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Original questions by thebestplltheories (mostly) :)

  1. Who is Big “A”? CeCe Drake
  2. Who attempted to kill Alison? Cece Drake
  3. Why did Jessica cover for this person? Because it’s her daughter
  4. Who hit Bethany Young with the shovel? Mona Vanderwaal
  5. Why was Bethany Young killed? Mona thought it was Alison
  6. Why was Bethany Young at the DiLaurentis house that night? To kill Mrs.D
  7. Who attacked Mona in her house in 512? Cece Drake
  8. Who is the third Red Coat? Sara Harvey
  9. Who is the Black Widow? Sara Harvey
  10. What is Melissa’s secret? She buried Bethany Young
  11. What was Lucas’ true involvement with the ‘A’-Team? #Unanswered
  12. What really happened “that night”? Why did the ‘A’-Team dig up “Alison’s” body? #Unanswered
  13. Who killed Jessica DiLaurentis? #Unanswered
  14. Who killed Ian? He killed himself
  15. What were Melissa and CeCe talking about the night Alison disappeared? It wasn’t Cece
  16. And why was CeCe at the DiLaurentis house? To protect Alison from Bethany
  17. AND why was she wearing a similar outift to Alison? It wasn’t Cece
  18. What happened that day at Brookhaven with Alison and ‘A’? Did Alison meet Mona or did nobody show up? #Unanswered
  19. Who gave Alison that bloody lip? #Unanswered
  20. Who is the Beach Hottie? #Unanswered Maybe Wilden.
  21. Who was the Fragile Patient on the roof with Marion Cavanaugh? Bethany Young 
  22. Did they push her off of the roof on purpose? Yes
  23. What is ‘A’s motive? She felt like they were getting between her and Alison and that they were happy she was gone and then she became obsessed with them.
  24. What was the relationship between Bethany and Alison? Did Alison want her dead? Did she plan it? Her mom slept with her dad. No. No.
  25. Why was Jessica giving Bethany gifts? She wasn’t…they were for Cece
  26. Why did Jessica want Bethany to call her Aunt Jessie? Were they related? #Unanswered Possibly because her daughter and Beth were friends.
  27. Why was Bethany wearing the same outfit as Alison the night she was murdered? She stole it
  28. How did Alison’s ‘Jenna Thing’ bracelet get on Bethany’s body if she left it with Mona at the Lost Woods Resort? #Unanswered
  29. Who was Melissa speaking to on the phone the night Alison disappeared? #Unanswered
  30. Who was the shadowy figure hiding in Jason’s house? #Unanswered
  31. Whose bloody bandanges fell out out Jason’s trash? #Unanswered
  32. Where was Alison when she was thought to be dead? #Unanswered
  33. Who was taking pictures for Ezra’s book? #Unanswered
  34. Where are Wren’s loyalties? Who was he speaking to on the phone? #Unanswered
  35. And why was he drawing a picture of Red Coat? Is he somehow caught up in all this mess? #Unanswered
  36. Who was the fourth person who came to meet Jenna, Sydney and Mona in 5x05? 
  37. Who started the fire at the DiLaurentis house? Why were they trying to kill Jenna? Cece Drake and Yes
  38. Who tried to drown Jenna in 4x09? Why? Cece Drake
  39. Were Alison’s visits to Spencer and Aria real? #Unanswered
  40. Why was Alison wanting so much money before she disappeared? 
  41. Who pulled Aria, Emily and Mona out of the lodge fire? Sara Harvey
  42. Who was the blonde in the zoo in 4x20? Mona? Sara Harvey
  43. Why is Jenna so afraid of CeCe if she isn’t even ‘A’? Well she is A so..
  44. Who smashed Connor’s car? #
  45. What did Melissa mean when she said she’d been protecting Spencer “since before it started”? #Unanswered
  46. Why did Melissa form and alliance with Jenna and Shana? What was their aim? #Unanswered 
  47. What did Alison mean when she said “You know why I chose you” to Aria in 3x16? #Unanswered
  48. Does Alison really love Emily or is she just playing her?…
  49. Who took the photograph of Alison with Spencer’s shadow in the background the night she disappeared? #Unanswered
  50. Who took the photo of Alison and the Liars in 4x13 that was given to Holbrook? 
  51. Who was in the creepy zombie baby costume that attacked Alison in 2x13? #Unanswered
  52. Whose body did Spencer find in the woods in 3x21? A random guy
  53. Is Alison’s ghost story about the twins real? If so, who are the twins? #Unanswered 
  54. Why did one of them appear to Ashley Marin in 3x13? #Unanswered
  55. Who blew up the Cavanaugh house in 5x05? ‘A’ or somebody else? Cece Drake
  56. Where did Spencer leave the shovel after her encounter with Alison? How did it end up being used to kill Bethany?
  57. What was Jessica and Peter’s ‘agreement’?
  58. Why was Jessica giving CeCe clothes? Didn’t Jessica hate CeCe? It’s her daughter
  59. Who was in the car with Alison when she went to Hector’s studio? Why was Alison in such dire need of that money?
  60. How did Hanna get separated from the girls in the tunnel in 4x13?
  61. And what was up with those lights when Hanna was in the phonebooth? 
  62. What does Alison have on Noel Kahn to make him help her?
  63. What happened to Sara Harvey? She’s Alive 
  64. What was on page 5 of Alison’s autopsy report? 
  65. Whose blood was on Alison’s anklet? Hers or Bethany’s? 
  66. How well did Alison and Wilden know each other? 
  67. Was the story Mona told Spencer about her seeing Alison as Vivian in Brookhaven in 2x25 true? Or did she just make it up?
  68. If it was true, who was Alison watching? 
  69. Why did CeCe go back to Rosewood after she told somebody she was “sure as hell” not going back there? Because she became too obsessed with her “dolls”
  70. And why did was she eavesdropping on Ezra? Because she’s FREAKING A
  71. AND why was she wearing the black hoodie if she wasn’t ‘A’? Or is she secretly somehow involved? She’s A
  72. What were CeCe’s reasons for breaking up with Jason that she mentioned in Pretty Dirty Secrets? Something to do with Alison’s disappearance? Because he’s her brother 
  73. Who was the girl in the costume that came out of the changing room when Noel and Garrett were arguing in PDS? 
  74. Is Melissa good or bad? She seemed to want to push Aria and Garrett out of that train in 3x13.
  75. What was Red Coat’s plan for the Liars in 3x24? Why did she want them all at the lodge? To kill them but Shauna got in the way
  76. Who knocked Toby out in the woods in 3x24? Cece Drake
  77. Whose finger bones were sewn inside Spencer’s dress in 4x23? Or were they fake? 
  78. Is there still an ‘A’-Team or is it just one person acting alone? A and RC
  79. What’s up with the two pictures of Alison in her room? Vanity or twin?
  80. Is there a twin on the show? If there is, who?!
  81. Who was the girl behind the glass with Mona at the end of 5x03?
  82. How the hell is ‘A’ funding themself? Carasimmi Group
  83. What was going on between Mona and Shana in 4x12? 
  84. What happened between Ian and Melissa in Alison’s room after Jenna and Garrett left the night she disappeared? 
  85. Was it Alison or ‘A’ living under the DiLaurentis porch? Could go both ways
  86. What did Mona whisper to Lucas after she found the cow brain in her locker in 3x14? 
  87. What is on the NAT videos that could bring Alison’s family down? Probably something about Charles
  88. If CeCe knows who killed Bethany why hasn’t she told Alison as she claims it’s the same person after her? Or was CeCe bluffing? She was bluffing
  89. Why don’t Eddie Lamb and Wren like each other?
  90. What happened to Eddie Lamb? Why didn’t he turn up to meet Ezra?
  91. Who is the demon in Bethany’s drawings supposed to be? A?
  92. Why haven’t we seen Bethany Young’s face yet? We have and it’s irrelevant
  93. Who was Alison talking to through the personal ads in 5x13?
  94. Whose remains are in the barrel? some guy Cece got
  95. Whose drops of blood were on the floor of the storage unit? Alison’s
  96. Who sent Alison the note saying “Your friends will see you soon”?
  97. Is Holbrook good or bad? Irrelevant
  98. What is the history of Holbrook and Alison’s relationship? 
  99. Who was Bethany talking about on the tape? Alison or somebody else?
  100. Who was Mike leaving sweets for on that bridge? Mona 
  101. Why is Mike visiting Alison in jail? To see if she knew anything about Mona faking her death
  102. What is the ‘plan’ Bethany is talking about on the tape?
  103. Who is Varjak? Cece Drake
  104. What does the cryptic message the girls found in Mona’s room mean? Charles Dilaurentis
  105. Why was Andrew listening in on Veronica and Melissa’s phone call? Trying to find where the girls are at
  106. Why was Melissa calling Veronica?
  107. Who exactly is Charles DiLaurentis? Cece Drake
  108. Why was Mona looking dead in A’s trunk if she was alive? A drug
  109. How long has A been planning/building this dollhouse?
  110. Who put the note in Mona’s mirror? 
  111. Where’s Eddie?
  112. Where did CeCe  meet Sara?
  113. What happened to Tippi?

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i was tagged by @sarah-crewe

coke or pepsi: cherry coke
disney or dreamworks: disney
coffee or tea: neither tbh
books or movies: books
windows or mac: windows
dc or marvel: marvel for tv and movies, but i have some dc faves for comics, too
xbox or playstation: n64 because that is the last console i actually played on
dragon age or mass effect: supersmash brothers
night owl or early riser: night owl
cards or chess: cards
chocolate or vanilla: vanilla (i’m allergic to chocolate)
vans or converse: i may or may not own three pairs of chucks… 
lavellan, trevelyan, cadash, or adaar: are these pokémon?
paragon or renegade: ngl, this list is making me feel out of touch with the youths™
star wars or star trek: star wars
one episode per week or binge watching: kinda in-between? i like a few episodes at a time, then a break for processing
kill qurinn or kiss him: i have no idea who qurinn is. another pokémon, perhaps?
obi-wan or anakin: let me tell you: i fell in love with ewan mcgregor obi-wan when phantom menace first came out. i was twelve years old. not much has changed since then.
fiction or nonfiction: FICTION
pokémon or yu-gi-oh: oh hey! it really is about pokémon this time! true life’s confession, though: i don’t have a preference. i think i was just a smidge too old for pokémon when it first hit the u.s., and i was hella too old for yu-gi-oh.
cats or dogs: i like both, though i own a cat
handwritten or typed: typed
jedi or sith: jedi
hogwarts or camp half-blood: hogwarts (gryffindor)
hard tacos or soft: hard
live theater or tv shows: i love watching live theater when i get the chance, but tv is my go-to media
two pillows or one: two
summer or winter: summer
krashlyn or preath: preath
flying or teleportation: teleportation 

my question: earbuds or over-ear headphones?

considering that most of the people i know have already been tagged for this game, i think i’m just gonna put this thing out there for anyone who would like to play.

Hiatus in the Ball Pit
  • Clone Club: How deep did that pencil go? It is Rachel or Helena behind those bars? Why is Sarah's hair shorter? Is Cosima healthy? Who is Shay? What's up with Project Castor? What about the Aldous and Delphine plot hole? Will the Hendrixes keep their sanity? Will we meet any of the clones' parents? What's going to happen to Cal?? Is Felix going to get sassier?? Why isn't Angie coming back???? WHERE IS TONY??? WHERE IS DELPHINE??? WILL CHARITY EVER FIND THE CRACKER CUPBOARD???? IS BETH A L I V E??? UPDATE PLS
  • Graeme: There will be blood.

rivierakid  asked:


blue: what do you do when you’re sad? what are some things you do when you can’t sleep? what was the best (non-romantic) night you’ve had? what kind of covers do you have on your bed? who is the last person you told a secret to?

  • When I’m sad… When I’m really sad, I feel all scooped out and I just kind of fold up. I make myself small. It’s not something I let people see.
  • I’m very stubborn about sleep. I just kind of mash my eyes shut and sometimes turn on an audiobook and will myself to go the fuck to sleep already
  • Best nonromantic night I’ve ever had was New Years Eve a few years ago in Chicago with my best friend from undergrad. It was snowing heavily and we bundled up in heavy winter gear and walked all the way from her apartment to Navy Pier. We couldn’t quite figure out how to get down to it so we stood in about two feet of snow on an open terrace and watched the fireworks from there. And there was this New Years party going on in the big ballroom onto which the terrace opened and the guests came out to watch the fireworks with us and gave us glasses of champagne.
  • On my bed right now I have a Pendleton Mills blanket that is my pride and joy over top a down comforter with a woolen camp blanket underneath.
  • Last person I told a secret to? More accurately the last person I confided in was probably @allisonargentsarrows 

anonymous asked:

Wemma or Finchel

Finchel…Definitely Finchel. I actually liked Wemma quite a bit during the first half of Season 1 of Glee, but Mr. Schuester has become so douchey of late that it’s hard for me to root for him in a relationship with anyone. Plus, it feels to me like whatever chemistry Emma and Will had together early on in the life of the series has been killed ever since they officially got together. They really feel like platonic roommates in most of their scenes together at this point.

Finchel on the other hand has chemistry to spare. I may not root for them like I do for Klaine, but I generally find that both characters become more likable when they are in a relationship with one another as opposed to when they are apart which is usually a good sign that the relationship is a pretty solid one.

missanimefan replied to your postI totally just bought the Kara no Kyoukai DVDs….

I would gladly watch them with you… MAYBE. I still have no idea what it’s about :’D

Taken from the wiki because I’m a lazy ass: “Mikiya Kokutō becomes intrigued by the mysterious series of violent deaths occurring in his town and Shiki Ryōgi, a beautiful but unsociable girl. As he tries to become closer to Shiki, he realizes that Shiki is connected to the mysterious deaths and that the supernatural forces involved with both could kill him. It is revealed that in Shiki’s family, certain members of her family possess two distinct personalities, both aware and conscious of one another, but possessing different qualities. The dual consciousness, and Shiki’s upbringing as a demon hunter, has caused her to reject other human beings.

However, upon meeting Mikiya, she gradually finds happiness through their relationship and a schism develops between her two personalities. As a result, she winds up in a traffic accident and is left in a coma for two years. When she awakens, she finds herself unable to connect her past memories to her current identity. Reunited with Mikiya, now employed as an investigator for Tōko Aozaki, Shiki assists Tōko’s detective agency, Garan no Dou, whenever combat is required, while struggling to come to terms with her identity.”

So yeah. (Spoiler alert: Tōko/Touko is my favorite character. XD)

princess-luna-of-equestria  asked:

Borderland 2, huh? I have that game (360) but never really got into it. That being said, my only experiences with it are single player and split-screen with my ex, so you never know.

Yeah! I play with Blue and Green together and also with Sira and Marie! It’s not nearly as fun to play alone.

anonymous asked:

55 (and please describe them)

55. Tumblr friends. I mentioned them in a previous ask, but now I’ll describe them for you as requested:

Mark (dark-bat-b27) - Mark is essentially my oldest internet friend. Kinda like the younger brother I never had or something along those lines. He’s a really cool guy who loves Frozen (yay!) and Disney and superheroes and Star Wars and Doctor Who and Merlin and pretty much everything. One thing that’s always struck me as really fantastic is that, when I met Mark, he had sort of narrow views on a couple of issues, but as I talked to him, I got to sort of watch him become more socially conscious and aware, and that was really cool. Also he got his learner’s permit recently. He’s growing up and it makes me cry and want to stay off the roads. Also he is very tall and hates soup and you all need to just deal with that fact and not ask him about it.

Julie (dork.. er dawnguardian) - Julie is my dork. We’ve only known each other for a short while and I don’t even remember how I found her blog on tumblr, but I can safely say that I love her to death and she is the greatest. She’s studying environmental animation for video games, which I think is really awesome and one day we’re all going to be playing her video games and drooling over the gorgeously rendered environments therein. She and I have a standing date to watch Frozen together (not together together because we live on separate coasts) but we’re gonna chat or message or something. And it’s her first time watching Frozen, so that’s really exciting. Sometimes she gets drunk and proposes marriage. I have a hard time saying no.

siraphan - We met on account of my fanfic, I think. We worked out that we both love Frozen, Disney, muscly Wonder Woman, Gelphie, and ladies. Becoming friends with her was as easy as breathing because of those mutual interests. We both write, only she’s shy about her stuff even though she shouldn’t be. I’m slowly getting into comics because of her and we gush over Gelphie and Idina Menzel together. A lot. Hold out my sweet. Also, she likes pizza.

yamino - I almost had a heart attack when she messaged me for the first time telling me that she enjoyed my fanfiction. Because, I mean, guys, it’s yamino and have you read her work and seen her art? I mean, damn. We’ve been emailing about fanfictions and Elsanna and all sorts of other things. She leads a really interesting life and is so, so easy to get along with. And her wife sounds like the coolest person in the world and I’m not exaggerating. The pair of them together are like a celebrity power couple, and it’s great.

Honorary: patronustrip (it was mostly me laughing or crying or both at her review of my fanfic, but I still love her for it because she boosted my confidence a lot) - I don’t know tons about her. I know she’s Italian and is very picky about her fanfiction. I literally owe all of my semi-popularity to her and her review. I want to talk to her more often, but she seems busy and inundated with a thousand fan messages all the time.

akichimihito  asked:

THE EVENS FROM 44-62 Ya know the ones you haven't answered yet.

but mariiiiiie that’s a looooooooot ;-;

44) What was the last movie you saw?

It was just a moment ago that I finished a movie called In a World… It popped up on my Netflix and I decided to give it a shot and it was really good! I would recommend it.

46) Have you ever caught a butterfly?

Kind of yes? I was in one of those butterfly gardens they have in some museums and a bunch landed on me and I coaxed a few onto my fingers. That counts, right?

48) What’s your sexual orientation?

4 on the Kinsey Scale, so… gay with a chance of straight? Most properly, bisexual with a preference for women.

50) Do you believe in magic?

I think there’s a scientific explanation for everything.

But also yes.

52) What is your astrological sign?


54) What’s the last thing you purchased?

A flu shot! Get your flu shot if you haven’t!

56) In a relationship?


58) Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

Yes! I did it just now to check that I still could.

60) Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?

My… bra… Does that count? That counts.

62) What’s your favorite animal?

I can’t pick favorites because then the other animals might get jealous.

allisonargentsarrows  asked:

After you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself and then send it to your 10 favorite followers!

Aw Green

  1. I can do this thing where I can memorize things very, very quickly, and it’s a cool parlor trick
  2. I can draw hands pretty well and it’s a cool parlor trick
  3. I can wiggle my ears and it’s a cool parlor trick
  4. My skills consist of cool parlor tricks and pretty decent cadaver dissecting skills
  5. Sometimes my hair looks okay.

Basically, sometimes I do things pretty well, and I’m like, yeah, that’s kinda cool. Occasionally I demonstrate marketable skills, but mostly I wiggle my ears and cut dead bodies.

allisonargentsarrows  asked:

PS Green asking a question. What's the username mean? Did I miss something? Is it from those books? Should I read those books? How does one become a lion, and a GOOD lion at that? Are you a lion? A real one? Where are ALL the good lions and how do you become one? Is butter a carb?

What’s the username mean?

Still! Sit! For though you listen long
Long would you wait without the hope of song
So sweet as this. As Sarah herself set down
An age ago. Master work of a master’s life
Of past!Sarah, and the bad break up that drove her to write poetry.

Once, years and miles away, my first girlfriend broke my heart and I wrote poetry about it. Yes, I admit it – I went through an angsty poetry phase. Anyway, I wrote a piece of poetry that included the line, “And I will be brave, like all good lions should be.” Hence the username.

Did I miss something?


Is it from those books?

No, but the bit up at the top is.

Should I read those books?


How does one become a lion, and a GOOD lion at that?

You already are a good lion, Green. One of the best <3

Are you a lion?


A real one?


Where are ALL the good lions and how do you become one?

I don’t know where they all are, but I can say with certainty that my tumblr friends rank among the very best of lions.

Is butter a carb?

Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries.

anonymous asked:

Is there someone here on tumblr that you wish u could meet in real life?

Okay, to be entirely honest, this is my fantasy:

I want to meet all of my tumblr friends because we’re probably all awesome and awkward in real life and how cool would it be to be real life friends?

I live a few hours away from New York City, so I would want to meet all of my awesome tumblr friends in the city and go to see Wicked together and just hang out in an awesome awkward group together and get a hotel and rent adjoining rooms and have a giant sleepover. I’m clearly 12 years old but whatever like shut up.

And this includes everybody. I wanna meet Julie and Angela and Marie and Emily and Elena and Maddy and Mark and darkdraconis (whose name I don’t know ><’) and all of my derpy anons who ask intrusive questions and all those people who reblog a ton of my stuff but never talk to me.

That is what I want.