sarah hines stephens

The Gleaming Towers of Princess School

“They pierced the sky like jeweled points on a crown. Beneath the stone spires, the enormous arched entrance was swarming with gilded carriages, teams of horses, coachmen, servants, and dozens of novice princesses.“ Jane B. Mason and Sarah Hines Stephens, If the Shoe Fits

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You headed for the drawbridge that led up to the school’s entrance. Several long-necked swans glided in the moat beneath the bridge.

The other students were too excited to pay attention to your arrival. They were lovely, with fancily braided and coiled hair. They wore gowns of every color - in silk and velvet and brocade. The fine fabrics glimmered in the sun. Clustered in small groups, the girls chatted animatedly with one another, making polite gestures with delicate fingers.

The marble steps up to the school were so polished, the sun glinted off them. The carved wooden doors were as ornate as any gilded picture frame, and when a princess or member of the faculty stepped up to them, the heavy doors opened with a quiet whoosh. It sounded as if the castle itself were drawing a breath.

On either side of the doors, trumpeters raised long golden instruments to their lips. Then, with a few short blasts, they announced that the first day of the new school year was about to begin.

Across from Princess School, on the other side of the rose garden, was the Charm School for Boys. It was an enormous manor house. You took note of it, and turned back to the steps.

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You climbed the stairs.

The inside of Princess School was as overwhelming as the outside. The polished stone floor was an ornate pattern of square pink and white stones. The tall, narrow, diamond-paned windows reached from the floor to the ceiling, ending in delicately pointed tops. The ceiling itself was silver leaf, while the alabaster pillars between the endless arches were covered with carved roses and ivy.

Excited voices echoed loudly off the tall arches. Teaches stood in the glittering foyer, directing new students to class. Prospective princesses swarmed past you.

A trumpet blast echoed down the hall, and you quickly followed two girls into a large hearthroom. (Click the link to see your schedule.)