sarah clifford

I'm Glad There Is You
Sarah Vaughan
I'm Glad There Is You

Sarah Vaughan — I’m Glad There Is You (1954)

In this world of overrated pleasures
Of underrated treasures— I’m glad there is you
I live to love, I love to live with you
Beside me, beside me, beside me
In this world where many, many play at love
And hardly stay in love 
I’m glad there is you, more than ever, I’m glad there is you

Sarah Vaughan, Jimmy Jones & Clifford Brown c. 1954

Clifford Brown died aged just 25, one year after this photo was taken, but despite this he was immensely influential on countless trumpet players and jazz musicians in subsequent years. In particular, his mark on 1950s ‘Hard-Bop’ Jazz was essential in the development of the likes of trumpeters Lee Morgan and Freddie Hubbard.

Presumably pictured above during recording, his collaborative album with Sarah Vaughan: Sarah Vaughan with Clifford Brown has been considered among the most important ‘Jazz with Vocals’ albums ever released. Indeed Sarah Vaughan herself held it as the most accomplished of her own works.

Despite his tragically shortened career, Brown was leader on over 20 studio albums, such as classics Clifford Brown with strings and Clifford Brown and Max Roach, whilst being sideman on numerous others. Because of this, his music and legacy are celebrated every year at the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware.

you weren’t struck by the green haired guy behind the counter, you weren’t. at least, that’s what you told yourself as he smiled at you, his hand lifting and drawing your eyes to his eyebrow piercing he was wearing when he ran his fingers through his hair. and when he had you lying down to ink your tattoo into the back of your shoulder, you tried not to think about his hands on your back, and definitely not when his hand lingered when you stood up, the artist smirking and winking at you on your way out.

michael is such a genuine person? like you can tell he means every word he says, and he’s so genuinely nice. the way he talks about wanting to spread love, fonding over his bandmates, and he just has such a positive outlook on such a shitty world. it warms my heart everyday remembering that michael, a genuinely good person, exists, and he makes me want to be a better person