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Eight Lessons from Orphan Black

1. Never let anyone tell you that you aren’t worth anything. Because you are. You are worth more than you could ever imagine.

2. Never be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Even when the world tries to knock you down, stand your ground.

3. Family isn’t just blood. Family is friends, lovers, and people you meet on the internet.

4. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Show the world just how awesome you are!

5. If you love someone, be prepared to fight. People will tell you love isn’t worth it or you shouldn’t love so-n-so. Ignore them. Love who you love. Love doesn’t discriminate.

6. Family means everything so you better fight like hell to protect them. Stand your ground. Channel your inner Helena.

7. Don’t run away from your problems. It may seem like a good idea at the time, but eventually you will have to face them. 

8. When you love someone, hold them tight and don’t let go. Never let them doubt how much you care about them. Because one day they won’t be here anymore.


Clone Club! Please add more. I know there are more lessons to be learned form Orphan Black. So add them. It doesn’t matter if they’re silly as long as they’re lessons learned from Orphan Black. I want to get this list as long as possible then somehow send it to the cast and crew so they can see all the lessons @orphanblack has taught us all. @orphanblack @bbcamerica

Ok but I just want to take a moment to consider the idea of Delphine actually being accepted into the family:

- Felix and Delphine having drinks and sharing hair products and Felix painting her as they discuss their favourite style icons

- Alison showing her the craft room and coming back a few hours later to find the surfaces covered with handmade cards (the main one being one with a big red heart and the words ‘je t'aime’ in the middle) and Delphine sitting there with glitter on her nose looking pleased with herself like ‘I’ve never done anything artsy before’

- teaching Kira French so that they can have secret conversations at dinner time and Kira calling her ‘auntie Delphine’

- being left on 'Helena duty’ which involves making sure she doesn’t accidentally kill anyone, introducing her to French food and discovering she’s really good with Helena’s twins

- going on holiday to England (aka the only European destination she hasn’t been shipped off to yet) and Mrs S being her tour guide for the best pubs in the U.K.

- Sarah getting all defensive if anyone says anything against her sister in law and refusing to admit that Delphine’s hugs are actually the best (she found out when she finally thanked her for everything she’d done for the sisters)

- her and Cosima being genuinely happy for once and going on actual dates sharing bottles of wine by the river and going on midnight walks so that they can stargaze and visiting markets to buy each other cute presents and getting drunk and arguing about science and falling asleep on the sofa only halfway through a film

Season 1 Cophine
  • Cosima: But she's not a threat and if i know that she knows but she doesn't know I know then-
  • Sarah: stay away from Delphine!
  • Cosima: But
  • Sarah: No!
  • Cosima: she's French
  • Sarah: Cosima, she's using you-
  • Cosima: But she's FRENCH

Check out what the cast and creative team of Orphan Black thinks you should be looking out for this season: 

“Because I’m so close with Helena, I’m very excited about her journey. We all know that she’s in a motherly way, so that journey’s going to be very, very fascinating.Kristian Bruun 

“I think my favorite journey throughout the entire show, and especially this season, is Alison. She’s the one who’s changed the most, and pushed her boundaries the most, and it’s gonna keep happening this season. She’s so much fun, and she’s going to keep being wilder and wilder and more and more entertaining.”  Evelyne Brochu

“I think that one of the wildest, most interesting character journeys in Season 5 is Rachel. Rachel is unbelievable this year.” John Fawcett  

“And taken as a whole from when we met her at the end of Season 1? That woman has been on a hell of a journey. As well, I think that Sarah and Helena have a nice sister arc this year, too.” Graeme Manson

“I’m looking forward to Delphine. Fans love the Delphine/Cosima relationship, so seeing how Delphine’s storyline comes to an end, that’ll be really exciting. And Mrs. S. as well. Mrs. S. and Felix have been with Sarah from the beginning, so that whole family unit.” Kathryn Alexandre

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