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I see the Flames (Lyria’s death fanfic)

Sorry this took longer than expected! But here is finally my take on Lyria’s death after EoS (obviously EoS spoilers. 

Sorry in advanced, I actually cried while listening to “the stone table” and writing the final moments. I hope you all like it!

Title: I see the Flames
Characters: Lyria, Maeve
Rating: PG13(blood but no smut)
Trigger warning(s): miscarriages, babies, pregnancy, depressing themes
Music to go along with it: Obliviate (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows sountrack), The Stone Table (Chronicles of Narnia soundtrack).

                                                   I see the Flames

Golden, blue, and purple danced before her eyes in a weird dream like haze. Lyria had used almost all of her magic trying to fight off the mountain men, she could feel that starched dryness of the supernatural well. Or perhaps it was the fire they had set to Rowan’s and her’s precious cabin. Either way, it no longer mattered, her magic was gone. It was disconcerting, she had never had it drain before. She could no longer as easily feel the forest breathing around her, feel the roots beneath the floor, feel the whispers the flowers carried to her. All she could feel was her aching body, her tears burning her face as they hissed in the hot air.

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sally-ride-or-die  asked:

hey there! i have a list of almost 200 lesbian fiction books, if you're interested! since it's so long i should probably ask, what genre are you looking for? i've got everything from space opera to high fantasy to contemporary, so hopefully i can recommend something!

ahhh wow (I LOVE YOUR BLOG BTW) thats amazing! thank you! i love anything about magic, superheroes, & historical fiction bc im a nerd & everyday love stories (like sarah dessen but gay) bc im a sap. what is space opera? also what are your favorites? bc i do basically love everything i just keep having the worst luck trying to find rly good ones (also i keep running into hyper super sexual which is fine but def not what im looking for)