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I think the moment Daryl threw squirrels at Rick will be forever eternally the best moment

Watching TWD like... (SPOILERS!)
  • Dale: *gets his stomach torn off by a biter*
  • Me: well bye then
  • Andrea: *is giving herself a headshot*
  • Me: lol idgaf
  • Rick: *is cutting pigs so they can not run away from the biters*
  • Me: *sobbing* How cruel can a series actually be?!!

The Walking Dead  -  AMC  -  10/31/2010  -  Present

Drama (84 episodes to date)

Running Time:  60 minutes


I Want to Go Back

Take me back to season 2 where we had nothing to worry about except for Sophia’s fate and whether or not Hershel would let the group stay

Take me back to season 2 where everyone was still alive and happy instead of dead and miserable

When Rick spent his time growing strong and learning how to be a leader while convincing Hershel to let them stay rather than becoming broken and trying to keep his group in line.

When Shane tried to do the right thing but gave the wrong presentation. When he wanted Rick gone and Lori and Carl for himself. When he constantly rubbed the back of his head in distress.

When Lori played house with Carol and worried about Rick and Shane rather than watching her own son. When she crashed Maggie’s car out of idiocy. Take me back to when she nearly got Maggie killed for the morning after pills.

To when Andrea got depressed and came out of it. To when all she wanted was to prove herself to the group and her guns back. Take me back to that little argument between Lori ad Andrea in the kitchen while Maggie and Beth were screaming in the next room. Take me back to when she was still alive and her life wasn’t taken by the hands of the Governor.

When all Dale tried to do was be a father to Andrea. To when he gave advice to everyone. When the last thing he did was fight for another boy’s life. Take me back to his showdowns with Shane.

Take me back to the time Glenn was alive and the only thing we had to worry about was if he and Maggie would stay together. When he had to go into that well to get the walker out. When he told everyone there were walkers in the barn. Take me back to the time Glenn was alive and happy with Maggie.

When Carl did nothing but wander off. Take me back to the moment he got shot and the last time Shane was a friend rather than a foe by consoling Rick when Lori wasn’t there and going to get the medical supplies with his first victim.

When Daryl risked his own life to save a little girl when he didn’t have to. When his bond with Carol started and they become like mother and son toward each other. Take me back to the time he got Carol the Cherokee rose and guilted himself over Sophia’s death. Take me back to that time.

When Carol played house with Lori. When she constantly worried whether or not her daughter was alive. When the only friend she had was Daryl.

When T-Dog was just T-Dog. When he nearly drank that contaminated water but Dale stopped him. When he was that one character that almost never spoke. Take me back to that time.

Take me back to the time where Maggie still had her father and her sister. Where she had nothing to worry about except her family and Glenn. Take me back to the time where Maggie called Glenn ‘walker bait’ and those conversations she had with Hershel.

Take me back to the time where Hershel was a stubborn old man. To the time where he wanted Shane off his farm. To the time where he wanted to believe that the walkers in his barn were just sick people. Take me back to the time where he was still alive.

Take me back to that time where Beth sang. To the time where she was in a relationship with Jimmy. To the time she fell into depression and wanted to die. Take me back to that time where Andrea tried to help her. To where Lori tried to help her. Take me back to that time.

Take me back to season 2 where it was all somehow innocent. Take me back to season 2 where they had no idea what they were in for.

I want to go back.

I wish they never left the farm.

I want to go back.
Steven Yeun and Wife Joana Pak Welcome First Child
Couple tied the knot last year

And a baby makes three!

E! News has exclusively learned that The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun and his wife Joana Pak welcomed their first child together. The couple’s baby boy arrived on March 17.

News of the couple’s pregnancy broke in December, only a couple of days after they tied the knot at the Paramour Estate in California in front of friends, family and a few of Yeun’s former co-stars. The blushing bride wore a strapless ball gown that featured a purple, floral-adorned empire waist. She accessorized her wedding day look with a side braid and a gorgeous pink and purple bouquet.

Many of the actor’s former TWD co-stars, including Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Melissa McBride, Sarah Wayne Callies, Chandler Riggs, Emma Bell and Alanna Masterson, attended.

In February Yeun showed off his wife’s large baby bump in a series of photo booth pics. The images showed Yeun and Pak cuddling up for the camera before Pak took some solo shots where she cradled her baby bump.

Pak teased followers on Instagram in February by sharing samples of fabric in both pink and blue. “Nesting,” she captioned the picture, leading many to wonder if she was teasing her baby’s sex.

Congratulations to the new parents and their bundle of joy!


“You’ll understand I find it difficult to accept I’m the object of an eternal satanic quest that’s so far only demonstrated in something that’s half-poetry, half-gibberish. I’m sorry, no!”

Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places, Penny Dreadful 2x04