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To the stars who listen and the dreams that are answered. 

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newsies prep school au

this is kinda based off of my school so yeah this is really long sorry in advance lol
- jack always has some mysterious stains on his uniforms and honestly some of the guys are scared to ask what they’re from
- davey literally irons his shirts and pants every morning and he never forgets to wear his lanyard with his student id
- race never tucks his shirt in, his shoe laces are always untied, he never wears his belt, and he forgets his lanyard practically everyday and is broke because everyday he has to pay $5 to replace it
- katherine is always complaining to the guys because she has to wear a skirt, sweater vest, and tights in the spring. and the guys hear the same speech every day about how hard it is to put those damn tights back on after pe when it’s 85° out
- the guys in their group are the only ones in the school who wear the sweater vests in the winter unlike the other guys in school who just wear the regular sweaters
- davey is on the soccer team and he’s fairly good
- jack plays basketball and he’s captain of the boy’s lacrosse team and he’s so aggressive on field. he gets yellow carded every 5 minutes but the time he’s actually on the field he always manages to score
- spot wrestles and he’s the quarterback of the football team and they haven’t lost a game since he joined the team. other schools are terrified to play their school because they know how spot will stop at nothing to win
- race is on the dance team and the cheer team, he’s the only boy on the cheer team. sometimes he gets shit for it but ever since everyone found out that spot conlon is his boyfriend nobody bothered him
- crutchie doesn’t play sports but he’s the manager of the football and basketball teams. at least he’s involved
- katherine’s part of the field hockey team, crew team, and the girls lacrosse team
- alberts on the swim team, baseball team, basketball team, crew team, and he’s on the dance team, no one knows how he manages to get his homework done
- davey is so organized it hurts
- jacks lockers a mess and he’s always putting some strange object in davey’s to mess with him. so far the strangest thing he’s put in davey’s locker is an uncooked chicken
- race and spot share their lockers because their lockers are in different buildings on the opposite sides of the campus so they don’t have to walk all the way back to get their books
- katherine is always slipping little notes in sarah’s locker and sarah saves every single one
- davey’s in all honors/ap classes and he’s the best german student. the other guys are always trying to get him to do their homework but davey refuses. his reason: “if i do your homework you’ll never learn! learning is great! also fuck you guys i have my own work to do”
- jack takes ap art history. he takes french and always tries to say cliche things to davey in french but he always pronounces them wrong. he loves when davey speaks german to him. his notebooks are about 10% notes and 90% doodles
- kath is amazing at english she’s at the top of her class
- race takes honors us history and to everyone’s dismay, he does very well. he’s very loud in his classes and will constantly start arguments with anyone who has a different opinion than him. he sleeps on the quad during his free periods

- jack takes art and excels in it. the school asked him to do a mural and he did one by himself in the span of 3 days. he paints every set for the school musical
- davey is the student body president and he’s an officer for the national honor society, teachers love him
- crutchie stands next to davey as student body vice president and he’s part of the school’s morning announcements
- spot and race take photography together (honestly when are they not together) but they mostly spend their time taking pictures of each other
- race is also on the debate team, he loves arguing
- davey and katherine are the heads of the creative writing club. kath’s also part of the yearbook club
- crutchie, race, katherine and albert all do the play. davey does the tech work, spot does stage crew, jack paints the sets and helps with makeup, and sarah does the costumes
student life
- when it’s nice out during their free period they all sit on the quad together
- davey and kath always try to do their homework but they give up because their friends are too loud
- everyone’s always playing with a frisbee, they used to play football on the quad but spot got too aggressive and accidentally gave albert a concussion.
- there’s a lot of trump supporters in their school and the school broadcasted the inauguration on every tv in the school. jack was in lunch when it started so he threw his slice of pizza at the tv. he got detention for a week and had to each lunch in the principal’s office but he said it was “totally worth it”
- for 3 weeks there were these geese that walked around campus and they would chase people and hiss at people. every single time race came remotely close to one, it would hiss and chase him. he spent a lot of time in the nurses office from getting bitten by geese
- spot once got suspended for 2 days for beating up the delancey brothers because they were making fun of race
- crutchie is so popular in school there’s not a single person who doesn’t walk by him and not say hi.
- albert and race like to pick on the freshmen but they don’t actually hurt them
- jack tries to go all out in pe and is so competitive with albert but albert always does better than him
- during school mass and assemblies jack can’t sit still for so long so he starts doing things like playing with davey’s hair, touching his leg, etc and davey just gets annoyed and smacks his hand away
- spot and race usually “go to the bathroom” during mass and assemblies and just make out the whole time

a lot of this is based on my school js. also the goose thing actually happened. those geese were terrifying.

  • player: *posts something on instagram not related to training during the off season*
  • some middle - aged man in the comment section that has not played hockey professionally: shouldn't you be training?? i can't believe you aren't training?? tRAIN

Man-child David Tennant making funny faces at the camera (Doctor Who behind-the-scenes). 

Yup, he’s a real grown man and a very well respected professional actor.

Note: In all fairness, it’s usually the Doctor Who Confidential cameras or video diary cameras that he’s goofing around with - not typically the real camera that is filming the episode.

Professional yet fun at the same time - that’s DT.

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Where Did You Sleep Last Night by @aknightfornawt

“Why don’t you ask Jon? For your new band. I hear he’s done with the Wildlings… You two would be good together.”

He says it like he’s matchmaking, like what he has in mind is a goddamn wedding. Her and Jon Snow. Sansa shakes her head.

(Or: Sansa needs a new guitarist, Jon needs a new band, and the two of them definitely don’t need each other.)

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okay but how can TM use infrasound to communicate with Root? someone please explain this. all I know about infrasound is it’s good for long distance stuff but too low frequency for most humans to perceive, and can make people uncomfortable and upset. also whales use it maybe? is her implant supposed to be able to receive infrasound waves and turn the information in them into something she can hear? I’m making shit up.

Robert talked Andy down from suicide. He stayed with him on that quarry edge. And even suggested the only way he would let it happen, is if Andy took him with him. That’s so brave, for a boy that’s terrified of death, thats never entertained suicide. The Sugdens are orphans. And its so glaringly obvious to anyone that Robert misses his parents and thinks about them a lot. He used the memory of Jack, a man that hurt him but he still respects, to talk Andy out of driving off the cliff edge. These memories hurt him, but he used it for the sake of his brother, he talked about Jack’s bravery, so selflessly. For an orphan without children of his own he knows a lot about what’s important to a child. He told Andy to think about his kids, whether he really wanted to teach them that the only way to deal with pain is to kill yourself. Because somewhere in there Robert is still the same lost boy that doesn’t know how to deal with grief, with the loss of his parents. 

Humans are Weird

Cream cheese.

    Just when Tklu-r’k thought it couldn’t get any weirder, here it was. A creamy white substance that Human Katie adored and Human Sarah hated. The milky thing- it did not look like the cheese Tklu-r’k thought of- was being spread over his species’ beautiful cooking. Xe almost screamed.

    Their conversation (that is, the two “girls”, whatever that meant) was drifting to- bagels? “I’m Texan,” said Sarah. “We didn’t eat bagels. We had kolaches.” What’s a kolache? Tklu-r’k thought to xertself. 

    “Fuck you and your stupid rolls, bagels are the best!” Katie almost shouted the words, hurting xert poor ears. “Oi, fuck off, kolaches are beautiful, beautiful things and should not be insulted you fucking Yank!” “Excuse you? Do you want another war?”

    “Bring it on, bitch!” Both girls laughed and Tklu-r’k was confused. Weren’t they just hissing at each other a moment ago? 

    “Human Katie? What is this cheesy cream you speak of?” “First off, Rook, it’s cream cheese-” “Disgusting.” “Shut up! Cream cheese, and we put it on bagels with salmon!” “I would like to try it, please?” “Sure! One second, let me get a… what’s it called? Whatever’s here. Cream cheese makes everything better!”

    When Tkul-r’k put the Grownenvere Hernqan into his mouth, complete with cream cheese, xe sighed. It tasted great!

    … why didn’t it taste great anymore?

    The thing was bitter. It had ruined the meal, with its cheesiness and destroyed the texture with cream.

    Tklu-r’k quietly nodded and said thank you, and retreted. Xe made a note to update the human guide, and check if perhaps this cream cheese had a Jnafen Oenai in it- the bitter human thing also known as milk.

FYI I’m not happy of what we got, it was the 300th episode and every couple, EVERY ONE (past and present) got something and all we got was 1 second look? And I have to be grateful for that? NO…I mean it was A look but still after 2 months of NOTHING I wanted more. ANYWAY I’ll take my breadcrumb and say that one look had more chemistry and tension than any other * scene they want to shove us down our trots so bad.

❝My sister and I are orphans, you see. And we could have ended up in
any family. And if we had, we would have been entirely different people.
But my mum, Siobhan, this woman, she chose us as her own. We are
who we are because she carried two little London urchins on her wings
to Canada. Watching her raise my sister, watching my sister raise her
own daughter, finding my biological sister…it’s quite mad. It’s taught me
that we are all mysterious works of chance. Of choice. Of nature vs. nurture.
So to my galaxy of women, thank you for the nurture.❞

no strings attached
(aaron/robert, victoria)
in which aaron is insensitive, and robert worries 

so this is the first proper angst fic i’ve written in deaf!worse and i;m worried. it’s just…. i realised aaron had been more than sympathetic towards robert for too long and it didn’t feel realistic? especially not to aaron’s character. so. this is the fic i’ve written to make myself feel more comfortable. because life for deaf people isn’t always easy. 

NOT THAT THIS DOESN’T HAVE A HAPPY ENDING. because this is ultimately a feel good fic series so.

for @robertisbisexual @victoriasugden and @capseycartwright  and so many other people who always tell me they love my deaf!au and i am never going to be worthy of any of you

Robert’s in the cafe. 

He doesn’t want to to go to the pub, because he knows that’s where Aaron’ll be, and he can’t be bothered to deal with the mass of Dingles who will inevitably want to stick their noses in. 

Tucked into the corner, out of the way of most of the diners, Robert’s nursing a cup of tea. It’s not his usual fair, shrugging aside Bob’s usual sign of Americano for a different drink. He doesn’t know why now that he has it, watching steam curl out of the top of the mug. Laika’s at his feet, head on is trainer, and tail thumping rhythmically against his other leg. She’s got her ears pricked in Bob’s direction, and Robert knows she’s waiting for the obligatory treat. Usually, it would be enought to draw out a smile, but Robert’s not in the mood.

There’s a wave of a hand in the periphery of Robert’s vision and he looks up, watches Bob wave in his direction. 


Robert makes a face, knows his sister can’t resist sticking her nose in his relationship. He doesn’t want to talk about Aaron, not to anyone, much less his little sister. 

Afterward, when Robert slammed his way out of Andy’s, ignoring the brush of Aaron’s hand against his arm, he’d seen her outside of David’s and wanted to scream at her, blame her. She was the reason he and Aaron had met that way, the sign for good looking drawing him in like she knew it would. 

Now Robert’s just tired, trying to ignore the unfurling sadness and loneliness in his chest. 

Vic slides into the seat opposite, Laika’s happy rumble as she reaches up for a pet. Vic obliges, scratches her fingers through Laika’s fur. Robert risks a glance up, sees the sad look on her face. She meets his gaze. One handed, she signs,You okay?

Fine, Robert signs, a look on his face letting her know just how stupid the question is. I love fighting with my boyfriend.

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You know what? I’m sick of it!

Everywere on tumblr, whatever tag I’m roaming, there is hate on Sarah how she did things.

Now the “hate” on how she does things, I can somehow live with that (I’ll come back to it later) but the hate on her, as a person!? Who the fuck do you think you are?? Hating on her based on assumptions!?


First of al: it’s HER story, NOT yours! She can do watever the she wants to do with it!

Second of all, and this is gonna give me a lot of hate later on: most of the hate she gets is for not being representative enough for minorities in general, and when they do appear, they die to further the white person’s story (which they don’t, but that’s another discussion). You see this in her books and you give HER hate for it, because she is a racist, and a homophobe, and who knows what else.

I hate to remind you of it, but there are several studies that state that only 5% of the population is queer. 5%. Now, let’s assume these tests weren’t completely thorough enough, let’s take 10%. Now you tell me that per 10 people whose sexuality has been confirmed in one of sjm’s series, there isn’t at least 1 queer person. Try and count, I dare you. Because you won’t find it.

Now let me tell you something different. We all know Harry Potter. We all know JK Rowling. Now tell me, how many minorities do you encounter in the Harry Potter books? I bet you it’s a lot less than in sjm’s books. A LOT. LESS. Yet, are you shitting on her? No! And you know why? Let me tell you. When we look at jkr in real life, she is a HUGE supporter of the LGTBQ+ community. A HUGE ONE. Yet in her books, her representation is lacking, more so than in any of Sarah’s books.

So why are you shitting on Sarah? Calling her a racist and a homophobe WHILE SHE ISN’T. If that is you interpretation of the books, fine. So be it. I wont be able to change your mind. But if you really wanna shit on her, shit on her writing style, not HER as a person! And of you’re a DECENT HUMAN BEING you wont even do that. You’ll bring it uo for discussion, yes - love it. BUT DON’T SHIT ON IT.


~ rant over ~