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Doctor, wherever, whenever you are — pay close attention now, ‘cause this is a postcard from the past. Do not ask how on Earth did the Tylers manage to breach the void and end up here without causing the end of the world (we don’t know that either, and the more questions we ask, the clearer it becomes they’re not so sure themselves) or why is a fairly startled Jackie staring somewhere awfully far from where she’s supposed to (this was the only photo Jack accepted, he apparently looked hot enough so yeah, there’s that) or what’s the meaning behind our little festive decorations (we think you have a pretty good idea, actually) or are the ball bearings edible (yes, says Rose, she has checked) or how do we know when is your birthday (you told us. The single-hearted you. He’s really quite obsessed with the abundant amounts of candles). Because the point is, it is your birthday and even though we have no idea which one exactly and no idea where you are or what you’re currently feeling like (we hope you’re not sad), we still want you to know there’s still a bunch of fairly crazy and potentially jeopardy-friendly humans somewhere, somewhen in the Universe who love you a lot. Happy Birthday, Doctor! 

Signed, respectively: Sarah Jane Smith (the last remnant of sanity), The King and Queen of Pete’s World and the Rest of Everything (why, not pretentious at all), the Intergalactic Princess (don’t even ask), Martha Star Jones-Smith, Mickey Mouse, Everyone’s Favourite Reindeer and, obviously, Jackie.

I finally finished. It’s not even half as good as I would like it to be, but oh well. I hope you enjoy it. And also, I’m still upset I couldn’t include Donna properly.

Blinded AU

quick sketch based off of dragonfangz AU where Dipper gets his memories erased and is taken in with the Society of the Blind Eye. However, a certain triangle keeps tabs on him.

I imagine that Dipper would be quite lonely, with Ivan referring to him as “Boy” and the other members feeling guilty about what happened to him to even interact with him. Perhaps Bill would then use this to his advantage, earning Dipper’s trust by ‘befriending’ him and even giving him a name (which Dipper feels is like a gift). This could eventually lead to using Dipper for his 'big plans’.

Or something like that. This AU is a wonderful idea and thank you for letting me draw fanart for it :)

Manon Blackbeak - Throne of Glass

I just finished Queen of Shadows and all the feels. Had to draw my fave, Manon, the badass Ironteeth witch, whom I’m sure will fuck over anyone who tries to hurt her beloved witches again. And Elide. God I need her to reunite with Elide and make sweet love to her. And Abraxos is a cutie pie I want him safe and sound and smelling flowers forever.


[Part 1]

…aaaaand I kiled Dipper

Maybe. Depends on your imagination :)

This was supposed to come out sooner, but due to my tablet getting stolen and then exams right after, I was unable to do so.

I still don’t have a tablet…or a mouse (just a laptop touch mouse thing) so some of the panels are extremely rough. Sorry, I tried to do the best that I could DX

LOL. I got carried away and had a bit of fun this evening turning my last image into a manga/graphic novel/comic strip type of thing… 

If I ever finish this it will be fully illustrated and coloured in my usual style but with added manga-ish flare. I quite like Rowan in the top panel, I’ve decided. Also, whoever guessed Skinwalkers, you were correct! There is currently only one sketchy little bugger in the last panel but I plan on adding two more. 

Rowan doesn’t say this as far as I’m aware, but it felt dramatic so I just shoved it in. Also, CANNOT BE BOTHERED to go find a quote. 

Characters copyright of Sarah J Maas. 

For a couple of hours at least, we sat together on my couch and looked through most of my more recent photos, and it was such a nice way to spend an evening that I forgave Tinder for existing. Sarah’s face was so animated as she scrolled through each album, and watching her eyes light up when she remembered something special that had happened, or somewhere amazing we’d been, or someone cool we’d met… it was way more interesting than the photos. She was really enjoying herself. She was so pretty when she was enjoying herself.

The first of five commissions from Kickstarter-funded Solve for i, a wlw weekly web series-go-novel about falling for the straight best friend—something most of us can relate to! 

You can follow the story for free while it’s being posted, or purchase the book afterwards from my website, I’ve written other queer books, too! Thanks to the amazing @superrisu for art commission number one!


Kenhina, Asanoya and Kagehina Haikyuu!! Prompts filled out. Originally uploaded onto my twitter. Prompt details are captioned under each image. 

Thanks for sending them in X) Next set of filled prompts will be up soon.