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YEEEEE I know it’s crazy how there is such a lack of fanart for this series like? I’m gonna try and remedy that, five years later lol

Anyway here have this stupid thing I drew last night

Even memes count as fanart okay
Gender Roles Survey
let's get down to business and defeat the heteronormative society

Hello everyone! So I’m giving a presentation in my psychology class about gender roles/norms in society and the ‘emergence’ (read: coming out) of new gender identities in recent years, and I would be very grateful to anyone who could answer the following questions to help with the research portion of my presentation :) All I ask is that you answer honestly. You can answer as many or as few questions as you like. All responses are anonymous.

Edit: Please do not only answer the “what gender do you identify as” question :/

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the real questions: does kastiel drop in on terrasen ever and how does the fam react if he does


but omg, you cannot even believe how ready seraphine’s family are to meet kastiel. their reactions wont be over the top at all. they know how much kastiel means to seraphine so they’re not going to go over board.

  • there would be a grand dinner and kastiel would be coming for the first time
  • lysandra would be turning into a bird with rowan and they’d literally watch him like a hawk, what he’s wearing, what his escort looks like, how many weapons did he bring, until he got to the court
  • gavriel would turn into a lion and sit at the front door, his tail swishing, waiting for kastiel to come—there may be blood in his mouth from accidentally forgetting to clean up after his meal
  • fenrys and connall would be in their wolf forms sitting on either side of seraphine at the dinner table just waiting for something to happen
  • lorcan would have dirt and blood all over him from working out hard
  • elide (the only one properly dressed, but you know not to mess with her) is chanting something into the jug of drinks everyone was to drink
  • manon would be in the corner drinking blood, her iron teeth and claws out
  • dorian would have a book in one hand, and a ball of pure magic swirling in the other  
  • aelin, well, let’s just say you don’t want to know what the fire breathing bitch queen is doing while kastiel is on his way to have dinner with them
  • and chaol’s just watching this go down like does any of you high fae realise how much of a circus we look like with all these animals and barbarians

so yea, not going over board at all.

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Jareth / Sarah and Erik / Christine for you too adjfskjdfkjf

But of course! Who else? Thank you, darling.

Jareth & Sarah

Who’s the cuddler: Jareth (he’s very attached, but Sarah has no problem with that)

Who makes the bed: Sarah (sometimes, although it often gets messed up again by Jareth, but she doesn’t mind too much because it usually gets messed up by him pulling her back into it)

Who wakes up first: Jareth (he doesn’t need as much sleep, he always watches her for a little while before she wakes up, sometimes he takes the opportunity to make breakfast for her)

Who has the weird taste in music: Both (they both have different crazy, eclectic collections of music that they introduce each other to and together they have the most ridiculous, beautiful mix of music)

Who is more protective: Jareth (Sarah has to stop him from attacking anyone who so much as frowns at her)

Who sings in the shower: Jareth (there are very few moments when he isn’t singing, Sarah also likes to sing in the shower occasionally) 

Who cries during movies: Jareth (although he tries to pretend he doesn’t, Sarah cries too if it’s a really sad movie) 

Who spends the most while out shopping: Jareth (he’s like a magpie, he likes shiny things and wants everything, Sarah has to restrain him) 

Who kisses more roughly: Sarah (surprisingly, but Jareth is usually more tender, at least at first) 

Who is more dominant: Jareth (and Sarah likes it) 

My rating of the ship from 1-10: 13 (they’re so perfect it’s off the charts, I will fight anyone who disagrees) 

 Erik & Christine 

Who’s the cuddler: Erik (he doesn’t like it when he has to let her go) 

Who makes the bed: Christine (she’s very into decorating the room, she likes having flowers everywhere, and she makes the bed to keep the room looking nice) 

Who wakes up first: Erik (the real question is does he ever sleep?) 

Who has the weird taste in music: Erik (more obsessive than weird, really) 

Who is more protective: Erik (extremely so)

Who sings in the shower: Both (often at the same time, “Erik, I’m not sure this is the best time for a singing lesson,” “Christine, the acoustics in here are divine”) 

Who cries during movies: Erik (Christine had to comfort him for hours after they watched Beauty and the Beast

Who spends the most while out shopping: Erik (he’s always buying Christine gifts) 

Who kisses more roughly: Christine (Erik kisses her like he’s scared he night break her) 

Who is more dominant: It depends how they’re feeling 

My rating of the ship from 1-10:

Please send me a ship and I will tell you.

Answered / Unanswered Questions:

Original questions by thebestplltheories (mostly) :)

  1. Who is Big “A”? CeCe Drake
  2. Who attempted to kill Alison? Cece Drake
  3. Why did Jessica cover for this person? Because it’s her daughter
  4. Who hit Bethany Young with the shovel? Mona Vanderwaal
  5. Why was Bethany Young killed? Mona thought it was Alison
  6. Why was Bethany Young at the DiLaurentis house that night? To kill Mrs.D
  7. Who attacked Mona in her house in 512? Cece Drake
  8. Who is the third Red Coat? Sara Harvey
  9. Who is the Black Widow? Sara Harvey
  10. What is Melissa’s secret? She buried Bethany Young
  11. What was Lucas’ true involvement with the ‘A’-Team? #Unanswered
  12. What really happened “that night”? Why did the ‘A’-Team dig up “Alison’s” body? #Unanswered
  13. Who killed Jessica DiLaurentis? #Unanswered
  14. Who killed Ian? He killed himself
  15. What were Melissa and CeCe talking about the night Alison disappeared? It wasn’t Cece
  16. And why was CeCe at the DiLaurentis house? To protect Alison from Bethany
  17. AND why was she wearing a similar outift to Alison? It wasn’t Cece
  18. What happened that day at Brookhaven with Alison and ‘A’? Did Alison meet Mona or did nobody show up? #Unanswered
  19. Who gave Alison that bloody lip? #Unanswered
  20. Who is the Beach Hottie? #Unanswered Maybe Wilden.
  21. Who was the Fragile Patient on the roof with Marion Cavanaugh? Bethany Young 
  22. Did they push her off of the roof on purpose? Yes
  23. What is ‘A’s motive? She felt like they were getting between her and Alison and that they were happy she was gone and then she became obsessed with them.
  24. What was the relationship between Bethany and Alison? Did Alison want her dead? Did she plan it? Her mom slept with her dad. No. No.
  25. Why was Jessica giving Bethany gifts? She wasn’t…they were for Cece
  26. Why did Jessica want Bethany to call her Aunt Jessie? Were they related? #Unanswered Possibly because her daughter and Beth were friends.
  27. Why was Bethany wearing the same outfit as Alison the night she was murdered? She stole it
  28. How did Alison’s ‘Jenna Thing’ bracelet get on Bethany’s body if she left it with Mona at the Lost Woods Resort? #Unanswered
  29. Who was Melissa speaking to on the phone the night Alison disappeared? #Unanswered
  30. Who was the shadowy figure hiding in Jason’s house? #Unanswered
  31. Whose bloody bandanges fell out out Jason’s trash? #Unanswered
  32. Where was Alison when she was thought to be dead? #Unanswered
  33. Who was taking pictures for Ezra’s book? #Unanswered
  34. Where are Wren’s loyalties? Who was he speaking to on the phone? #Unanswered
  35. And why was he drawing a picture of Red Coat? Is he somehow caught up in all this mess? #Unanswered
  36. Who was the fourth person who came to meet Jenna, Sydney and Mona in 5x05? 
  37. Who started the fire at the DiLaurentis house? Why were they trying to kill Jenna? Cece Drake and Yes
  38. Who tried to drown Jenna in 4x09? Why? Cece Drake
  39. Were Alison’s visits to Spencer and Aria real? #Unanswered
  40. Why was Alison wanting so much money before she disappeared? 
  41. Who pulled Aria, Emily and Mona out of the lodge fire? Sara Harvey
  42. Who was the blonde in the zoo in 4x20? Mona? Sara Harvey
  43. Why is Jenna so afraid of CeCe if she isn’t even ‘A’? Well she is A so..
  44. Who smashed Connor’s car? #
  45. What did Melissa mean when she said she’d been protecting Spencer “since before it started”? #Unanswered
  46. Why did Melissa form and alliance with Jenna and Shana? What was their aim? #Unanswered 
  47. What did Alison mean when she said “You know why I chose you” to Aria in 3x16? #Unanswered
  48. Does Alison really love Emily or is she just playing her?…
  49. Who took the photograph of Alison with Spencer’s shadow in the background the night she disappeared? #Unanswered
  50. Who took the photo of Alison and the Liars in 4x13 that was given to Holbrook? 
  51. Who was in the creepy zombie baby costume that attacked Alison in 2x13? #Unanswered
  52. Whose body did Spencer find in the woods in 3x21? A random guy
  53. Is Alison’s ghost story about the twins real? If so, who are the twins? #Unanswered 
  54. Why did one of them appear to Ashley Marin in 3x13? #Unanswered
  55. Who blew up the Cavanaugh house in 5x05? ‘A’ or somebody else? Cece Drake
  56. Where did Spencer leave the shovel after her encounter with Alison? How did it end up being used to kill Bethany?
  57. What was Jessica and Peter’s ‘agreement’?
  58. Why was Jessica giving CeCe clothes? Didn’t Jessica hate CeCe? It’s her daughter
  59. Who was in the car with Alison when she went to Hector’s studio? Why was Alison in such dire need of that money?
  60. How did Hanna get separated from the girls in the tunnel in 4x13?
  61. And what was up with those lights when Hanna was in the phonebooth? 
  62. What does Alison have on Noel Kahn to make him help her?
  63. What happened to Sara Harvey? She’s Alive 
  64. What was on page 5 of Alison’s autopsy report? 
  65. Whose blood was on Alison’s anklet? Hers or Bethany’s? 
  66. How well did Alison and Wilden know each other? 
  67. Was the story Mona told Spencer about her seeing Alison as Vivian in Brookhaven in 2x25 true? Or did she just make it up?
  68. If it was true, who was Alison watching? 
  69. Why did CeCe go back to Rosewood after she told somebody she was “sure as hell” not going back there? Because she became too obsessed with her “dolls”
  70. And why did was she eavesdropping on Ezra? Because she’s FREAKING A
  71. AND why was she wearing the black hoodie if she wasn’t ‘A’? Or is she secretly somehow involved? She’s A
  72. What were CeCe’s reasons for breaking up with Jason that she mentioned in Pretty Dirty Secrets? Something to do with Alison’s disappearance? Because he’s her brother 
  73. Who was the girl in the costume that came out of the changing room when Noel and Garrett were arguing in PDS? 
  74. Is Melissa good or bad? She seemed to want to push Aria and Garrett out of that train in 3x13.
  75. What was Red Coat’s plan for the Liars in 3x24? Why did she want them all at the lodge? To kill them but Shauna got in the way
  76. Who knocked Toby out in the woods in 3x24? Cece Drake
  77. Whose finger bones were sewn inside Spencer’s dress in 4x23? Or were they fake? 
  78. Is there still an ‘A’-Team or is it just one person acting alone? A and RC
  79. What’s up with the two pictures of Alison in her room? Vanity or twin?
  80. Is there a twin on the show? If there is, who?!
  81. Who was the girl behind the glass with Mona at the end of 5x03?
  82. How the hell is ‘A’ funding themself? Carasimmi Group
  83. What was going on between Mona and Shana in 4x12? 
  84. What happened between Ian and Melissa in Alison’s room after Jenna and Garrett left the night she disappeared? 
  85. Was it Alison or ‘A’ living under the DiLaurentis porch? Could go both ways
  86. What did Mona whisper to Lucas after she found the cow brain in her locker in 3x14? 
  87. What is on the NAT videos that could bring Alison’s family down? Probably something about Charles
  88. If CeCe knows who killed Bethany why hasn’t she told Alison as she claims it’s the same person after her? Or was CeCe bluffing? She was bluffing
  89. Why don’t Eddie Lamb and Wren like each other?
  90. What happened to Eddie Lamb? Why didn’t he turn up to meet Ezra?
  91. Who is the demon in Bethany’s drawings supposed to be? A?
  92. Why haven’t we seen Bethany Young’s face yet? We have and it’s irrelevant
  93. Who was Alison talking to through the personal ads in 5x13?
  94. Whose remains are in the barrel? some guy Cece got
  95. Whose drops of blood were on the floor of the storage unit? Alison’s
  96. Who sent Alison the note saying “Your friends will see you soon”?
  97. Is Holbrook good or bad? Irrelevant
  98. What is the history of Holbrook and Alison’s relationship? 
  99. Who was Bethany talking about on the tape? Alison or somebody else?
  100. Who was Mike leaving sweets for on that bridge? Mona 
  101. Why is Mike visiting Alison in jail? To see if she knew anything about Mona faking her death
  102. What is the ‘plan’ Bethany is talking about on the tape?
  103. Who is Varjak? Cece Drake
  104. What does the cryptic message the girls found in Mona’s room mean? Charles Dilaurentis
  105. Why was Andrew listening in on Veronica and Melissa’s phone call? Trying to find where the girls are at
  106. Why was Melissa calling Veronica?
  107. Who exactly is Charles DiLaurentis? Cece Drake
  108. Why was Mona looking dead in A’s trunk if she was alive? A drug
  109. How long has A been planning/building this dollhouse?
  110. Who put the note in Mona’s mirror? 
  111. Where’s Eddie?
  112. Where did CeCe  meet Sara?
  113. What happened to Tippi?

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Laura, Carmilla, Danny

OKAY here is how I would do this based on the premise that Laura and Carmilla together is a must and Danny got such a raw deal. Here’s my self-insert au.

Slow burn with Carmilla. She probably takes some time to warm up to anyone. We’d be in the same lit course and do that thing where you both look at each other but never at the same time. And she seems so relentlessly cool that, let’s be real, I wouldn’t stand a chance. But then maybe we both bond over some book and then we both sort of think… maybe?

MEANWHILE I’m also in an early class with Laura and we become friends after some conversation about hot chocolate or journalism or cookies. At this point, Laura and Danny are almost dating like they do in the series.

But one day after class, Laura and I are walking across the quad and run into Carmilla. It’s the first time Laura and Carmilla meet and there’s that spark that only the two of them share.

Independently, they talk to me about the other. And so my slow burn with Carmilla dies, but it becomes a close friend thing instead. And Laura? Laura’s crushing hard on Carmilla but doesn’t know what to do about it. She and I devise a plan to fake date. By fake dating me, she has an excuse to spend time with Carmilla and they become close. We mutually end things at a predetermined time and after an appropriate period of time, Carmilla asks Laura out.

BUT Danny figures out that I had a hand in Laura and Carmilla getting together, and she’s pissed because of course she likes Laura. So we are enemies.

But also? My feelings for Carmilla were very real. Remember that it was a slow burn that fizzled? I don’t know. Maybe there are some latent feelings still there. And one day Danny and I are at the same party – of course we’ve arrived independently because we’re enemies. Like all college parties, it’s hot and stuffy and crowded and awkward. I go outside to the deck where it’s cool, and there’s Danny already out there, getting some fresh air, too.

At first it’s awkward. I say I’ll go back inside, but she says, no, don’t worry about it. 

I stay. 

One of us mentions a constellation overhead. We talk about the stars. It’s a small thing, but it’s the start of something soft and good and real.

slow burn/fake date/enemies to lovers

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I'd love to hear you sing! And can we hear about the MBAV au? And you're right about Benny's hair, I've been sitting here for an hour attempting to do it and aaaaaaaaa

PPFPFT I’ve gotten a lot of positive response so I guess I. Will post that tomorrow hhGHH

Omg yeah seriously;; Benny’s hair is impossible I don’t know how it DEFIES LOGIC??


NSKDBBJDDB SURE I would love to talk about it!!

So uhh it’s called the Grim Reaper AU? It’s pretty obvious where this is going but allow me to further enlighten you

But yeah get ready for one helluva ride this is SUPER SUPER LONG I’M SORRY it’s like 3k words (the length of a good oneshot holy shit SHIMA WHY) but hey I have been developing this AU for three years now sO
Okay here we go

It all starts out when Benny and Ethan are on their way to school and Benny notices they’re being followed by this strange girl dressed in black—but for some reason nobody else is able to see her except for Benny. After school he corners her alone and starts questioning her (he also kinda threatens her a little bit;; tells her to stay away from Ethan since he’s an overprotective cupcake). She reveals that she’s a Grim Reaper and her job is to, well. Bring lives to an end as they’re written down in her book. Basically everyone is fated to die at a certain time in their lives, and Grim Reapers are the ones to carry their souls over to the other side. And after a bit more goading she admits that yes, Ethan is fated to die in two days’ time and she’s been assigned to carry his soul over.

Rest is under the cut to save yourselves from endless scrolling whoops

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1, 5, 8, 16 please and thank you :)

1) is there a story you’re holding off on writing for some reason?

There are two, in fact! One is Supergirl with Kara x Lena. I was going to write it several months ago and then the cast filmed that song that folks go upset about, and it kind of soured the pairing for a while. I mean, I still like it, but the drive to write the story isn’t really there at the moment.

The other is a Frozen fanfic. Elsa x Anna. But in a way that makes it so that it’s not incest. Because. I mean. The whole Frozen craze seems like a giant fever dream and it’s still weird that the reason I joined tumblr was to participate. But they would be an awfully good couple.

And the then the third and final reason I haven’t written these two is because they’re multi-chapter novella length stories in my mind, and that’s intimidating because I’ve never successfully written anything that long.

5) character you were most surprised to end up writing

Danny Lawrence! I mean, I liked the character well enough in the first season. But she was always secondary to Carmilla and Laura. But then I found myself kind of… Identifying more with Danny maybe because she plays second fiddle to the big Hollstein romance. Suddenly the things I wanted to write – being a different person than you used to be, needing to move on – that was all solidly in her wheelhouse, so I wrote home.

8) favorite genre to write

Oh golly. Fantasy, for sure. Gay fantasy, specifically.

16) are there any characters who haunt you?

Yup. I wrote a version of Carmilla set in post-war Paris shortly after she escapes from the coffin of blood. She’s lonely and empty and tries to find ways to fill herself up. It ends kind of grimy and smoky and hollow. My circumstances now are different than when I wrote it. When I go back to read it now, I feel a lot more of the hollowness. It feels truer and more relevant in a crummy way. So.

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how do u do translucent text? like on the valentines day gif?

alright here we go, we’re going to make this,

into this:

It’s my first actual tutorial and all, so bear with me. (This tutorial assumes you know how to add text onto a gif.)

*People will do this differently, this is just my preference. I’m really sorry if I make it seem more complicated than it is, the instructions are numbered and main actions bolded.

- sarah. 

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Hi. I found a video on Youtube that a fan recorded of Gigi & Zayn leaving her apartment in June after the whole media frenzy about them breaking up and getting back together. In this video, you can clearly see Shareena (who is Zayn’s assistant, I think) instructing Gigi to rub Zayn’s arm. You can see Gigi look over to the side and then immediately start rubbing Zayn’s arm after she was told to. Here’s the video link, it’s around the 4 second mark:

I already knew Zigi was fake, but this is simply hilarious & pathetic. 

Hello my Anon and thank you for your message; here is the video that you sent me:

You are absolutely right, in the beginning of the video we see ZiGi waiting in front of the lobby and taking instruction, while at 0.8 we clearly identify this person as Shareena Harnett, Zayn’s PA. This video is from June 10, and once again the instructions are given behind a glass door. A glass door, FFS! Didn’t they learn anything after Milan?

Let me remind you what happened in Milan on February 28, just as the “loved up couple” was seeing leaving their hotel (it was then that they went to Naples and Gigi was trying to convince people that they drove for hours and hours… apparently no one told her that there’s an airport near Milan and there’s another airport in Naples; nor did anyone told her that the “autostrada del sole” is one of the best motorways in Europe… but I digress).

They were behind glass doors too and they were getting their “marching orders”, on how to get out, how to hold hands, where to look and to head. If you notice, Zayn starts to get out and he is called back to be given instructions, and while “the loved up couple” is instruced on how to look, well… loved up, a security guard herds the fans outside. This security guard happened to be the same person who was working security for the Boys during OTRA. So, I have to gather that unless he has a twin brother, thhere must be a serious shortage in security guards that everyone has to use the same people…

I thought that after the Milan fiasco, they would know better as to pull the same trick twice (giving instructions behind glass doors). The video that you sent me (thank you! I hadn’t seen it from this angle) proves me wrong and shows that they cannot learn new tricks!

So here you have another proof of how easily the “loved up couples” are constructed; the problem starts when one of the two participants (Zayn, in this case) puts minimum to zero effort into the stunt! then the stunt cooordinator hsa to step in to make the stunt look more convincing…

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Where did they disposed Seth's brainless body? Does Felix still take a bath in his bathtub after that Castor brain autopsy shenanigans? Where did they disposed Rudy's body? In the garage next to Leekie? What happened to Dr. Silva? Did he died in the explosion or did Rudy killed him or did he managed to escape? How did Rudy and Virginia escaped with so little damage when the blast seemed to be a huge one even affecting the tunnel that Sarah was in enough to make her passed out for a moment? What happened to the project with the Koreans? How does Mexico feels about the United States running a top secret science project in their country? Does the POTUS approves of Dr. Coady's experiment on civilians which includes sterilizing women? Does he/she approves of Project Castor itself when they took office? Does the director answer directly to POTUS? Does the POTUS know of the existence of Project Leda in Canada? How does the POTUS feels about having a corporate multinational Canadian company controlling Project LEDA, a once American military project? Why was Project Castor and Project Leda headed by British scientists who did their research in a British prison? Why didn't the United States gave the project to American scientists and let them conduct their own research at an American prison? Did the UK government knew of this experiments? How do they feel about the United States using British scientists and conducting research for an illegal military experiment at a British correctional facility? Is there a tension between the US and UK regarding this? Is there a tension between Canada and the United States regarding the Leda clones? Does the Canadian government even know about Project Leda? Does the Queen know about Project Leda's existence as she is the head of state? Does the Vatican know of DYAD's involvement with human cloning, if they do then what is the Pope's opinions on it since DYAD is allowed to have business interest in the Vatican City? Are the POTUS, Pope, Canadian government and the UK government Neolutionist too? How come no one is suspicious that there was no funeral for such a high profile scientist like Dr. Leekie? How come someone in his position did not have any bodyguards at all? How come Rachel did not have any bodyguards aside from Daniel and Paul who were a monitor? How come Delphine didn't have any bodyguards? Where was Delphine staying all this while? Was she given a luxury apartment like Rachel too? Were Topside really told that Rachel had passed away in a plane crash and did they think that Delphine made it happen since Ferdinand mentioned 'Delphine eliminating Rachel' in 3x10? Delphine mentioned Rachel as Topside's favorite pet why didn't they investigate this so called plane crash, why didn't they called NTSB? The jet most likely belonged to DYAD didn't Topside worry if there's a mechanical problem with all their jets that needs to be fixed or something? What is the repercussion of Alison signing the contract with DYAD? Since Neolution controls DYAD does this means Alison is secretly being monitored by Neolution? Are the police not investigating the mass murder of a crime family that controls a large portion of the city's drug trade? Doesn't the vice unit have any undercover officers working in the family that wants to know who did it? Whatever happened to the Obinger murder case, is it still being investigated by Angie? Or is it now considered unsolved and is handed over to Cold Case? If Beth 'died' in her own jurisdictions then why none of the police officers seemed to recognize her body? She was a detective shouldn't someone at the morgue knew her at least? Art mentioned the Feds were investigating the Proletheans for domestic terrorism, aren't the Feds now investigating the fire that burned down the Johanssen ranch? Was Aynsley's death just ruled out as a freak accident? Didn't any of the neighbors mentioned about her very public feud with Alison to the cops? Aren't immigration concerned about Amelia not leaving the country yet assuming she came to Canada on a visitors visa, OK her visa hasn't expired yet but aren't her friends back home concerned about not hearing any news from her? Whatever happened to her body? Whatever happened to Paul and Beth's condo? Has anyone cleaned up all the blood yet? Don't they have neighbors there that would notice their disappearances? What ever happened to officer Tom Bowman's murder case? Didn't the murder weapon had Felix's prints on it thanks to Paul so is Felix still a prime suspect? If Sarah scammed Cal and had his bank codes and passwords how come she's still clueless about how he made his money designing weapons and all? Has Cosima even completed her PhD yet? Do all of DYAD's employees know about the clones? None of them seemed to be bothered by all the clones popping up there. Do they all have an airtight confidentiality agreement clause signed beforehand because no one seemed to be selling their stories to the world? Are they afraid they'll get murdered if they tried to sell the story to Weekly World News or People's Magazine?

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How exactly is thinking Rose is pretty awesome and thinking Sarah Jane is pretty awesome a contradiction?

I have no idea, to be honest.  It’s not the first time I’ve seen it, but I’ve never understood it.  They’re both completely awesome, badass women who traveled with the Doctor.  The idea that one is superior to the other is really subjective, and completely unsupported by either narrative.  I suspect more Rose-hating shenanigans at work…either that, or an unhealthy dose of Classic!Who elitism, which is…annoying.

Honestly, putting down one companion in order to praise another, regardless of who it is or what era they’re from, just means you’re missing out on something great, not celebrating it.

What makes a great portrait? Photography curator Sarah Meister answers your questions on Quora

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[Alfred Stieglitz. Georgia O'Keeffe - Hand and Wheel. 1933. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. © 2016 Estate of Alfred Stieglitz / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York]