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Aelin was no savior to rally behind, but a cataclysm to be weathered.

So, I’ve finally finished something.. Only took me weeks. But I tried T^T Not to mention, I dont think I’ve painted Aelin yet?

Dont mind her clothes. I am terrible with clothing my paintings.. 

Thank you to @sydney-jewel for recommending Elsa Hosk!

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Right, I need to have a serious chat about this because I  CANNOT stop painting from this world! I have serious issues, guys… 

Anyway, here’s Rowan and Aelin, hope you like! Tutorial coming soon!! 


Rain Brush

Characters copyright of Sarah J Maas

Blinded AU

quick sketch based off of dragonfangz AU where Dipper gets his memories erased and is taken in with the Society of the Blind Eye. However, a certain triangle keeps tabs on him.

I imagine that Dipper would be quite lonely, with Ivan referring to him as “Boy” and the other members feeling guilty about what happened to him to even interact with him. Perhaps Bill would then use this to his advantage, earning Dipper’s trust by ‘befriending’ him and even giving him a name (which Dipper feels is like a gift). This could eventually lead to using Dipper for his 'big plans’.

Or something like that. This AU is a wonderful idea and thank you for letting me draw fanart for it :)


Kenhina, Asanoya and Kagehina Haikyuu!! Prompts filled out. Originally uploaded onto my twitter. Prompt details are captioned under each image. 

Thanks for sending them in X) Next set of filled prompts will be up soon.

I have a headcanon that Feyre’s feet hurt from dancing at Starfall so Rhys just holds her instead

Sarah J Maas has wrecked my heart all summer now, there is no recovery from this book hangover, you guys were right. I can’t stop drawing these two omggg

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