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AU - Last Tango in Holby City - Continued
Caroline and Serena meet again -this time to discuss the feelings they are both trying to suppress for colleagues they’re trying to avoid. Very hard. It must be said that Caroline is trying quite a bit harder than Serena. However, Caroline obviously doesn’t give up easily. They probably ended up drinking a bottle of wine afterwards. One each as Caroline is more a white wine kind of a girl, and Serena doesn’t like sharing her precious Shiraz -except with Bernie of course. Caroline points this out of course, and Serena pouts with her face half-hidden in a wineglass.

It was just a flirtation- a mistake- a-”
“Give it up Caz”
“No, really I don’t-”
“Yes, yes. You don’t like her and I didn’t kiss my colleague and best friend.”
“Yes…. But you two are practically married.”


AU - Last Tango in Holby City - Continued 
Everyone has gotten over their sapphic angst -everyone except Kate, she was fine from the start. Now, after finally finding a gap in all the schedules, a double-date has been planned. The double-date was obviously Kate’s idea, but Bernie was secretly very involved as well- not that she’d every admit that to Serena. During the planning of the infamous double-date, Bernie has been going on about how nice it would be to have a week-end of together with Serena, as they’re always busy. Kate, with the assistance of Caroline, has planned a week-end for them as an anniversary gift -allowing Caroline to find out what Kate would like. Serena tries saving her blushes by complaining about how she was planning to relax in the bath all week-end and “guzzle Shiraz until I can’t find the bottle anymore” ; not that anyone is falling for it. Caroline even threatens to buy up all the Shiraz in town if she refuses, which Kate thinks is a marvellous idea and gives Bernie a good giggle. They end up discussing their respective ex-husbands. John is a major source of entertainment of course, with Bernie threatening to set Serena on her husband being a close second. Caroline dryly comments that Marcus had much more success setting Serena on Bernie, as Bernie turns bright red Kate adds “not so macho now”.