sarah goes to paris

  • David Rimokh is really adorable and energized in person. He was definitely waving at someone behind me and I waved at him but he played it off really cool and I was only a little embarrassed.
  • Everyone’s girlfriends are beautiful and amazing.
  • I talked to Willy Cartier about a cute dog.
  • There were bunnies.
  • Laurent Garnier grabbed my shoulder and told me to stop dancing on the stage but I couldn’t understand why because it was in French.
  • I let my braid down for TWO MINUTES and someone started yanking on it. 
  • Manu caught me taking a picture of him. So did other people, probably.
  • THE HACKER PLAYED FOR FOUR HOURS. And he played everything Marty wanted him to play.
  • Monsieur Monsieur are cute as hell and their sets are really good but we were dead so we crossed the Seine and took a cab home. We will see them again TOMORROW (Saturday).
  • We saw Leo from Monsieur Monsieur at the Metro station
  • Social Club is very hard to find, but the inside is so excellently designed that I am OK with that
  • Brodinski  played Ludacris’ What’s Your Fantasy in his warm up set
  • (He mouthed along to lyrics)
  • Jepordise was AWESOME
  • He and I had a CONNECTION man like seriously so much good rap music, so many smiles
  • Edouard Langé had to take me by the shoulder and tell me to get my foot off the stage because I was on the stage again. He was very nice about it though. And he was the only person who walked through that area that didn’t step on my purse.
  • Canblaster, Lil Mike from Birdy Nam Nam, Papalu, and Laura Leishman all showed up.
  • So did all of Brodinski’s crazy friends.
  • At the end of the night, Brodinski’s crazy friends asked to take a picture with us… Like… We were just dancing and then… Things happened.

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I took a few short videos and Kaytranada steals the show in EVERY VIDEO but especially this one