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I need more activity on my dash it’s lazy. Reblog if you post:

Doctor Who (Classic or modern)

RP of any kind

Five Night’s at Freddy’s

Hunger games

Harry potter



Sarah-Jane Adventures




The Voice (UK)

The 100

ART (I need tips and tricks)

I will follow each and every person who reblogs after checking there blogs I will not follow nsfw blogs

Looking for new people to follow. :D

If you post any of the following:

  • Mad Max Fury Road
  • Sense8
  • Doctor Who
  • Hannibal
  • Agent Carter/Hayley Atwell
  • Terminator Genisys
  • Sarah Connor Chronicles
  • Stargate
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • cosplay
  • sewing
  • strega fashion
  • solarpunk

…in any combination, like or reblog this post so I can check your blog out. :D

ETA: I should say, I’m looking to follow people who tag for fandom, spoilers, topic, triggers, etc. Thank you for the response!

Last time I did this, I ended up following some really awesome people soo

If you love/post any of the following, like or reblog this post.. Thank you!

Doctor Who
David Tennant
American Horror Story
Harry Potter
Game of Thrones
John Green
Bates Motel
Star Wars
Star Trek
JRR Tolkien
Once Upon A Time
Breaking Bad
How I Met Your Mother
David Bowie
Jennifer Lawrence
Nightmare on Elm Street
Lost Girl
Special fx makeup/things of the sort

(That’s all I can think of?)

I need blogs to follow

Soooo… I haven’t been here for a while. Well, actually, for a very long while. And now that I’m back and obviously missed it a lot, I need new blogs to follow. So! If you post/reblog/like any of the following stuff, like this post so I could check out your blog. You don’t have to follow me back. ;)

– Superwholock
– Teen Wolf
– Under the Dome
– Graceland
– Game of Thrones
– Outlander
– Castle
– Reign
—– The list goes on but that’s all I can remember from the top of my head rn

—– Young Adult books
– Cassie Clare
– Sarah Maas
– Tahereh Mafi
– Richelle Mead
– Rick Riordan

Seriously anything and everything YA.