sarah godon

Do you ever get the feeling you have no idea what’s going on?

Dracula Untold (2014)

Warning: Contains spoilers

I went into Dracula Untold (2014) gleefully, expecting a lotta cheese - I wasn’t disappointed in that regard.

The writing was not very good. Anyone who says different is just kidding themselves because the film is only about an hour and a half long, meaning they could’ve spent more time building the characters. Vlad (aka Dracula, played by Luke Evans) and his wife Mirena (Sarah Godon) didn’t have enough chemistry to make their relationship interesting, and all we really get from Vlad himself is resigned heroism. I would have found his Dracula more interesting if we saw more of his dark side (besides at the end). I wouldn’t call his angst about the dumb decisions he made his “dark side.”

Other than that, it was actually a fun movie. The fight scenes and effects were insane. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a bat tornado swarm an army of Turks. I also loved the bits with sonar (?) when Vlad was transformed into a vampire and could see people in the dark. Charles Dance was fabulous as Vlad’s vampire sire - he was devious, creepy, and suave at the same time. He really should have had more screen time.

This is definitely something that’s fun to watch during the Halloween season: spooky and melodramatic, but not too scary.