he was a very good ruler and he fixed things so by the time he was 18 and could actually kick the regent out and people saw it was him who was helping they loved him
  • he was young but strong and he also managed to keep peace in his kingdom
  • Meanwhile Katherine has just turned 20 and her father is pressuring her to get married
  • (unbeknownst to him she’s actually in love with a low ranking nobleman’s daughter (Sarah) they’ve been dating for years)
  • and once Spot is 18 the pressure is officially on for both of them to get married
  • so King Joseph throws a ball to find the lovely Princess Katherine a husband and of course Spot is invited and he knows it would be faux pas to decline so he comes
  • The two meet, and hit it off, and King Joseph is very pleased, he knows how useful an actual alliance with Spot’s kingdom rather than knowing Spot is simply choosing not to do anything to them
  • (really though Spot noticed Katherines careful flirting with Sarah and in turn offered his confession of thinking one of her guards was cute)
  • they used each other as an excuse to flirt with the people they actually wanted to talk to
  • King J is convinced Spot is going to marry Katherine
  • Spot has a very interesting conversation with him later
    • “You and my daughter had a good time?”
    • “Oh, she’s a very nice girl.”
    • “Very nice, yes. Will you be returning to visit?”
    • “Maybe.”
    • As he says that somehow King J misses how he looks across the room not at Katherine but at a certain young guard
    • Race
    • Spot has totally fairytale fallen for Race
  • So Spot and Katherine start exchanging letters, but there’s always one in there for Race that Katherine has Sarah deliver even when their not in the same kingdom they still manage to cover for each other
  • The only reason Spot doesn’t just flat out marry Race is because he knows it wouldn’t end well with King J and because Race isn’t even noble at all some people would not approve
  • so he just keeps up this sappy correspondence with Race while simultaneously giving Katherine a chance to talk with Sarah
  • Spot’s letters are kinda sappy in a poetic way
    • Like, comparing Race to sun but in a joking way or writing an actual poem about how he misses him
    • Race makes fun of them in his replies but also saves the letters ‘cause he thinks it cute and funny that a king is writing to him like that
  • Race’s are full of bad jokes and stupid stories about how hard his job is
    • Princess Katherine was not impressed with your snobby dignitary, I had to dive into the moat to save him. Lesson learned: windows need rails too, Katherine should not be allowed near windows with ambassadors, and you should teach your men to swim. I’m sure you’ll hear all about the incident from him, but he really was asking for it. He called her a stupid young girl. She is not stupid. He knows better now.
  • Katherine and Sarah mostly just talk about random stuff although Sarah put the idea to push Lord Asshat out the window into Katherines head
  • Also one time Race had night duty outside Kat’s room and he snuck Saz in and his only qualifier for doing it was some dessert foods from the royal table
  • So this goes on for months before Spot finds another excuse to visit
  • It’s a friendly tournament, Spot will be sword fighting, Race will be sword fighting, Kat will be the judge, all should be fine
  • So Spot shows up and he has to fight Race
  • the common people are like, “Oh boy, the king is fighting the guard this won’t end well for the guard” but Spot
  • Spot is so gone on the boy that he can’t bring himself to actually hurt him so instead of like, knocking him out, Spot literally sweeps him off his feet
  • Race goes down and Spot is on top of him
  • little do the people know, the two young men are very much in love and probably very much enjoying being on top of each other but anyway Spot is declared the winner and then he goes to sit up by Kat and Race sits down with the guards
  • it looks like Spot and Kat are flirting but the Real Convo is not flirting
    • “Enjoying some not very private alone time, were we?”
    • “As if you haven’t been staring at Sarah instead of actually judging this entire tournament.”
    • “At least the person I’m staring at isn’t sweaty and covered in grass stains.”
    • “At least my boyfriend and I know how to talk to each other without other people facilitating.”
    • “Please, the only reason your letter get through is because my girlfriend delivers them.”
    • “And the only reason you and your girlfriend talk is because I send the letters.”
    • “At least I get to see my girlfriend in person every day.”
    • “Pardon me if I’m running a fucking country over there, it isn’t exactly an easy job.”
    • All with pleasant smiles and batting eyelashes, pretending they’re more than friends
  • So eventually King J dies and literally four days after Katherine’s period of mourning is over she and Sarah get married in secret and she send Race away to get married to Spot
  • And they form an alliance because they’re the gay ass monarchs who know each other incredibly well from years of correspondence and finding excuses to visit each other to get Spot and Race together
  • And they are the most feared alliance in the (world? continent? who knows) because they just work well together if either of them face problems
  • idk this au is pointless but yeah
  • Bonus Jackcrutchie:
    • Both are guards for Spot and they come with to the tournament
    • noticed the tension between Spot and Race
    • freaked out a bit together when they saw Race sneaking to see Spot
    • stopped him but Spot told them to let him come in
    • realized what was going on and started laughing at Spot
    • Spot tried to be mad but he loves all his guards and just sent them away
    • Race never lets him forget the time two of his own guards almost stopped him from getting laid
    • Jack and Crutchie tell the story at the royal wedding and everyone who knows Spot cannot believe the tough little boy king let somebody laugh at him to his face
    • The two invite the kings to their wedding as a joke and are almost surprised when they show up, crowns and all, and sit quietly in the back
    • Spot gives a tiny speech
      • “The two are great. they laughed at me once. Everyone should laugh at me more. I have a great sense of humor.”
      • Nobody is or was quite sure if that was a joke or not

Warm-up sketch tonight, Sarah in Sharpie.

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LC Morgan, 2015 (x).

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Sarah & Helena - Unconditionally


I don’t see enough posts defending Sarah Urie, and I’m finding more and more hate every day. Today, I was looking for a good picture of her to draw on google, and a lot of the “band wife confessions” I saw were really similar to the ones I’ve seen on tumblr and instagram.

Stuff like this especially makes me angry because Sarah didn’t make her relationship with Brendon public, she didn’t have a choice. Even now she holds on to the smallest bits of privacy she can have which is hard because half the fans are constantly watching her to find any dirt they can. Can you blame her for feeling uncomfortable? I would be uncomfortable too if half my husband’s fanbase hated me and begged my husband to leave me for a man too. A lot of the fans push Ryden onto Sarah and make her feel unwanted. Does no one see an issue with that? It drives me absolutely mad.

This is another issue. People constantly questioning if Sarah really loves Brendon. Who gave any of you the right to judge Sarah like that? Who said it was any of your business? Sarah hasn’t given one hint that she doesn’t love Brendon.  From what I’ve seen, just the way she looks at him is enough for me to know that she’s absolutely head over heals for him. You don’t get to question their relationship, it isn’t yours to question. And saying that it’s to “Protect Brendon” is absolute bullshit. Sarah basically saved Brendon’s life. She pulled him out of a really dark place, she was there for him when he needed her most and that’s whats most important. She is so important and I can’t imagine where Brendon would be without her.

So I think it’s time we leave Sarah alone. Stop pushing Ryden on her, stop trying to get into her private social media accounts, stop asking her questions that make her uncomfortable. Stop trying to push her away from Brendon when he needs her. She is the love of his life and he is hers and everyone who has an issue with that obviously doesn’t care for Brendon. In the end, their relationship isn’t about us, so stop trying to make it about us. Stop trying to get in between them. Half the fanbase is a bunch of homewreckers.