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Immortal  Fae/Magical Beings of High Standing in YA
  • Lucien (ACOTAR): I'm just sitting here trying to live my life and suddenly you have to go and get cursed.
  • Tamlin (ACOTAR): I'm sorry but if you could just help me lure some human girl to the court--
  • Ignifex (Cruel Beauty): Hey, sorry to interrupt, but I might have experience with your situation. I've under a curse for nine hundred years and I've managed to take eight mortal wives in the meanwhile.
  • Tamlin: And where are they all now?
  • Ignifex: Well... dead.
  • Shade (Cruel Beauty): Oh my gods, Ignifex, you're embarrassing us.
  • Lucien: *rolls eyes*
  • Rhysand (ACOTAR): Hey, I sort of like this guy.
  • Lucien: GO AWAY, Rhys.
  • Rowan (TOG): *isolating himself in a corner* I can't believe I'm forced to associate with these people...

BPC APRIL: Female Authors

I love female authors!! 


There may be no more pushing off the stool, or no more fruit friends, but I’ll always gallop with gay abandon, and I’ll always find a euphemism in anything. I’ll always sing if someone inadvertently speaks song lyrics and I’ll always love the word “plunge”. And that is not being a child, but sometimes the world needs to be jollied.


Shadowhunters - June 19th 2015

Episode 3 filming has commenced!

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