sarah fanelia


There were a myriad of colors on her face as she noticed the woman emerging from her rest. The lovely woman was in spirits, Sarah was dumbfounded! “Pardon but, how.. did we end up..” The words were hard to even say at this point!

The more she looked at the other woman the more Hawke wanted to resume what had happened between them earlier, but clearly she did not remember and thus Hawke did not move. “Oh, you know, we started talking about how we were the only gingers in a sea of not-ginger people, I made jokes, you laughed, we had a few drinks…we got along!” Hawke smiled. “And you sounded surprised when I told you I had a mabari so I invited you over to see him, then one thing lead to another…” She shrugged. Her dog had certainly turned out to be quite the asset in more than combat.