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A Court of Hopes and Dreams

Summary: 18 Year old Kelani is the beautiful and powerful heir of the Summer Court, now she’s being forced into an arranged marriage with Nicolas son of the High Lord of the Autumn Court in order to save her people. Can the handsome and cunning son of High Lord Rhysand and Feyre, Maverick, save her? 

Set 30 years after the war is over. Based on the main characters of A Court of Thorns and Roses/Mist and Fury children. Some characters belong to me but most are from Sarah J Maas’s brilliant mind 

AN: Hey guys this is my first fanfiction I have a big plot for this story and if you guys like this I can probably write 8 more chapters. It depends on the response I get from this so please message or repost this to tell me how I’m doing. 

Chapter 2 

Words: 1,400

 —————————————————————————————– Chapter 1 Kelani POV 

        Her father told her to never swim offshore without adult supervision, but then again when did Kelani ever listen to authority? The stubborn, young heir of the Summer court hurried down the docks of Adriata. Along the way every Summer citizen had smiled at her mirth filled youth.

       At age five, she was the light of the court, gaining never ending compliments on her beauty and intelligence, and at such a young age! She was Tarquin’s pride and joy, giving her all the affection a doting parent could. Power strummed from her in waves and already whispers emerged speaking of the alliance and wealth that would be brought from marrying her off. 

     As she reached the end of the wooden bridge, a familiar boat was just docking. Uncle Phillip looked up at the young princess and smiled, “Going for a swim, eh?” Happily, she replied “Ya!” “Now did my brother say you could go out on your own?” With an exasperated sigh Kelani said, “Of Course, it’s so hot in the castle even father said he might take a dip”

     “Well then my lady be on your way” He took his fishing hat down to bow to her, she shouted, “Bye Phil!” With that Kelani dived into the sparkling blue ocean. The color matching her fitted dress, sparkling blue with green hints. Long sleeve and lengthened at her knees, but a breathable fabric allowed for wear in the hot summer weather. Her socialite of a mother always told her to dress as if she were to die, and ordered her servants to put together only the most fashionable dress choices. 

    She was a fantastic swimmer, as her second favorite past time, she was constantly in water. (Her first being reading in the giant library of Adriata’s Castle) She thought of swimming as underwater flying, she felt free of her responsibilities. Shedding the facade she kept when in front of nobles. With her water powers she did not need to surface for very long periods of time, though if she continued on her powers she would eventually not need to ever resurface. She swam with a smirk on her face as her uncle was easily fooled by her lie.            She paddled past her usual stopping point continuing to move northward. You could not see her from the surface but underwater she was the epitome of grace, moving silkily through the water with little fluid friction. Using her powers she forced the water to propel her forward. Having no plans on where to go except a very, very small tug north. A feeling of home rushed over her as she continued in this direction, though she knew home was waiting back behind her. She continued on her way, spotting the usual fae water wraiths and creatures. None of which disturbed or tried to hurt her, all sensing her as a delightful youth, and her being the daughter to the Summer High Lord. With her powers she could swim very far, to illustrate it’s like flying and winnowing underwater. Unknowingly, she used winnowing to portal her forward, traveling through distance and time. After what felt like minutes, but in reality was almost two hours. She swam up to the surface. 

——————————————————————————————- Maverick Pov

       After an hour of battling against Jesse, the young lord was more than tired. Rhysand, the well respected high lord of the night court took lovingly care of his children Maverick and little Adelaide. Though he pushed seven year old Maverick to his limits, constantly teaching and instructing him. Rhys tried to show him all the knowledge and life the world had to offer. As Mave was expected to attend an Illyrian War camp next year, he practiced his skills against General Cassian’s son Jesse. 

        Both young boys were stunningly handsome, Jesse already achieved mimicking his father’s smirk. The same smirk that had won over Nesta Archeron, was sure to get Jesse into much more trouble. Maverick did not want to leave Velaris, he loved his city, flying over the sights at night and walking the streets by day. Just before dinner he decided to hike down to the waterfront.           Three year old Adelaide had wobbled after his footsteps when he left their household. He wanted to take his little sister with him but, Mother Feyre had insisted she stay inside. When he reached the end of the street he turned to see Adelaide watching him from the window, she waved, and he waved back at her before continuing on. 

       Now when he saw a head pop out of the water, he was embarrassed by his reaction to say the least. He had been caught up in his own thoughts that the slight movement left him berserked. He shrieked at a very high pitch, stumbled backwards, fell into a trash can, which then tipped over and fell off the other side of the dock. He began sinking in the water at a surprisingly fast rate. Catching his wing in the can he struggled to get out, thrashing under water. A beautiful nymph with stunning polar blue eyes appeared before him. With flowing golden hair spread out through the water, he couldn’t breathe, his heart stopping at the sight of her. She appeared to be glowing under the water, clearly in her natural state. If Maverick couldn’t breathe before he certainly couldn’t now.

 ————————————————————————————— -Kelani POV 

         She tugged him out of the trap and pushed him towards the surface. When he still didn’t move, she internally sighed and began to pull him with her. She couldn’t conjure an air bubble for others yet and saw he began to lose consciousness. Just then they broke surface. With some ulterior strength she logged the boy out of the water and onto the wooden dock. A funny sight, the five year old princess moving about the seven year old lord. Climbing up aswell, she leaned over him. 

      Gods he was beautiful, the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. With onyx black hair, beautiful taloned wings, a fit body, and when he opened his eyes, stunning purple eyes with golden rings. Hypnotized, she moved closer, gazing at him. He looked equally as mystified and they continued to gape at each other as his panting evened out. With his pale pink lips he broke the silence, “Who…. who are you?’ 

     She couldn’t think couldn’t comprehend his question managing to say, “My my name is Kelani” He looked up at the sky then back at her “Kelani, I like that name” This boy would be the death of her. Her usual confidence and sassiness was nowhere to be found, as she continued to gape down at him. Hearing a question, a name they both snapped from their fixed states, “Maverick?” The High Lord of the Night Court looking down at them. His purple eyes bright as he watched the two. “What a couple they’d be” was Rhys first thoughts. Kelani jumped off of the boy, of his son? She hurriedly looked back and forth between the two, the resemblance uncanny.

     As he stood up she noticed he was several inches taller than her, but refused to leave her side, “Well well is this the renowned beautiful heir of the summer court? Your state is currently in an ongoing mass search for you. Might want to travel home.” 

      Kelani broke out of her trance at this news, crying, “Oh no! I must get home to Daddy, I I didn’t mean to be gone so long” Rhysand continued watching her with a smirk on his lips, “Swam all the way here?” 

    She couldn’t contain her stutters, “Um ya it was hot at home, I didn’t mean to come here, to to the night court” She was so embarrassed, so ashamed. “Well it seems that you are here now, come, young princess,” Rhys held his hand out to Kelani, “I’ll winnow you home. Though I’m not sure I can spare you from the punishment you’ll receive when you get back.” Kelani’s head was going into overdrive, too many thoughts, too many emotions, “I just want to go home, thank you High Lord” She held Rhys hand. While she locked eyes with Maverick again, and Rhys caught the look shared between the two, saw the yearning desire, Kelani wanted to see him again, wanted to talk to him, be near him, but a second later she fell into a swirling black mist. 

      The whole galaxy seemingly surrounding her and the High Lord, and a second later she had the stressed face of Tarquin before her. It immediately melted as he saw his daughter, eyes widening, then ran to squeeze her in a hug. Rhysand stepped back at the scene, and she watched from the bear hug as Rhys continued to curiously study her before disappearing.


a phoenix in the water ; “she had loved the idea of spreading truth like a fire, touching a lit candle to another candle and watching its flame come to life, until the whole world was bright and you saw everything clear.”

everybody’s doing it so why the hell should i // she’s got her ear to the walls and she’s tappin’ the calls, if you’ve got a secret, boy, forget about it // creatures seem to scream and faint, shadows blink and the laws will break // we know for sure they’re telling lies when they say no one gets hurt and therefore nobody dies // in the city where i grew up the kids are dying now // mama who gave me no way to handle things // i think i made you up inside my head // when i awoke the moon still hung, the night so black that the darkness hummed // you have a mind to keep me quiet and although you can try, better men have hit their knees and bigger men have died // despite all the fools and liars, despite all of the wars, the pursuit of liberty is still a noble cause // let your words be anything but empty, why don’t you tell them the truth? // as the cold rushes over me i wonder what is real // with every small disaster i’ll let the waters still // i’m the hero of the story, don’t need to be saved



In Shaw’s Mind |  When Root Is The 1st (& Only) Thing She Cares About

- at every waking moment, the first thing Shaw does is call out or look for Root

- Shaw’s innermost feelings (the truest because it comes from the subconscious level) about Root is laid bare in this episode


i want to appreciate abby for a second because carol could’ve been a story about 2 women meeting each other in a sea of mediocre white men but instead, we also get to meet abby, a third interesting female character who supports the two main characters, and is a good friend and an intriguing person in her own right. sarah paulson was brilliant, her best friend chemistry with cate was perfect, and she left me wanting a sequel about her and her redhead. 


Extra praise must be given to Sarah Paulson for her brilliant and occasionally emotionally devastating portrayal of Marcia Clark. Clark isn’t someone I expected to feel sympathy for but throughout the series, it’s impossible not to. The People v. O.J. Simpson depicts a complicated and frustrated prosecutor, one who wants justice just as bad as she wants to go home and hang out with her children. The media destroyed the real-life Clark, harping on her looks and “bitchy” demeanor (the way most strong, outspoken women are destroyed), her ex-husband publicly attacked her, and her nude photos were leaked. The People v. O.J. Simpson deals with this delicately, never painting her as the “Can a womanreally have it all?” LawyerMom we see in most TV dramas, and instead letting Paulson’s reactions do the talking: the attempt to keep her voice from wavering, the professional friendship with Darden, the quiet breakdown into a coffee cup, the disbelieving glare at a cashier who rings up her tampons and jokes that the defense is in for a tough week.