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calfreezy imagine - what a start to the year..

REQUESTED:  “I beg you do a really hot & smutty Freezy imagine where Y/N teases him throughout the whole night of the NYE party and he can’t take it anymore so they have rough 👉🏼👌🏼”

The room was loud, and crowded, and hot. The floor shook under the vibrations of the speakers, where Tobi stood arranging songs. Everybody else was on the dance floor. It was a mess of sweaty, drunken bodies - and this was only an hour in. New Years Eve was never a disappointment in the flat of the Cal’s and the Mr Wroetoshaw.

I took a minute out and headed to the kitchen. In the corner was a table, absolutely stacked with several different spirits and bottles of liqueor. I made small talk with the people around; Josh and Freya, Sarah, Gee and JJ. I then proceeded to pour the liquids into a red cup. As I did this, my phone vibrated.

I pulled the device out of my bra and checked it. 

‘Message from: Freezy’

‘You look hot as fuck.’

I smirked at the text as I looked up, trying to find his place in the room. It wasn’t long before I found him. He stood right by the door, clad in a mustard coloured pullover and jeans. He engaged in conversation with Manny and Simon, however his eyes were not on them.

They were on me.

I watched as his lips moved, his fingers wrapped around the plastic cup. His eyes did not leave mine until Sarah approached me.

“Y/N! Come on we have to dance!”

I broke the contact, looking up at her as she dragged me onto the dance floor. As I finished the rest of my drink - and Sarah’s - I began to feel happier, more confident, warmer. However, Cal’s eyes still did not leave mine. It didn’t matter where he was, or who he was talking to, he was watching me. 

And I loved it.

Cal and I had only known eachother for just over a year, and I had been attracted to him since the very first day we met. Our friendship rested completely on flirtatious comments and subtle touches at dinners. Nothing had ever happened between us, but I knew damn well I wanted something to. And by the look on his face, it looked like he did too.

“Ladies,” Lux approached us, passing both Sarah and I another red cup, discarding our current ones to the floor. I accepted, instantly swallowing as much of the beverage as I could. He leaned down to whisper in my ear.

“So you and Freezy hmm?”

I smirked, simply shrugging before continuing dancing. I made sure Cal was still watching as I decided to spice things up. My hips swaying dramatically, hair a sweaty mess around my head I closed my eyes, rotating my waist in time with the music. I took occasional glances at the boy. He was still talking, however this time, he was more than subtly unfocused. He bit his swelling lips as he watched me, a hand in his hair. I smirked once again before tipping my head back and finishing the rest of the cup. 

As I made my way back to the drinks table my phone vibrated once again. 

‘Stop that.’

I smiled, typing out a reply.

‘Stop what, Cal? Having fun?’

I watched him as he pulled his phone out of his pocket. He smiled slightly as his eyes skimmed over the text before focusing back on me.

‘I can show you fun if you like.’

I raised my eyebrows suggestively, placing my phone back in my bra and returning to where Sarah and Lux were on the dance floor. The dance moves continued for about an hour, and so did the drinks. I felt too warm, and was beginning to get tired as it edged closer and closer to midnight. 

“I’m just gonna go get some air!” I shouted at Sarah over the music before turning and heading to the balcony. The air was cold, however the alcohol in my system had control over my temperature.

“You,” a pair of arms rested on the railings either side of me. “Are evil.”

I turned around, coming face to face with Cal.

“How so?” I asked innocently, batting my eyelashes as I looked up at him. His eyes darkened.

“You know exactly what you’re doing,” he edged closer to me. his voice was deep and husky as he gripped the railings behind me, leaving me pushed against them. “Teasing. You’re teasing me.”

“I don’t know what you mean.” 

“Oh but you do Y/n. You know exactly what I mean.” He trailed a single finger up the exposed skin of my thigh. My breath hitched in my throat. “Exactly. I know you want me Y/n.”

My voice was merely a whisper as I uttered out the words “Do I?”

He leaned in, whispering in my ear. “Well do you?”

Hands still lingering over my thighs he attached his lips to my neck, sucking lightly. My eyes fluttered shut.


“Yes what?” He questioned in a demanding manor.

“Yes; I want you.”

“Say no more. Follow me.”

He gave me a smile before returning into the building. My legs shook, heat rising through my stomach as I followed him through the crowds of people. Eventually he found Tobi. He whispered something to him, to which Tobi shook his head.

“No way. Not happening.”

“Tobi, please.”

“…Fine,” He handed Cal a pair of keys. “But not in my bed!”

Cal shook Tobi’s hand before grabbing mine, hurrying us both out of the apartment. We got into the lift and he pressed the numbers to take us up to Tobi’s apartment. As soon as the lift doors closed he shoved me into the wall, pressing his lips to mine aggressively. His tongue entered my mouth and I moaned. He spanked me suddenly, my mouth falling open. 

As the lift doors opened we didn’t break contact, our mouths still moving in sync all the way to Tobi’s front door. He shoved in the keys and the door opened. We wasted no time rushing into Callum’s office, him pressing me up against the door. I tugged on his shirt and he removed it.

“This.” He pulled on my dress. “Off.”

I undid the straps and pulled the fabric over my head leaving me completely exposed in front of him. He pressed his lips to mine once again. I moaned as his hand found it’s way around my throat. 

“Off.” I muttered, pulling at his jeans. He unbuttoned them and let them fall to his feet. Instantly I moved my hand to his member, palming him over the fabric. A throaty groan left his throat as he rested his head on my shoulder, grabbing my waist. I pulled down his underwear and continued my actions.

“Oh my God Y/n.” He groaned.

I pushed him down onto his desk chair, placing myself steadily on top of him. We both moaned as he entered me and I sucked at the skin on his neck, leaving bites all over his throat. I rotated in circles on top of him, our moans filling the room, the windows steaming up. As his hands grasped my butt almost painfully I felt my stomach tighten.

“Cal-I’m close.”

“Me too babe.”

His thrusts became sloppier as we both let go, waves of pleasure escalating through my body. 

“Oh my god..” I panted, running my fingers over the already forming bruises on his throat. 

“I’ve been waiting a year to do that.” 

“Let’s make it a regular occurrence?” I asked, smirking.


I looked over at the clock on his desk - seven minutes past midnight.

“’s 2017.”

He smirked. “What a way to start the year.”

Shy she is. [willne][2]

“love, wake up!” you felt will”s lip on your forehead and then your nose. “goodmorning, to you too.” you wispered. “no time to be cheesy.” he lifted you out of bed. “nervous?” he tickled your side to get a smile. “not at all.”you lied trying to keep your laugh in. “whas that a smile?” he showed you a groupchat. “the boys and girls are so happy they can finnaly meet you.” “once you’re in here, you’re sure they like you.” you punched his shoulder “put more pressure on it.” pushing you to the bathroom. “no problem, simon already has a little crush on you since he saw you dancing on my snapchat.”

getting all dressed up out of the bathroom will looked at you with hearteyes. “you look great.” he smirked. “as always.”

“hi, I’m josh.” he putted his hand out. “hi, nice to meet you, I’m y/n.” you said while taking his hand. you were glad you didn’t forgot your own name beacause of the nerves. “come in.” he waved and you followed him inside. “hi, everyone. this y/n. my cute, funny and a bit shy girlfriend” will pointed at you. “hi.” you stammeld out. “sit down if you want.” you could link the name harry with his face. “ssomething to drink?” vikk asked with chuckle. “water, please.” you smiled back. “the name is simon and you are very prety.” he said hugging you. “well,thanks.” will looking a bit concernt. “simon!” he said in a jokely tone. “what? girls like compliments. thats being nice. I’m doing what you asked.” making everyone laugh “that’s true.” you sipped from your drink. “the girls are coming soon.” cal tapped your shoulder. “they want to meet their new best friend.” the other cal added.

“will, she is a good catch.” gee yelled threw the room. “agree.” freya yelled hughing you. “and she can sing!” sarah hooted with a smile on her face. “yeah, girl friend here slayd wannabe from the spicegirls.” amily said. “wow, and here dance moves.” katie added. they all made you feel wanted as a friend and so you were sad as it was time to go.

“I had so much fun!” you stood up trying to walk straight since they starded to replace your water with some type of alcohol. “you have to go to the club with us some time.” you heart cal say. up to the next big step. still holding will’s hand him not letting you go since simon began to give you more compliments.

[theburntchip 💯 added @ Y/n to the Groupchat.]

Freya 💛: hey, I wanted to do that!
Stefhen 🤘🏼: same here! 👋🏻
You 💚: LOL, had so much fun!
Callux❗️: Damn, I’m too late!
Simon 👱🏼: Hey, pretty 😅
Will ◾️: told you, they’d like you.
Josh 👨🏻: welcome to the family!
Vikk 🙅🏾‍♂️: your is such a dad. 😂
Cal ☝🏼️: She calls Will daddy!
Will ◾️leaved the Groupchat.
you 💚: lol
Freya 💛: please, cal stop!
Sarah ❤️: She can sing!
Gee 💙: and she loves glitter!
Harry 👌🏼: we get it! She is amazing.
Katie 💜: Yeah, I agree!
Tobi 🐝: go to sleep, all of you.
Simom 👱🏼 added Will ◾️ back.
Will ◾️: done yet?

Gee thanks, Sarah Silverman! If I ever doubted my resolve not to vote for Bernie before, you helped convince me that I absolutely should not vote for him.